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    Not guilty on all charges
    Fay jury tosses DA's 2017 homicide
    case out the courthouse window in
    'about 15 minutes or so'


    RANTS that a Fayette County jury needed only about 15 minutes to deliberate and find the defendant in a 2017
    homicide not guilty on all charges, including criminal homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, today
    in Judge Steve Leskinen's courtroom.

    Today's quick return of a jury indicates just how out of touch the county district attorney's office is with the law and
    the empty cases they present and how crazy the judges in this case, for 16 months, have been, for allowing the
    goings on in their kangaroo courts to be presented as formal, dignified proceedings.

    In light of today's jury verdict, RANTS that there is a horribly grieving family of the man shot out there. The accused
    maintained he was defending himself in a parking lot attack from behind, from a long-time rival and former neighbor,
    around Thanksgiving in 2017.  

    Today's grieving family probably regrets opposing a plea now and wanting a trial, but should not.

    RANTS that the county district attorney, by keeping the defendant jailed without bail for months, only gave the family
    hope that justice would prevail. He gave them cruel false hope, was never fully prepared to try this case -- as today's
    verdict proves -- and wanted a plea deal to avoid a trial.

    The case clearly was toast last year, when the surveillance video outside Rizz's Restaurant was said to be too blurry
    to confirm which of the two areas of the deceased's body was shot first.  

    For the ninety-ninth time, we must say so.

    RANTS that the district attorney keeps holding people on sensational charges, when he does not have evidence or
    solid evidence to do so, while judges without spines keep letting it happen.

    6 Mar 19

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