Editor's Note: While starting to write this below piece, news came of a pepper spraying at the county prison of an inmate. During that
    episode where the inmate was hauled from his cell by 4 guards to go back to the basement, an asthmatic inmate this late morning was
    observed by inmates on the floor, coughing blood in need of his emergency medical inhaler. The incapacitated ill inmate on the floor,
    reportedly, was taunted by a guard who may be shown on prison video taking too long to get the inhaler to the inmate. A Right To Know
    request is made to view any such video in existence.

    Deliberate indifference: Fay Prison lawsuit
    response to 3 women suing

    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note to take a note of this next piece of information for recall after county row officers facing re-election next year have
    put the county in incredible debt of about $50 million or more for a new county prison.

    As per today's Courier, the County of Fayette, as a governing entity, formally responded to a lawsuit from a few former female inmates, suing because of
    horrible conditions  -- i.e., alleged overcrowding and under staffing -- at the 9,000-year-old county jail.

    Fay's formal court response:

    "It is denied that the prison is overcrowded or understaffed... To the contrary, the CCL (a consulting firm) report lists the average daily population as
    falling below the prison's capacity for the four most recent years."

    "It is denied that the prison is unconstitutionally dangerous to inmates and staff," Fay County continued in the legal response to the suit being filed.

    Now, here's where the County of Fayette seems very much to be on crack writing this next bit. We say this because Rants&Raves has written statements
    from paid county staff working inside the joint and a former videographer of county public meetings now jailed that the following is quite untrue.

    "When maintenance issues would arise with regard to plumbing, electric and HVAC systems, the defendants were not deliberately indifferent to them. To
    the contrary," the County countered defending itself in the suit, "they were promptly and appropriately addressed."

    The first sentence of the above paragraph would be true, we note, if the word "some" were inserted as the sentence's second word. When some
    maintenance issues would arise...

    What's deliberately indifferent mean? Besides the still current day most shameful example of deliberate indifference -- i.e., the refusal of anyone
    connected to the prison to order a thorough cleaning of all of the cells with caked feces in them where mentally ill inmates usually end up -- what else?

    Nobody connected to the prison has yet ordered deliberately indifferent guards to flush toilets in cells with mentally ill inmates who do not flush.

    Nobody connected to the prison has moved to add maintenance available around the clock to quickly clean up sewage messes caused by inmates
    stuffing bedding or materials in toilets and sinks. Sources have told Rants&Raves in writing that raw sewage, used tampons, pieces of used toilet paper
    have permeated the air and laid in cells and on large sections of the jail's floor for 12 or more hours.

    Nobody connected to the prison seems to have a problem with that putrid mess and that a mentally ill inmate sat for 12 hours in it eating his own waste.
    You can't get any more deliberately indifferent to it than that.  

    At the very least, why hasn't the County offered the job of flushing for some or cleaning out a catch bin of whatever was stuffed in the toilet to an inmate
    close to release as part of a serious work training program? Deliberate indifference.

    RANTS that the County of Fayette gave not a shit -- and still doesn't -- that sewage covers the floors, cell floors and areas where staff walk by
    indifferently to it.  

    RANTS, the County might as well cut that settlement check.

                  13 Jul 18

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