Fay controller and DA slammed in 2018 audit

    While the recently released 2018 county audit doesn't necessarily scream large enough red flags to have the
    state declare Fay leaders brain dead and take over the management of county funds, the findings give a good
    impression that work ethics might be pathetically enough compromised to require the below frequently
    mentioned departments derelict of their duties to account to the state and public that pays for the whole
    downtown courthouse show.

    Who in private business -- and think, the real, honest to God private sector that does not stand at public
    meetings with hands out for shamefully dolled out corporate welfare --  would tolerate employees so lax and
    negligent in duties as those mentioned below?

    No private sector business would continue to employ people who drew an audit as nasty as Fay's 2018.

    RANTS that some Fayette County elected office seats or departmental heads cited in the audit below would not
    successfully make it in the private sector with these kinds of performances and audit findings:

  • County code is not followed. Original contracts and agreements approved by commissioners are not
    kept in the controller's office as County Code mandates they be.
  • County cannot distinguish which contracts and agreements are current.    
  • The payroll fund bank account is not properly reconciled by the treasure's office due to the lack of
    timely and required information from the Controller.
  • The District Attorney's Office does not provide the necessary information related to the Drug Task
    Force and Drug Forfeiture accounts to the Controller.
  • Financial records did not reflect the correct financial activity which could result in a material
    misstatement of the financial statements.
  • The County's Tax Claim Fund, District Justice and Row Offices and Tax Collectors are not timely
  • Fayette is out of compliance with the state Department of Human Services Single Audit Supplement
    CPSL requirements. Background checks of child protective service in-home providers were not
    properly implemented.

    RANTS that the audit was not better. There is no excuse. (22 Oct 19)