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    November 21, 2019
    Lohr told radio why he contacted opposing
    side in opioid verdict settlement talks

    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a revisit to an August note here about Fayette
    County Commissioner Dave Lohr initiating contact with the big pharmaceutical
    companies deep in settlement talks with paid lawyers handling negotiations in the
    opioid verdicts.

    Three months ago, we asked the commissioner to explain why he reached out to the
    pharmaceutical companies and called Lohr's contact to the opposing side in the
    lawsuit his goofiest move yet. We called it a reckless act for which there was no good,
    sound explanation.

    In a nutshell, we in August felt his contact could have been a foolish, desperate
    attempt to get a settlement possibly for less money, if settled sooner, to cover his non
    budgeted spending mess with the county property tax sale revenue.

    Apparently, Rants&Raves may have been dead wrong.

    Hearing Lohr yesterday touch on this issue on the radio* did nothing to change our
    minds, though.

    Lohr said yesterday that he does not want to alienate the pharmaceutical companies
    and wants to invite them to help Fay solve or get through its opioid problems.

    RANTS because we really do not make this stuff up! (21 Nov 19)

    *discussed in the final minutes of WMBS programming heard at this link:

    August 29, 2019

    Why, God, why???
    Lohr contacted opposing
    side in national opioid
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note of disbelief,
    reading that in the midst of the big pharmaceutical
    companies settling up lawsuits for the wrecking of
    municipal budgets dealing with an opioid plague, that
    Fayette County Commissioner Dave Lohr -- in what
    seems to be his goofiest yet motion -- reportedly,
    bypassed the lawyers handling this suit, and contacted
    the big pharmaceutical companies directly himself to
    settle the suit after it was filed.

    RANTS that we seem to have such a reckless
    commissioner. There seems to be no good, sound
    explanation to sign on to a suit with other plaintiffs and
    then contact the other side to settle it.

    RANTS, too, that Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink
    commented only so much on the Trib's webpage, but
    kept us hanging as to what exactly Lohr wanted to relay
    to the companies settling up through lawyers and how
    he went about approaching the county's opposition in a
    lawsuit. She needs to tell us more.  

    Too, we'll seek Lohr's reasoning for thinking he's
    qualified enough, smart enough and special enough to
    have contacted the opposition in a major lawsuit to try
    to settle it.

    Rants&Raves, too, will ask the Pittsburgh law firm
    handling the regional piece of the suit against the
    pharmaceutical company, if Lohr had been asked to
    contact the opposition in their suit.

    Shame on Lohr if he reached out to the pharmaceutical
    company to barter the settlement down for a desperate,
    quicker pay out, for instance, to cover his non budgeted
    spending mess with the county property tax sale

    More to come on this...

    opioid suit

    J.D. Toye <>
    Vincent Vicites
    Angela Zimmerlink

    Aug 30 at 6:16 AM

    Good morning, Dave,

    Would you please comment why you contacted the opposing
    side in the huge pharmaceutical suit to try to settle it after
    the county joined in on the regional piece of the suit being
    handled by lawyers from Peirce&Associates?

    Did Robt Peirce ask for your assistance or expertise in
    helping settle the suit? Did any other commissioner suggest
    you contact the other side in the law suit to try to expedite
    the matter?

    Please comment back, as my readers are so interested in
    learning why.

    Also, what plans do you have to spend any verdict
    settlement money that the county will receive?