DA's star witness against videographer charged in
    beating of another man she met online

    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note that the district attorney's star witness expected to testify against Chris Shellhammer --
    AKA videographer Chuck U. Farley -- in his upcoming homicide trial, today, herself, was charged and held without bail in the
    kidnapping and beating of another man she met online one week ago in her Masontown home.

    Today's arrest of Kelly French in last week's attack on a man held and beaten in her home for a few days brings the number of
    persons involved in that beating now housed in the county jail up to four.

    French originally lied to police last week and said that two men, who beat the injured man police later found on the street
    bleeding profusely from his head, were not inside her home when they, indeed, were found hiding.

    Not that anyone here was shocked that the young woman would lie to police.

    French and police originally last year said Shellhammer entered her home and immediately shot and killed her boyfriend.

    Then she and police changed their stories and decided that, no, Shellhammer didn't enter and immediately shoot, as she told
    KDKA television he had done. She and police then proposed to the kangaroo courts that, on second thought, no, no, she and
    the videographer first, supposedly, smoked a blunt, before she claimed a shirtless, shoeless Michael Henrick, in shorts on a
    snowy, cold winter day, entered the home and began arguing with Shellhammer for being present with the woman.

    While Judge Gerald Solomon earlier this month could not see through the BS and could not see any evidence that
    Shellhammer shot Henrick in self defense to grant bail, the kangaroo court proceeding led to yet another version of the
    prosecution's case. The assistant district attorney shifted to almost agreeing with Shellhammer's maintained claim that he was
    lured to French's home to be robbed and beaten.

    RANTS that Shellhammer is still incarcerated for shooting a man 380 days ago in self defense, after he met the same woman
    online, was beaten and suffered a concussion and broken nose and jaw before he shot.

    What more did the DA and Solomon need to believe Shellhammer in the first place? An online date invitation from French
    herself to her little Masontown house of horrors?

    30 Jan 19

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