Carson's new suit: can the county courthouse
    drama, Sansone cases get any weirder than this?

    RANTS, because when you think it can't possibly get any weirder out of the courthouse, it does. This, we just don't

    As per today's Courier, a former key county employee who sued and lost his age discrimination case against the county has
    refiled the case. The newly filed case is truly mind boggling and, well, even more misguided than was the age discrimination

    When this particular gentleman was terminated from his position, readers here know that Rants&Raves ranted the county for
    firing him. Rants&Raves first question was, who does Commissioner Vince Vicites want in the job instead? Commissioners
    were asked at the time for comment on Carson's surprising termination.

    Flies on the wall in the courthouse, however, did talk to Rants&Raves. One most empathetic to his situation said he lost a
    full-time staff to transfer and promotion to another county job. Carson's job was made more difficult when he lost that
    administrative staff.  

    We knew that to be true. We also knew from his filing his first suit that he received an annual job review -- common for
    county employees, regularly completed yearly eval -- and then received no follow up till he was suddenly fired. He
    maintained that he was not given feedback on his job performance from the time of the 2016 evaluation and 2017

    While Rants&Raves was shocked to learn that Carson was fired and ranted back then that the county just bought itself its
    next lawsuit for political oppression or retaliation, the suit the paper talks about today is not the one anyone here imagined.  

    In this pathetically weak case, RANTS that, these days, an attorney would take money from, or encourage any client to refile
    the lost age discrimination court case into a twisted claim that Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink gunned to have him fired.
    She didn't vote to fire Carson. She did not sign off on his termination paperwork. Yet she gets sued?

    When Carson was fired, Rants&Raves felt genuinely badly about it. He, throughout public meetings -- no matter which
    administration of commissioners were seated before him -- seemed to know what he was talking about and doing. He
    seemed to be better at his job than most other county department directors or management staff seemed to be at theirs.

    To boot, by opinion noted here since 2012, Carson actually seemed to be the only in a line of political appointments hired
    before their positions were created or approved, who seemed to have been a wise hiring choice at all.

    That all said,  RANTS that a lawyer would snooker a client into paying for and clogging up the courts with such a loser
    lawsuit, out of what might be a personal bias clouding the judgement that the lawyer has against Zimmerlink, and nothing

    As per the Courier, Carson, reportedly, overheard County Commissioner Dave Lohr tell County Commissioner Vince Vicites
    that "she" wanted Carson fired. On a later date then, Carson in his new suit says that Lohr clarified and told him that
    Zimmerlink wanted him fired.

    All that the stupidity behind the logic of this new case tells us here is that two who fired him have to know that they or human
    resources screwed up. Commissioners did not reply when we asked at the time of Carson's termination for comment. Flies
    on the courthouse wall long ago whispered our way that it wasn't anyone in HR. Too, we were told that nobody who fired
    Carson wanted to conduct his exit interview.   

    Carson's new case wrongly blaming Zimmerlink for wanting him fired will probably be pushed for a quick, out of court
    settlement. We hope that does not happen. As per flies at the courthouse who overhear commissioners sometimes talking
    louder than they think, Zimmerlink, reportedly, became aware of Carson's termination only after he was already terminated.

    Carson always seemed to be a good guy. Rants&Raves so hopes that someone who truly cares about him tells him that he
    has a strong, dynamite case if he gets another attorney and sues two different parties for political manipulation and wrongful

    As is, his case will be tossed from court as it rightfully should be.

    3 Oct 18
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