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    Or delay to try even harder to influence an election?
    HSBS 13-day delay in this digital age
    RANTS that just today published 13-day-old quotes and story about New Season*, a Uniontown
    methadone clinic that Fayette County Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr block from obtaining a county behavioral
    health Medicaid provider number necessary to provide therapy and medications to treat opioid addiction.

    These digital days, there's no good reason to delay publication of such a key issue. RANTS most of all, however, that even
    13 days delayed, the story offers no documentation which county officials claim justifies blocking New Season, in an issue
    which may have swayed votes if published even, say, six days ago.

    These are very crucial days in Fayette's path to redemption or its continued push off the cliff. It's not just that, either. It's just
    so inhumane to inconvenience opioid addicted, Medicaid card holding residents with mandated transport to Greene County
    to get Methadone without therapy.    

    In this four minute video, Fayette County Commissioner Vince Vicites explained at a recent public function that he
    opposes New Season because the "experts" at behavioral health, drug and alcohol and Value Behavioral Health, the
    county's contracted insurance management company, oppose New Season.  

    O.K., but why? Why didn't the paper ask Vicites why his panel of "experts" opposes New Season.

    In these days when it is known for group sign off letters to occasionally contain forged signatures, do we know for certain
    that all really are in full agreement that there are valid, sensible reasons for banning New Season?

    Vicites, as seen in the video link above, said he has "documentation" from the experts backing what he said. Why haven't
    the papers got that documentation?

    RANTS, too, that none of the papers bothered to ask Commissioner Dave Lohr, as seen at about 2 minutes into the video,
    coming forward to interrupt Vicites, to exclaim why he twice pointed New Season into the direction of Highland Hospital to
    work with that program, and in the process, contradicted what Vicites just said.

    RANTS if Lohr is so out of touch that he really thinks New Season could work with Highlands on a team program without
    billing insurances for services.  

    But God bless Lohr!

    He just got too restless and cranky listening to Vicites and blurted out what he said. The hospitals and New Season already
    knew they wanted to work in partnership together. Lohr made it sound as though he was O.K. with New Season if they were
    already in business by joint agreements with the hospitals.

    RANTS, nonetheless, that it took 13 long days in this digital age to get some of the newspaper story out. RANTS that the
    article, held back since May 15, did not include the mention that Vicites received a $150 donation from the county's
    preferred Greene County Methadone clinic, with Lohr receiving a more generous $5,000* donation.

    Without full disclosure why Vicites' experts oppose a combined therapy and medication treatment that aims to eliminate
    medication treatment entirely to battle opioid addiction, we don't know if one place is especially good, bad or the same.   

    But RANTS that the blocking of New Season and the favoring, instead, of an entity which provides no therapy, makes us
    wonder who really wants addicts to fully recover and who wants to create big business to keep addicts addicted and
    dependent on taking longer rides for straight medication management and relapsing.  (29 May 19)

    * "New Season: Opioid Addiction Treatment continuing fight to receive Medicaid funding"
    ** Note: Campaign financial have not been completed for the report due 30 days after an election. Donation
    amounts could possibly increase.