Sept. 20, 2019
    Fay: Grim Isle of Increasing Overdoses, when all counties surrounding the
    region of Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland have shrinking numbers
    RANTS of the most disappointing kind that what started out as a positive read in this morning's paper about declining numbers of
    opioid overdoses, ended up, scrolled down mid-way through, being another painfully chilling reminder that too many of Fay's
    heroin and opioid addicts tend to stay addicts.

    This morning's Trib piece, "Hospital admissions for opioid overdoses decline in Pennsylvania," makes it abruptly clear that the
    only bad news in a state-wide study on opioid overdoses is that more overdose or die per year in Fay than in they do in any other
    part of this whole south-western Pennsylvania region.

    RANTS that things are improving everywhere else in the region, except for Fay.

    While we're still feeling the pain of the heartbreaking report three months ago that showed that Fay individually has more babies
    born addicted requiring hospitalization than so the combined counties of Westmoreland, Allegheny and Washington, this week's
    report likewise stings that Fay continues to have an increasing number of overdoses when overdoses in neighboring counties are

    RANTS that there's no way of knowing for certain that Fay's pathetic heroin and opioid stats might have been better if Fay weren't
    sending its opioid addicted to a Greene County treatment center. There's no way for certain of knowing that Fay's miserably putrid
    stats with babies born addicted to opioids and addicts staying sick and addicted would be more positive today if a new or different
    Fay opioid treatment facility were given county Medicaid authorization to treat those forced to go to Greene County for county
    insurance paid treatment.  

    Rants&Raves, in a sincere gesture to improve the opioid numbers, hopes that the New Season and its administrators get out their
    personal check books and begin making political campaign contributions galore locally. Yes, we do.

    Lets be practical.

    County administrators agree, as a dangerous whole, to support and maintain largely ineffective business as usual in the midst of a
    crisis on top of a crisis. They do not see a need for change, in spite of Fay's consistent placement in all these kinds of state
    ranking studies. Everyone else is getting better... but, no, here in Fay, stats worsened.

    In the interim of hearing about Fay's next poor placement in a state ranking study, political campaign contributions, no doubt, will
    continue to be accepted by candidates who vote on contracts for the contributor's personal businesses, and say no to businesses
    such as New Season, that might end up improving the new even grimmer recently released county rankings.

    In addition to saying no publicly to one provider wanting a county Medicaid provider billing number for opioid treatment, officials
    probably also discouraged all others considering an expansion into Fay.

    To right all that, Rants&Raves so hopes that New Seasons administrators temporarily lose their integrity for the good of Fay, write
    personal political campaign contribution checks, and -- possibly even more importantly -- agree to hang political signs in yards of
    all their cousins' homes and extended family businesses.

    We bet that would get them a county provider Medicaid insurance billing contract.

    Sadly, that may be the only way Fay might get another opioid treatment provider in the county who might just produce a better
    outcome on the next state round up of county overdose rates and babies born addicted to heroin and opioids.

    It's certainly worth a shot. (20 Sept 19)

    Now, D&A's letter opposing New Season contract
    RAVES of hope that after commissioners, the behavioral health director and now the drug and alcohol clinic director,
    say Fay does not need a third methadone clinic, that they don't all end up talking out of the other sides of their mouths
    after the general election, by announcing an overwhelming new need for a new third clinic.

    More specifically, RAVES of hope that none of the mouthpieces don't later in the fall grant a second county Medicaid
    billing provider number to the company which owns and operates a Perryopolis Methadone clinic, unless the group of
    county officials can first do a much better job explaining its collective opposition to New Season.

    Consumers of those services deserve the truth and to be able to compare facility inspection reports and any
    outcomes based data available on the programs and providers. Those are the types of documents which the officials
    denying county Medicaid dollars to New Season should be well familiar with and have readily available for open

    Instead, they each take turns repeating the same incomplete stand and opposing legislation to reduce the
    transportation time to methadone clinics from one hour to a 30-minute maximum standard. RANTS that the officials
    foolishly skirt the real issue here. (18 Jun 19)
legislation ticks
Fay administrators
RAVES to Senator Pat Stefano for
pushing again to humanize people,
by reintroducing legislation to
decrease travel time standard from
60 minutes to 30 minutes, for out-
patient methadone treatment for
both urban and rural areas.

June 4, 2019
Fay's babies
3xs more
likely born

RANTS, that what started out as
good news, too quickly turned
heartbreakingly sad for Fayette

In "Report: Fewer opioid babies," in
today's Tribune Review, we learned
that, state-wide, fewer babies are
being born addicted to drugs (14.4
per 1,000 births).

However, a few paragraphs into the
story, RANTS for the crushing news
that Fayette County alone has as
many babies born addicted to drugs
(49.7 per 1,000 births) requiring
ongoing hospitalization as the three
nearby counties of Allegheny (16
per 1,000), Westmoreland (17.3 per
1,000) and Washington (16.1 per
1,000) combined.

RANTS that babies born to Fay
parents are nearly three times more
likely born addicted to drugs than
babies born to parents from
anywhere else in the state. How
pathetically tragic and sad is that
consequence of, or direct result of,
political corruption? (4 Jun 19)