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    1 Mar 19
    County staff stab one another in
    back, take political jabs

    RANTS to anonymous snail mailers not quite up to snuff on meeting even near minimal
    requirements for this column to take their call for advocacy cause to heart. This is one of those

    Back in late January, Rants&Raves was contacted about a county boss having a rough period
    who made a total jerk of herself at work. Who better than Rants&Raves to contact, they probably
    thought, since this column over the years called for disciplinary action for that chief. After telling
    her staff some political boss wasn't going to push her into inking new hospital contracts, she
    turned around and mislead or lied to at least one or two county commissioners, by not disclosing
    for months that the county was in business with a new hospital and pretty much joined at the hip
    trying to kill business at a competing hospital.  

    In past years, there was just cause to discipline the staff. This time around, though, that chief is
    the underdog, so to speak. We're still just not feeling the lynch mob mentality to this one and
    noted that in the late January Rants&Raves and do so again.

    We're, too, more convinced now than even we were at the end of January, that some people,
    who most certainly had a right to feel offended by the underdog on her worst day earlier this
    year, ultimately, were more cruelly manipulated by heartless ones under the underdog on the
    chain of command, so boldly eager to kick the underdog to the curb to be promoted. We saw
    through some of the harsh emails that some pretending to care really did not give a sincere rat's
    behind about the feelings of the disabled man offended by the underdog on her worst day.

    If he or she cared, the anonymous professional jerk would not have included a special cover
    page to the mailings to the media to make a political statement about Fay elected officials
    seeking re-election, if that person sincerely were advocating on behalf of these sweet disabled

    No true advocate would have done that. Only someone personally ticked off not being selected
    by those officials as an interim director would have added a cover page with local political jabs
    when sending out copies of the complaint.


    RANTS to the anonymous professional jerk under the underdog, who violated HIPPA privacy
    and confidentiality laws and trashed the rights of two sweet consumers, by obtaining a copy of
    the complaint, possibly by rather suspicious means, and mailing it, illegally, to media, to make
    the underdog look bad.

    In trying to reach media outlets to make their underdog boss look bad, the anonymous
    professional jerk breached the privacy of two sweet, disabled people, by mailing out copies of
    their un redacted complaint against the underdog, without obtaining signed releases of
    permission to release their names and personal contents in the complaint.

    Today, Rants&Raves received disappointing written confirmation from the state advocacy group,
    which helped write the complaint against the underdog, that no written releases were given for
    such a mailing to us here or to any media outlets targeted.

    The way we see it, those two sweet people and the lady from a state advocacy group which
    helped write the complaint deserve more than just a big apology for having their privacy

    Any state administrator, as well, who may have leaked a copy of the complaint to some
    heartless, unprofessional under the local underdog on the Fay chain of command, needs to be
    named and held accountable.

    As for the two sweet disabled people who helped write the complaint against the underdog boss,
    Rants&Raves most definitely cares that they were offended and rattled by the underdog boss on
    a worst day. Rants&Raves has to care more, however, that a professional hovering around
    watching later exploited the situation for that person's own career or hurt pride by not being
    selected for the top interim job and using her government position to hurt others and breach
    privacy shamelessly.

    As the mom of a young adult with Autism, this editor can't help but feel those with disabilities
    high functioning enough to be self-advocates should be expected to understand, or be helped to
    understand, that sometimes people have really bad days and problems and need help.

    The best thing for those two sweet disabled folks, who were understandably rattled by the
    underdog on a worst day, would be to help them know that everyone has problems sometimes
    and makes mistakes they regret later... and that they actually are inspirational enough to
    motivate change in someone else who needs to improve.  

    Most importantly, they need the situation resolved so that they are fully assured that nobody
    ever is going to shun them and not want to talk to them again, if they themselves have a worst

    RANTS that some of the 25 or so who also signed the complaint against the underdog seem to
    have genuinely forgotten what field they're working in and signed only to increase their chances
    of getting the underdog's job.    

    1 Mar 19

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    29 Jan 19
    County director on leave while
    investigation continues

    RANTS that some county workers are in such a tizzy
    over their boss' suspension on administrative paid
    leave that they conveniently forget some things.

    This might not be what some of them want to hear,
    mind you.

    Unless the boss is a chronic alcoholic already
    experiencing irreversible mobility and neurological
    damage, staff have to deal with reality of a boss
    whose behavior was embarrassing and
    inappropriate in front of customers.

    County staff helped create the monster, after all, by
    refusing to cooperate with county investigations in
    the past, and by partying with their boss on paid
    work time every single chance they got.

    One even tried to stir the pot in the past by lying and
    running with a bogus story that the boss was
    plastered on a day the boss truly was not impaired.

    So, given the past roles everyone shared in creating
    this fine mess, Rants&Raves offers up sincere hope
    that they stop using civilians and outsiders to do
    their dirty work... and that at least one of them offers
    to gas up the car and tries to talk the boss into going
    for treatment. (29 Jan 19)