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    Washington County gets GE expansion
    Charleroi gets 200 more GE jobs; Fickle Fay, another restaurant
    RAVES that about 200 more jobs for those with high school or GED diplomas, starting at $35K per year, are coming with a planned expansion of
    Charleroi's General Electric operations, off Route 70 in the Twilight-Speers area.

    RAVES that young adults, persons with disabilities and persons returning to the workforce, are urged to apply with this company to assemble GE's
    electronics. The jobs include full benefits.

    GE decided to move its high-voltage electrical switchgear plant operations from eastern Georgia to expand its Washington County plant.

    While some of its Georgia employees may transfer to Charleroi, officials told Rants&Raves that area residents are expected to be hired to fill most of
    the new jobs that will be added with the electronics expansion next year.

    RAVES that Charleroi's good fortune will allow GE to continue to offer and draw unskilled labor from Fayette County over the county line for wages
    that allow its employees, for instance, to lease a decent apartment without needing a co-signer.

    Checking in with two Fay residents we met 14 months ago working for GE, Rants&Raves found two still content fathers working regular shifts there,
    sometimes with a little overtime, to provide for themselves and families.

    Both prior to signing on two years ago with GE worked about 50-60 hours weekly at two different chain restaurants in Fay. RAVES that they became
    more independently able to provide insurance and a roof over their families' heads without state subsidized food stamps and heating assistance that
    they had working in Fay.   

    RAVES to such real economic and job development that goes on outside Fay, but close enough for those from Fay to drive to, come home and be
    able to spend a lot more quality time with their families at home. (15 Nov 19)

    Charleroi got GE; fickle Fay gets another chain restaurant
    RAVES, of course, that Uniontown is getting a new chain restaurant, as per social media posts from Fayette County Commissioner
    Vince Vicites. The fickle tastes of the public often comes in a slow motion wave of big hurrahs, as we all remember when first we
    heard back then that there's a Red Lobster coming, then an Olive Garden coming. Now a steakhouse.

    RANTS, though, that Fay isn't attracting the big companies in, with decent paying entry-level jobs for average citizens without higher
    education that won't require their families to exist only with food stamps and other dependence on government and public funds for
    insurances, as the restaurant chains normally do.

    While nearby Charleroi, for instance, got General Electric to move in a few years ago, Fayette County residents working there are
    pleased that the plant is providing them with the means to support their families.

    Inevitably, those employees plan to relocate closer to work in Washington County if the future continues to be as bright with GE as
    they now believe it will be.

    RANTS that politicians too often depend on the big hurrahs of fickle restaurant goers to get votes, when they should have been
    vigilantly pursuing the corporations which pay a fair wage to their workers. Fay residents shouldn't have to depend on Charleroi,
    Washington, Westmoreland or Allegheny County officials to bring them real jobs that make people want to buy homes, raise their
    families here and remain in Fay. (8 Sept 18)