Defense says Kez stole less than $550K
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note that things really can get weirder than we thought possible in the case of former funeral
    home owner Stephen Kezmarsky, recently sentenced to four to eight years in prison for the theft of $550K from sweet old people.

    This week's new twist to the district attorney's request for the judge to consider a longer sentence is that the defense now says
    Kezmarsky stole way less than that and wants restitution amounts lowered to reflect that unspecified difference.

    RANTS for a few concerning things that have come to light since the sentencing. The very same day that the DA filed his request
    for a longer prison sentence, a member of the immediate family stated that Kezmarsky had offered to pay full restitution in lieu of

    The same day that the DA filed his request for a longer sentence, based on the idea that a $50K check bounced towards
    Kezmarsky's $160K ordered restitution payment, the same immediate family member stated online that the bounced $50K check
    was a "misunderstanding."

    As per that immediate family member online, the DA, more or less, grandstanded since the family member said that the check was
    made good.

    The family member claimed online that a $50K cashier's check was delivered at 8 A.M. to "that idiot's office" to replace the
    bounced $50K personal check from Dr. Lawrence Glad, the same day that the DA filed for a longer sentence.

    Newspaper accounts of the bounced check or court updates since the sentencing did not clarify whether that cashier's check,
    indeed, was paid to make up for the bounced check. We'll assume the cashier's check followed the bounced check downtown, as
    the relative said happened till we hear otherwise.


    That all said, then, there are other confusing and concerning comments made about this theft case since sentencing that deserve
    to be investigated.

    While Rants&Raves accepts no "evidence" from truly anonymous sources, the one posting on Michael D. McCumber's public
    gossip board should be located and questioned about the written online claims that some burned investors of the
    failed funeral home posed deceptively in the criminal case as crime victims.

    Most likely, all victims were victims and the anonymous statement on McCumber's is untrue. The person making that
    kind of bogus claim on the internet, though, would surely deserve to be confronted by authorities to knock off the bullshit.  

    Hence, moving on in real time and to real life, we now have the sentenced Kezmarsky claiming he does not owe $550K in
    restitution, that the DA and state attorney general estimated and never accurately counted the theft total and that some of the
    victims in the case were not identified in court or court documents.  (13 Mar 20)

    "Quote Of The Day" from Michael D. McCumber's that should be
    of interest to investigators to disprove or confirm
    "The good judge will also be able to take into account that many of the people who said they prepaid for funeral
    services in fact only invested in the business of the funeral home and should lose their investment money as
    part of a failed business just like the good funeral director did."
    Anonymous, as posted two days ago, on web developer McCumber's online public communication board, faywest.
    com, supposing that some supposed crime victims were actually greedy investors from a failed business once
    known to do "record breaking business"

    Seriously? June???
    Judge too busy till June to revisit Kez sentence???
    RANTS the earliest date that a Fay judge has to hear a motion on the sentencing of former funeral director Steven
    Kezmarsky is three months away, on June 11.

    The county DA, as we all know, disputes the four to eight year sentence that Judge Steve Leskenin handed down to
    Kezmarsky last month, and, additionally, is burned up that a check for $50K towards restitution bounced from a former
    funeral home investor/relative.

    Never mind that it's asinine for a county row office to accept a $50K personal check in a criminal matter, even from
    someone so well respected in the community as Dr. Lawrence Glad. Never mind that nobody from the courthouse
    even bothered to call the bank named on the personal check to see if there was enough in the account for the check to

    Never mind that the DA screwed up last year by not knowing that cremains, technically, legally, are no longer corpses
    -- although that's too big a never mind to overlook or forget considering someone in his position as lead county

    And never mind, never mind that that recently the state courts overruled Leskenin's slap on the wrist sentence of
    home detention to a DUI defendant whose wreck killed his young friend. The too often wrong DA, however, was right
    in both these two cases.  

    Leskenin's cheap four to eight year sentence of Kezmarsky last month was a brutal slap in the face to all of the victims
    in this massive theft case. We welcome Leskenin to gather a group of those victims in support of his lenient sentence
    and single out even one who has faith of seeing full restitution. (11 Mar 20)

    Four donate $160K to Kez crime victim
    restitution fund
    RAVES to the generosity -- and what appears to be a genuine compassion for former funeral director Stephen Kezmarsky -- of his
    family and friends that at least $160K of the $500K he swiped from elderly customers was put down at the courthouse, to allow
    some restitution to begin to victims.

    As per public records, the former funeral director sentenced recently to four to eight years in prison, got doctors Lawrence Glad
    and Alan George to kick in $50K each. He also received $25K from Robert Kezmarsky and $35K from Matt George, recently
    appointed in controversial moves by the new Uniontown mayor to replace seats on the city's redevelopment authority.     

    Sentencing had been delayed for a month to allow the defendant time to get some funding raised.

    RAVES of hope that Kezmarsky's family and friends hold organized fund raising events. Tickets, a Pay Pal account for donations,
    even a telethon if they are up to it. Who with even an extra dollar or two wouldn't want to donate, if the actual crime victims in the
    case would actually get all of the donated money?

    RAVES, though, again to the four named above gentlemen for their $160K donation to the restitution fund. RAVES of hope that the
    full $500K owed is raised quickly.

    Full repayment would put to rest the argument heard from every caught and prosecuted thief, that they need to be released from
    prison to work, to earn money to repay their crime victim restitution debt.   

    Kezmarsky's crime victims deserve to be repaid for the money he stole from them, but he needs to be in prison certainly longer
    than four years. (28 Feb 20)

    DA to appeal Kez case
    RAVES to the county district attorney for vowing to appeal the case of former funeral home operator Steven Kezmarsky in light of a
    weak sentence passed down today, of four to eight years in prison and 10 years of probation, for stealing over $500K from
    customers purchasing pre-paid funerals.

    RANTS, though, that a stronger sentence didn't come down today. A pre-sentencing judge cautioned Kezmarsky the he may end
    up spending much of the rest of his life in prison, yet today handed down the brief stay and demand that restitution be made in full.

    The former funeral home operator, initially denied bail, was pretty quickly released from county lock up for cardiac health concerns
    after his initial arrest in 2018 for theft, and was known to be mowing lawns. About a year later, cremains and business records
    were found in a storage shed leased to the former funeral director's step mother. Those charges of abusing corpses were dropped
    and he was released again from prison.

    To date, he repaid about $150K in restitution.

    While about $500K was said to have been stolen from largely elderly customers and misused for his own personal expenses,
    Rants&Raves previously obtained a written statement from a former state legislator, who claimed that his good friend, the current
    Uniontown mayor, also lost over $400K investing in the funeral home.  (25 Feb 20)

    DA didn't know so last month?
    Cremains no longer corpses to abuse?
    RANTS, once again, after the big news conference one month ago, with all those boxes of cremated remains from
    Stephen K's Little Storage Shed of Horrors, Fayette County District Attorney Rich Bower today dropped dozens of
    recent charges of abuse of corpses against the former local funeral home owner charged in 2018 with swiping about
    $600K from customers. Those abuse of corpses charges were filed last month after hidden business records and 18
    boxes of cremated remains were found in a storage locker.

    Today's announcement -- i.e., that those recent charges were dropped and the defendant was released from jail  --
    came as no surprise here.

    Talk for weeks -- especially inside the county prison -- has been that the district attorney foolishly jumped to suck up
    television air time in an election year without knowing the law, ignorant of the basic, common sense fact that
    cremated remains no longer are considered corpses to be able to be abused..

    No kidding.  (30 Jul 19)

    Can Fay house Kez in a cheap
    storage locker?
    RANTS to the Fay courts for allowing a former funeral director to squeak out of prison last year on reduced bond for
    supposed health reasons, shortly after being charged with stealing about $500,000 from customers, in a glorified press
    conference with the state attorney general and county district attorney.

    RANTS, because it was hard enough for some who were snookered of their cash, seeing the disgraced man out there
    mowing lawns last summer and this summer, and seeing him obviously in much better physical condition than he was
    at arrest.  Rants&Raves got no answer when we caught up with Stephen Kezmarsky late last summer to ask if he paid
    any restitution yet to any victims.

    RAVES of hope that this time around -- after today's horrifying news that hidden funeral home business documents
    and unmarked cremated remains of 14 persons, and marked remains of some other former customers were found in a
    storage locker recently -- that the former funeral director stays in jail. We can bet those 14 who previously pre-paid
    their final resting did not opt to sit unidentified in a Tupperwear container in a storage locker through this June of 2019.

    RANTS to the county courts and officials who allowed the former funeral home director to see the great outdoors
    these last 18 months.

    It's not as though the man were jailed in a turtle suit in the basement of the county prison for the last 18 months and
    couldn't get a message out that about 20 people he stole from deserved respectful final resting places. (27 JUN 19)