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    Kane blew chance to right Fay's wrong in voter fraud investigation

    RANTS and sadness, seeing the first female state attorney general reporting to prison to serve sentence for leaking information from a grand jury
    and lying about it. Not that anyone here was a fan, however, of the disgraced former lead state prosecutor.

    RANTS, just, of course, because women, in general, just didn't need the first in that position to leak grand jury information, commit perjury and end
    up incarcerated after a few scandals. We expected better. But she began her time in office with quick controversy, for shutting down a 2012
    investigation of corrupt Democrats taking bribes and kickbacks from lobbyists.

    And, then, there's something else that will always puzzle us here at Rants&Raves about the former state attorney general, as she reported to serve
    her year or so in prison this last week.

    On her state attorney general office stationery in 2014, a letter dated October 29, 2014, was drafted to the former editor of a local blog, Not
    Enough Said. The NES blog was following voter fraud accusations and complaints, lost informational packets sent to the attorney general, grand
    jury investigations, the prosecution and conviction of some township officials, as well as some of the Fayette County grand jury presentments that
    were sealed.

    About every five to six weeks, that blog editor contacted the state attorney general's office to ask for a status update on the investigation. As per
    Fayette Searchlight, another blog from one of the two former NES editors:

    "In 2014, (in an act which can most aptly be described as official oppression -- 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 5301(2) -- and intimidation), crossed state
    lines in a marked Pennsylvania State Police cruiser (accompanied by a uniformed Pennsylvania State Police officer) and hand-delivered a
    letter -- with no force of law (outside his jurisdiction and without the presence of West Virginia authorities) – to the NES editor in
    Morgantown, West Virginia, asking her to cease and desist from her intermittent calls (once every 5 or 6 weeks) to the PA Office of Attorney
    General seeking the status of its "second review” of a case -- in which it supposedly "lost" the information packet in the first contact (under
    then-AG Linda Kelly), averred to have "confirmed through multiple sources" that (former Fayette County District Attorney Jack) Heneks was
    "addressing our concerns" in the second contact/"first review," and now was completely ignoring in its supposed "second review."  

    What if Kane had not been corrupt? What if she had taken office and not shut down the Dem kickback investigation? Would that conviction to
    investigate, prosecute and not cover up her party's acts have made those working under her take their jobs and all investigations seriously? Had
    Kane been an honest attorney general, would the state attorney general's offfice in 2014 taken Fayette County voter fraud and sealed grand jury
    presentment inquiries more seriously?

    If Kane had not been corrupt and her staff, hypothetically speaking, knew and respected her as an honest, serious prosecutor, would those
    assistants under her have dared to hop in a PA state trooper's car and cross state lines to hand deliver a letter to the former NES editor to demand
    that she stop asking for updates?

    Even under the most corrupt attorney generals, nobody working there really should have got in such an awful tizzy over a writer calling as
    infrequently as every five or six weeks to ask for an update. It's almost as though -- wink, wink -- some outside force requested the road trip for
    nothing more than sheer, sick kicks.

    RANTS that the thought of that PA state police car four years ago, carrying one of Kane's own and a letter written on her letterhead stationery
    across state lines into West Virginia to try to shut down a Fayette County-born blog, were the images that came to mind, as Kane recently reported
    to prison to serve her sentence.

    Nobody working under an honest state attorney general with ethics and integrity would have been tempted to oblige an outsider's plea to intimidate
    a writer into silence with an unannounced visit across state lines by goons with shiny PA badges. (6 Dec 18)