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    April 17, 2019
    DA folds on 2-year vow to
    seek death penalty
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but
    acknowledgement that wide-spread regional
    shock was felt today when the Fayette County
    District Attorney sent his assistant to court to
    cancel his 2017 notice to seek the death penalty in
    the already now three-year-long homicide case of
    Michael Wright, set to go to trial next month.  

    Although Fayette County District Attorney Richard
    Bower responded in 2017 to defense motions that
    his intent to seek the death penalty was not
    political grandstanding, Bower today backed
    down. Why?

    What happened? How does one go from saying,
    "This is a case where the death penalty is the only
    appropriate punishment if the defendant is
    convicted," to "Never mind!" without explanation?

    Was a plea deal given to the wrong defendant, or
    just too prematurely in the case? Did the defense
    find a medical expert to support the defendants'
    claim that their child had an illness doctors

    RANTS if we never learn the full story, or one day
    hear of details only if that defendant files a suit
    because the jail couldn't keep him safe from
    getting bones broken.

    In the meantime, we'll have to sway that the
    defense was correct in 2017 about politics
    motivating the decision to seek the death penalty.
    What other good reason could there possibly be?

    6 Mar 19
    Can DA be gagged from
    hallway scream drama?
    RANTS because, apparently, it got way uglier than we
    first thought, in a courthouse hallway Monday, when
    the district attorney prevented some out of state family
    members of a defendant from entering the courtroom,
    even though none were to be witnesses in the case.  

    While the turned away family members did not cause a
    disturbance, the district attorney, Rants&Raves is told,
    "was cursing and calling someone a d***head
    associated with (the) case.

    "He was so agitated and loud causing a commotion,"  
    the source said, describing the angry outburst that the
    county district attorney, reportedly, had in the hallway,
    prior to the start of the court proceeding.

    Some witnessing the loud, uncomfortable drama
    thought that security would be called.

    Even if he had been in a pleasant and calm mood, not
    screaming expletives about peers or co-workers, was
    the DA allowed to ban citizens not scheduled to be
    witnesses from entering court open to the public, with
    gagged attorneys and witnesses?

    Or did we invent a new law here in Fay this week?

    Or ... did we just break one? (6 Mar 19)

    2016 gag order keeps
    defendant's family out of
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note that
    concerns were voiced today here that family
    members of defendant Michael Wright were not
    permitted to enter a Fayette County courtroom
    today for one of his scheduled court dates.
    Reportedly, nobody stopped from entering the
    courtroom was scheduled to be called as
    witnesses in the trial, which is said to be tried as a
    death penalty case.

    As per sources, the county prosecutors cited the
    reason attendance was restricted was a 2016 gag
    order placed on witnesses and lawyers in the
    case twice discussed on "The Nancy Grace Show"
    on television.

    Wright and Andrea Dusha were charged three
    years ago with the starvation and dehydration
    death of their two-year-old daughter, Lydia Wright.

    Dusha and the child returned to Wright's home
    after a 12-day absence two days prior to the
    child's death, feeding the child a liquid bottle
    feeding of a Pedialyte mixture.

    Dusha accepted a controversial plea deal last fall
    with the county district attorney to testify against
    Wright. (4 Mar 19)
    6 Mar 19
    Not guilty on all charges
    Fay jury tosses
    DA's 2017
    homicide case
    out courthouse
    window in '15
    minutes or so'
    RANTS that a Fayette County jury needed only
    about 15 minutes to deliberate and find the
    defendant in a 2017 homicide not guilty on all
    charges, including criminal homicide, aggravated
    assault and reckless endangerment, today in
    Judge Steve Leskinen's courtroom.

    Today's quick return of a jury indicates just how
    out of touch the county district attorney's office is
    with the law and the empty cases they present
    and how crazy the judges in this case, for 16
    months, have been, for allowing the goings on in
    their kangaroo courts to be presented as formal,
    dignified proceedings.

    In light of today's jury verdict, RANTS that there is
    a horribly grieving family of the man shot out
    there. The accused maintained he was defending
    himself in a parking lot attack from behind, from a
    long-time rival and former neighbor, around
    Thanksgiving in 2017.  

    Today's grieving family probably regrets opposing
    a plea now and wanting a trial, but should not.

    RANTS that the county district attorney, by
    keeping the defendant jailed without bail for
    months, only gave the family hope that justice
    would prevail. He gave them cruel false hope,
    was never fully prepared to try this case -- as
    today's verdict proves -- and wanted a plea deal
    to avoid a trial.

    The case clearly was toast last year, when the
    surveillance video outside Rizz's Restaurant was
    said to be too blurry to confirm which of the two
    areas of the deceased's body was shot first.  

    For the ninety-ninth time, we must say so.

    RANTS that the district attorney keeps holding
    people on sensational charges, when he does not
    have evidence or solid evidence to do so, while
    judges without spines keep letting it happen.

    6 Mar 19

    "Quotes Of The Day"
    "Shall any witness in this case, either for the
    commonwealth or the defendant, make an
    extrajudicial statement, written or oral, likely to
    interfere with the rights of the defendant, or the
    rights of the commonwealth, to a fair trial by an
    impartial jury, he or she will be precluded from
    testifying in this matter."
    Judge Gerald Solomon, today, in regard to the
    District Attorney's motion to gag the defense
    attorney for Chris Shellhammer and his mom, who
    was never scheduled to be a witness

    "So does that mean the DA's star witness cannot
    testify any more against Chris? She was all over
    the television news telling them her original story,
    that he came in guns a blazing and shot, shot,
    shot, that she later changed to... the dead guy
    coming later through the door walking in on her
    and Chris. Doesn't that affect Chris getting an
    impartial jury?"
    The gist of email feedback coming in to
    Rants&Raves since today's court adjourned that
    doesn't include a lot of expletives

    24 Feb 19
    Shellhammer gag, among other things
    Motions court Monday:
    gauge of corruption?
    RANTS because in the morning, we're going to find out
    if Fayette County really is still as corrupt as some claim
    it is.

    Come Monday morning, a judge is expected to rule on
    the district attorney's motion to gag a homicide case
    defense attorney and the mother of defendant Chris
    Shellhammer, to prevent them from speaking again with
    media and to censor the mom's social media posts.

    All this attention, we're told by the district attorney, is to
    ensure that Shellhammer gets a fair and unbiased trial,
    to prevent jury bias, etc., and possibly, too, because he
    may call the mom as a witness. Not that we buy any of
    it, given nobody else gets gagged in Fay and so many
    have turned to the media to highlight cases without
    recourse... and because, well, there's no way the
    district attorney would need testimony for the
    prosecution from the defendant's mom.

    RANTS because other neglected work in the county
    district attorney's office for at least a week or so got
    pushed to the back burner, while valuable time, energy
    and public money was spent writing and filing this
    foolish gag motion -- and later, even more time, energy
    and public money was wasted writing and filing an
    even crazier motion to prevent Shellhammer's defense
    from referencing the prosecution's star witness as a
    current detainee in the county jail, charged with
    kidnapping and torturing and hurting another man she
    met, as she did Shellhammer, on a singles dating site.

    RANTS because the county district attorney continues
    to proceed to prosecute a man who endured a broken
    jaw, broken nose and concussion closed head injury in
    a beating from "unarmed" thugs, before he struggled to
    get his gun and shot to save his own life.  

    RANTS that the man charged and jailed for 13 months,
    who said immediately from the start, that he was set up
    and beaten, might, come tomorrow, have a judge stop
    him from saying in court, or anywhere, that the woman,
    who lured him, lured another two months ago and put
    that man in ICU after a three-day beating fest.

    RANTS that no judge yet has shut down the
    prosecution in this case, in spite of hearing or reading
    several different versions of her witnessed accounts
    and differing police versus court statements, over time,
    from the time of the shooting 13 months ago.

    Shellhammer's account of the events of those five
    minutes that night, however, is the only account before
    the judge that has remained consistent to date.

    RANTS because in the morning, we may learn just how
    corrupt Fay may still be.  

    RAVES of hope that the district attorney's motions to
    gag and not allow the witness' charges to be discussed
    in court fail. He cannot by law be allowed to hide
    evidence from a jury and never should be asking for
    judicial permission and twisted blessing to hide that

    No district attorney and judge today should want to be
    responsible for creating the next Munshinski.

    RANTS because we certainly hope the district attorney
    knows what he's doing, but believe him to be miserably
    floundering out of frustration of having to take this case
    to trial, after not getting a plea deal that he may have
    hoped to get.

    RAVES of hope that the county's twisted motions to
    stop Shellhammer from trying to defend himself again
    this second painful time, but now in vicious court rather
    than in a vicious Masontown home, are denied and put
    to rest tomorrow.

    19 Feb 19
    DA reviewed Thorpe
    homicide case file for
    first time today...
    RANTS that Fayette County District Attorney Richard
    Bower claimed to have not reviewed the homicide
    case file of Leatha Thorpe until today, when he
    dropped the homicide and felony charges filed
    months ago against her.

    That shameful revelation was not part of the WTAE
    feature story that aired earlier this evening,
    but is insightful information passed along to
    Rants&Raves by a Thorpe spokesperson.

    RANTS that this mess happened. RANTS that the DA
    blamed police today for Thorpe's incarceration for a
    few months without bail and the horror of being
    charged and, shamefully, put to trial without proper
    evidence, for homicide of a terminally ill sibling who
    refused help without a Living Will.  

    RAVES that Thorpe had such powerful community
    advocacy and amazing support from her home health
    care boss who brought media attention to the case
    several weeks ago.

    At her court appearance earlier this year to seek bail,
    the DA asked for a 30-day continuance and was
    denied. The judge ordered bail and she got Attorney
    Joel Sansone to represent her.

    RANTS in an otherwise positive moment at the
    courthouse today, however, that Sansone allowed his
    client to waive a misdemeanor neglect charge that will
    be dropped later. The case was so poorly handled
    from the start that the county today should have been
    too ashamed to keep it open even one more day.

    Thorpe should have walked away with no more
    courthouse BS or ARD appearances needed, to deal
    with a misdemeanor neglect charge, just to get
    something dropped that we already know will be
    dropped later.  

    She should have left the courthouse today, a free
    woman, even with a personal offer from the DA to pay
    for the bogus homicide charges to be expunged later
    from her record -- that is, inexcusably later, versus
    immediately, which she more fairly deserves.

    13 Feb 10
    DA files motion to gag Mama Jones
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note of sheer disappointment that an assistant district attorney earlier
    this week filed a motion in court to gag and silence an outspoken parent, critical of the county prosecution
    of her adult child.

    The gag motion, among other things, states that the outspoken parent may or may not be called as a
    witness at an upcoming trial.

    There's that, plus in being critical, the mom the district attorney wants to gag is known to use profanity
    and, well, bluntly confront some officials in her many years of political activism. The current district
    attorney is not the first elected, local official, who has been targeted for his opposing opinions, and
    unlikely will be the last.

    DA wants a fair trial
    RAVES, though, that the county district attorney and the several different assistants, who have touched
    the case of the mom's adult child, seem now to focus on a need to provide a fair trial for the accused. We
    cannot agree more. The defendant most definitely deserves a fair trial.  

    The judge hearing this motion, however, should not find it as important as the district attorney feels it is to
    gag the mom, and should not return to court to grant this gag motion.

    Someone who is the district attorney's friend should take him aside and suggest he consider a possibility
    that he's wrongly taking the criticism personally and should expect to be criticized for professional
    decisions. If it's truly extreme, then he should deal separately with the mom and only with the mom about
    it. The defendant is not a minor child. The motion to gag seems to have so little to do with wanting a fair
    trial. It's more about wanting to silence a critic of her rights.

    The move, if granted, would be one of the most hypocritical things to happen in Fay in some time. For
    instance, recall when a commissioner's wife shot him a few years ago and she claimed she was a
    domestic abuse victim? That unfortunate case was just about as sensational as any sleepy, weekend
    morning news could get, no?

    Anyone gagged in Vicites' case?
    As players in that story twisted and changed accounts of what happened before and after the
    commissioner's wife shot him and media outlets by the score covered it, nobody was gagged.  Nobody
    attempted to gag anyone's right to free speech.

    The case of the wife shooting her commissioner spouse was as sensationalized as few other Fay news
    ever got -- even before it spun loco on national and international wires, with the discovery that the
    commissioner's shooter wife was a delegate for Hillary Clinton.

    Nobody in the county district attorney's office ran to file gag motions to assure that the commissioner's
    wife got a fair trial in that highly sensational case. Nobody on the prosecution team was concerned about
    that defendant's right to a fair trial.

    In fact, the district attorney's very own confidently spoken statement to the press after the shooting of the
    commissioner was, "This is not an accident. This is an intentional, reckless act."

    Prosecutors always go on and on to the media
    The prosecution can say nearly anything they want, in other words.

    The prosecution can take to the podium, hold press conferences and rant about the charges.  With that one
    brief comment quoted above, from the district attorney about the commissioner's wife, did he not
    potentially influence all of the potential jurors the courthouse walls can hold on court week, with just that
    one televised press conference declaring the accused's guilt and her shooting him as "an intentional,
    reckless act"?

    The defense, though, cannot say one negative word? The defense, when feeling charges are unjust or
    were too hastily filed, has no right to say the prosecution is wrong? Not according to the district attorney
    gag order request written under the pretense of wanting a fair trial.

    Mom wants a fair trial, too
    A mom knowing her son acted in self defence has no right to seek interview with television news
    reporters interested in her son's case? The motion to seek a gag order mentions the mom's interview on
    WPXI television, specifically, as one of the district attorney's beefs with the mom.

    Nobody outside the district attorney's office seems to have issue with the appropriately behaved mom in
    the short video. She didn't cuss. She took no harsh personal jabs at the district attorney, per se.

    She, as previously quoted here, said she wanted common sense to prevail and her adult son out of jail.
    Nothing in that entire televised news piece deserved to be tagged as an example of why she should be
    gagged. She, in reality, said very little on camera, so few words anyway, but none that would deserve to
    be gagged to ensure that her son has a fair trial.

    RANTS because the filing of the motion to gag the mom seems not to be what it on paper claims that it is.

    Nobody gagged the witness
    The district attorney and the several assistants who have touched the case did not gag the case star
    witness when she appeared eager for interview on a couple Pittsburgh television news station video
    pieces, saying the son of the possibly soon to be gagged mom entered her home and shot boom, boom,
    boom, guns a blazing.

    Nobody gagged the case's star witness then, nor any member of the dead man's family out there on easily
    tracked social media public comments, calling the possibly soon to be gagged mom's son a cold blooded

    Nor has anyone downtown, who so strongly attests to being genuinely focused on and dedicated
    to getting the man a fair trial, lifted a finger to out and charge sick pups posting anonymous
    comments ridiculing the possibly soon to be gagged mom for losing her home, having a disabled
    grandchild and a different religion and for having an adult son incarcerated over one year with no
    bail, in a shooting in self defense or justified homicide.

    The anonymous, online comments on a community trash board about the young man awaiting trial
    being a cold blooded murderer have potentially more ability to influence a jury than does one
    social media account of one possibly soon to be gagged mom.  

    Surely, surely, someone who attests to want to provide a fair trial to the man should long before this have
    been motioning to obtain court approval to pull an IP account, out, gag and possibly charge those
    responsible for posting incredibly hateful things about the possibly soon to be gagged mom and her son.

    The county district attorney in the past year became probably the 20th or more elected official or public
    employee the possibly soon to be gagged mom has been critical of, through public meetings of
    government departments in the past several years. There could be even more. Given that her son awaits
    trial with no bail, she has been a bit harsher with the district attorney with profanity and personal opinion
    on job performance than she ever was to any other elected officials.

    None of the other criticized officials banned the mom from public meetings or from offering her opinions
    on public matters. Rants&Raves didn't block the woman's IP from reading when she took issue with things
    published as straight news with Right To Know back up fact documentation or clearly designated straight
    opinion in commentary.  

    The judge shouldn't help the district attorney gag the mom for a personal difference, either, and should
    actually scold him for misdirecting his anger by taking the personal matter of her calling him a terrorist out
    on her son.

    The judge should realize that it's a little too late for the county prosecutors downtown to start worrying
    about providing the son of the possibly soon to be gagged mom with a fair trial. He should recognize the
    request for the motion as a possible sign that the county can't win this case in prosecution.

    They didn't just miss the boat with this one. They ship wrecked it and now seem to want to blame the
    possibly soon to be gagged mom and political activist.   

    Copyright Protected

    Feb. 26, 2019
    AG crashes,  takes
    over DA's case of
    Fay Democratic
    Committee man
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a
    note that an investigator from the
    state attorney general's office,
    frustrated with Fayette County
    Richard Bower's non-compliance
    with a 23-day-old court order to
    recuse himself from a case, due to
    his conflict of interest, walked into
    the courtroom of Judge Steve
    Leskinen today at the Fayette
    County Courthouse and took over
    the county's prosecution of a Fay
    Democratic party committee man,
    home contractor and excavator,
    who, reportedly, swiped about
    $4,500 for sewage excavation work
    from a Connellsville couple, but did
    not do the work.

    Bower was not present in court
    today to explain why he hasn't acted
    to recuse himself from the case of
    the Fay Democratic party committee
    man, home contractor, also once
    Bower's private law practice client,
    or to explain why he filed 3 felonies
    in the case after the couple filed a
    Writ of Mandamus against him in
    federal court for refusing for two
    years to charge the man.

    Bower was not present today to
    explain why he later dropped those
    three felonies and let one
    misdemeanor stand and why he
    hasn't given up the investigation
    case file to the state attorney
    general yet.

    RANTS that the investigator had to
    leave the court to go round up a
    district attorney and try to wrestle a
    complete case investigation file
    away from him all in one piece. Why
    would a district attorney defy a court
    order, especially one written by his
    trusted friend judge? Why?

    When Rants&Raves first got a copy
    of Leskinen's court order, said to
    have issued on Sunday, Feb. 3,
    2019, and postmarked as mailed to
    the victims on Feb. 7, 2019, we got
    no response from emails sent to
    Fayette County District Attorney
    asking for comment and clarification
    as to whether he, in any way,
    voluntarily initiated the recusal.  

    Additionally, a simple Right To Know
    question -- was this recusal that
    Leskinen mandated in any way
    voluntary -- was denied late last
    week because the answer does not
    appear on an already existing list.
    Email even to the clerk of courts this
    week to confirm the authenticity of
    her signature on Leskinen's 23-day-
    old court order went unanswered.   

    RANTS that the investigator had to
    leave the court today to go round up
    a district attorney for a case file that
    he should have already sent some
    23 days ago.

    RANTS, even more embarrassing
    RANTS, that a judge felt it
    necessary to tell or reassure the
    investigator from the state attorney
    general that he didn't think that a
    president judge would have a
    problem insisting that Bower give up
    the case file and recuse himself, if
    Bower did not graciously cooperate.

    Bower should have been jailed
    already for refusing to comply with a
    court order and for unnecessarily
    holding up this criminal case with
    diva drama.

    It shouldn't have come to an attorney
    general rep coming looking for him
    and the contents of a needed
    criminal case, which he was ordered
    by the courts to turn over 23 long
    days ago.
    Feb. 12, 2019
    Judge orders
    Fay DA off
    criminal case of
    Dem party
    committee man,
    transfer to AG

    RANTS that citizens stiffed by a
    county Democrat committee man,
    working as a home improvements
    contractor a few years ago are
    amazingly close to breaking records
    of times being jerked around by the
    courts and denied due process, as
    only people such as Fay Commish
    Angela Zimmerlink, Chris
    Shellhammer, Diane and Terry Kriss,
    former editors of the extinct blog Not
    Enough Said, Mr. Munshinski and a
    few others have been.

    RANTS that the young Bullskin
    couple lost about $5,000 to a
    contractor two years ago and, as
    claimed in their Writ of Mandamus
    filed against the district attorney in
    federal court five months ago, were
    told by the county district attorney,
    on more than one occasion, that he
    was not prosecuting the county
    Democrat committee man working as
    a self-employed contractor for theft.

    Fayette County District Attorney Rich
    Bower, instead, as per the couple's
    Writ of Mandamus, ignored their
    complaint for two years against the
    county Democrat committee man self
    employed as their paid contractor
    and suggested they seek repayment
    through a civil law suit. The need to
    have to file that level of grievance
    against a district attorney is

    The feds typically receive that formal
    Writ grievance against some local
    lawyers, or a system of legal
    defense, such as the county public
    defender's office. There were some
    of those being filed by frustrated
    incarcerated detainees and
    sentenced inmates of the Fayette
    County Prison in 2018, as readers
    here probably recall.

    It's a sign, or a concerning
    appearance of a sign of political
    corruption, for the county's lead and
    top prosecutor, the county's district
    attorney, to dismiss felonies and
    reduce another felony to a
    misdemeanor, for a county Democrat
    committee man working as a
    contractor -- especially, especially
    since Bower was once Bower's
    former attorney.

    Thus, out $5,000, the Bullskin
    couple filed the Writ of Mandamus in
    federal court five months ago, after
    two years, reportedly, of being
    shown the door in Bower's office or
    told no.

    Coincidentally -- or, as a direct result
    of that filing -- a county detective
    appeared pronto at their home. He
    asked for their account of the hiring
    of the contractor and payment.

    The detective seemed to come
    through for them one month later.
    The local paper carried the tough on
    crime story, that the county detective
    charged the Democratic committee
    man, self-employed contractor, with
    three felony charges of theft and
    failing to disclose proper contractor
    licensing information.   

    In the meantime, the Bullskin couple
    was assured that their August Writ of
    Mandamus complaint against Bower
    was resolved with filing in
    September of charges against the
    contractor, Democratic committee

    The Writ of Mandamus piece of the
    couple's federal file was to be closed
    then in September, agreeably by all.
    Please keep in mind that the Bullskin
    couple still believed at that point in
    September that the three criminal
    felony charges pressed would finally
    be prosecuted.  

    Only along the short way before the
    first court appearance, Rants&Raves
    was told that 2 felonies of theft were
    dismissed and the third was
    downgraded to a misdemeanor. It is
    unclear when that agreement was
    made for the county Democratic
    committee man self-employed as a
    contractor, in which court
    appearance that revelation was
    disclosed to the Bullskin couple.

    In interview on Tuesday, one of the
    two in the Bullskin household
    expressed surprise to receive a copy
    of Leskinen's court order written on
    February 3.

    During an court appearance four
    weeks ago, before Leskinen, "Bower
    was a no show" leaving the judge to
    leaf through the court paperwork and
    find "a piece of paper in the middle
    of everything that indicated that
    Bower was turning the case over to
    the (state attorney general),"
    Rants&Raves was told.

    "(Leskinen) was not happy that he
    was not told the week before the
    hearing," she said yesterday of their
    time spent in court on January 14,
    one month ago. Bower was not
    present, but, reportedly, had asked
    for 30 days to refer the bulky file to
    the state attorney general.

    The judge, 17 days after the court
    date, issued the court order on the
    third day this month, requiring Bower
    to recuse himself due to a conflict of

    Concerning is that eight days since
    Leskinen issued his court order, the
    state attorney general's attorney
    updated the victims that its state
    office has yet to receive any
    forwarded information from Bower's
    office. The state promises more
    details to the victim in the next few

    Why hadn't Bower realized his
    conflict of interest two years ago and
    referred the matter to the state
    attorney general in the first or even
    second place? Email to Bower and a
    Right To Know request were sent
    today asking to confirm that Bower
    did or did not voluntarily initiate a
    transfer of the case to the state
    attorney general for investigation or

    Why not?
    Judge, AG on
    same page yet?
    Of concern, too, is news that
    Leskinen told the couple two days
    ago that he received a letter from the
    state attorney general's office the
    previous week before he wrote his
    court order on February 3, that the
    district attorney must recuse himself
    to the state attorney general for all

    However, the state attorney general
    rep, who yesterday could not locate
    the letter that Leskinen said he
    received one week earlier from the
    state attorney general office, said he
    knew nothing of the judge's order
    and promised updates to the couple
    later in the week.  

    Now, just to avoid confusion. The
    customers mentioned so far are
    none of those more recently
    victimized, who told a Pittsburgh
    television news reporter -- with the
    approval of the state attorney
    general office -- that a downtown
    Uniontown business specializing in
    kitchen upgrades suddenly closed
    and did not provide the paid for
    goods or services.     

    What's worse, those customers,
    reportedly, were stiffed by a
    business owner said to have left
    another previous location the same
    way, disappointing, owing. Locals
    told Pittsburgh television news that
    their criminal theft complaints went
    unaddressed downtown at Bower's
    office, so, reportedly, contacted the
    state attorney general to ask for
    prosecution of the business owner.

    The news video produced with
    stiffed customers never aired, or at
    least, has not yet aired. Reportedly,
    as per a highly trusted source, the
    state attorney general office, in that
    case, wants to hold off and give the
    business owner more time to resolve
    problems or repayment with the
    affected customers.

    12 Feb 19