RAVES to Fay resident Kathryn Jones for celebrating Law Day
    in peaceful protest of the county district attorney outside the
    Fayette County Courthouse today.  

    Carrying her sign that read that Fayette County District Attorney
    Richard Bower is "morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt,"
    Jones told Rants&Raves that she is "both celebrating my right to
    free speech and protesting the unopposed candidacy of a
    corrupt district attorney."

    Law Day, celebrated nationally on May 1, is observed to
    encourage citizens to reflect on the role of law in the foundation
    of the country and to recognize its importance for society.

    The theme this 2019 Law Day, specifically, as per the American
    Bar Association, is "Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society" and
    calls on citizens to understand and protect these rights to
    ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of
    liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”

    Jones is kind of a stickler for those kinds of things anyway, even
    before the last 16 months.

    While high school students presented their mock criminal trial
    with attorneys as jurors inside the courthouse, Jones grabbed
    her sign and gathered around the courthouse flags to show her
    dissatisfaction with the district attorney's job performance over
    his 41 months in office, and her respect and expectations for our
    freedoms of speech, press and society.

    1 May 19
    Jones: Law Day courthouse reflecting on
    free speech, protesting Fay DA
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Kathryn Jones of Uniontown, shown above,  observing  
Law Day, outside the Fayette County Courthouse,
sharing disappointment that the district attorney is
running in next month's primary election unopposed.
    Who better really than Jones to appreciate the purpose of Law Day and courthouse protest on Law Day?

    After all, the district attorney three months ago introduced motions into a criminal homicide case of Jones' son, Chris
    Shellhammer, to gag her from calling him nasty swear words on her social media and to  stop her from speaking again to
    any tv news reporter about her son's nightmare case and prosecution, even though she never was to offer witness

    On a larger scale, Jones took public issue with the district attorney on Law Day because she said he "uses his office and
    the power entrusted to him to file charges he cannot possibly sustain, with the intent of enforcing extra judicial punishment,
    to satisfy personal biases."

    As a long-time advocate for county prison reform, Jones notes that Bower rarely attends prison board meetings. She is
    correct. Bower attended no meetings the last 10 months of 2018 and only one meeting to date this year.

    Jones also has rather closely followed other criminal cases in court in the past year. The shooting outside Rizz's which
    ended in a jury acquitting the defendant... The couple charged, initially, in a capital murder case because nobody realized
    for three years that the child's normal range body weight at autopsy was quoted in metrics, not pounds and that a few
    types of bacteria were noted in the child's system... Then, the red faced withdrawal of the intent to seek the death penalty
    because the evidence and forensic and medical paperwork that should have been obvious three years ago, clearly was
    ignored till recent days.

    Additionally, Jones has come to know one woman whose homicide case suddenly was dropped. The district attorney that
    day claimed he didn't review paperwork all the weeks and months he behaved as a case expert and opposed bail for the
    woman, eventually freed from jail and all but one charge dismissed for a lack of evidence to support the homicide charge
    that the district attorney vehemently pursued to no avail.

    Her own charges
    If all that weren't enough, Jones, meanwhile, also came to know in 2018 how it felt to have ridiculous charges held over her
    own head for much of the year. She was charged after commenting negatively about a young woman of means and
    political connections, who sadistically encouraged a sweet, jilted young man to drive off the side of the Summit, to make
    her wealthier with his life and accident insurance payments from his work and car insurances.

    The district attorney folded on prosecuting Jones at the end of the year, but only after a year of putting Jones through
    mandatory monthly attendance during court weeks, to sit and wait to have a possible trial.

    In short, the district attorney folded on prosecuting Jones after a year of holding ridiculous charges against her -- just for
    having an honest, normal reaction to the young woman's shocking criminal and morally bankrupt behavior -- because
    Jones wouldn't accept a plea deal.

    Plus, Jones, probably thinking in terms that in America, every day should be Law Day, wanted her day in court and
    wanted, as witnesses, under subpoena to testify, a few high profile family members and friends of the young woman who
    encouraged the suicide.

    Thus, the matter finally was dropped, after a year of being held over her head, foolishly trying to pressure Jones into a
    plea deal.

    Rants&Raves thanks legal minds outside Fay for relaying that mouths dropped there over the pitiful Fay homicide trial,
    delayed earlier last month for the second time, when three former plea accepting homicide co-defendants-turned-
    witnesses didn't show up under subpoena to testify. The news and the case status, sadly, were the subject of discussion
    there miles away, on how not to make plea deals.    

    That all said, nobody should be offended by Jones' sign outside the courthouse today. It could have been so much worse
    and still been smack spot on.

    1 May 19

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