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    Why Mahoney lost Mahoney's election


    Last Monday, on Election Day Eve, some supporters of incumbent PA Rep Matt Dowling of
    the 51st legislative district -- some with tears in their eyes -- prayed and tried to do everything
    imaginably possible to  change some minds and swing some votes of some Democrat
    supporters of opponent Tim Mahoney over to Dowling.  

    Mahoney, as readers here will never forget, launched the filthiest of mud slinging attacks
    against Dowling that anyone running against anyone ever owned up to and admitted sending,
    in sign off with his real name and campaign photo, in the paid political slam ads.

    Kangaroo Court
    After Dowling filed for an emergency court injunction to stop the mud slinging the week before
    the election, and Judge Steve Leskenin passed the buck and case to the following week and
    to another judge, Judge Gerald Solomon, cousin of Mahoney's lawyers, Mahoney's attacks
    went even lower, straight to the bottom of the deepest gutter.

    Shortly after leaving Leskenin's court, Mahoney gleefully hit social media again, stating more
    matter of factly than ever that Dowling surely knew of and ignored criminal activity, at a
    business in which Mahoney told Rants&Raves's that his good friend, Bill Gerke, reportedly,
    invested and lost $430,000. At the same time, a video was out there of two individuals
    claiming that Dowling pushed, shoved and assaulted a female circulated that showed no such
    physical contact at all.

    As this editor wrote on the eve of the election, it was as though Mahoney blamed Dowling
    personally for his or his pal's investment loss in the bankrupt then sold funeral home, when its
    former owner shamefully swiped $500,000 over the years from about 100 senior citizens who
    purchased pre-paid accounts.

    It was as though Mahoney foolishly threw the personal matter out there into his political
    campaign onto the web and into our snail mailboxes to discredit his political opponent.
    Mahoney's several political ad mailers and social media attacks tied Dowling to the business
    that came to media attention when the former owner had bodies stacked and couldn't get
    credit to get caskets delivered for proper burials.


    On the morning of Election Day Eve back in kangaroo court, Solomon's dismissal of Dowling's
    emergency injunction, using a proposed business plan that Dowling and others drafted as
    they tried to purchase that failing business, as an actual 2017 table of organization and real
    business operating plan to form his judgement, added intensity to the political mudslinging
    which Mahoney continued full throttle on his second gleeful trip leaving the county

    Only in the meantime, Mahoney supporter Richard Ringer's bogus video circulated claiming
    Dowling pushed, shoved and assaulted a female camera operator filming as Ringer asked
    Dowling at a business luncheon about the funeral home. Public outcry for the lies grew strong.

    Though the video shows Dowling trying to shield the woman's camera lens, he clearly did not
    push, shove or assault her. Ringer's spoken words in editorial after the luncheon video
    sickened people who watched the luncheon business meeting video on a larger screen

    Interestingly, some of Mahoney's supporters, who were still going to vote for him out of a
    sense of political obligation for favors he did for them, and were still going to vote for him in
    spite of knowing the kangaroo court tried to rob Dowling of an election with a fake document,
    had had enough.

    Video doesn't lie
    Some of the disillusioned said enough was enough and withheld their promised votes to
    Mahoney after they saw the Ringer video, commentary and hurtful, untrue accusations
    against his opponent's personal life.

    By the wee hours of Election Day morning, a few hundred more people viewed Ringer's video
    from the online viewing count the previous day, as per those with clear understanding of how
    that site counts only new IP viewings to a certain number and resets the count. Mid-day on
    Tuesday, Rants&Raves was told that there had been about 700 unique views of the video in
    a few days.

    The word of mouth and social media blitz which Dowling's supporters waged during the
    mudslinging the days leading up to the election, undoubtedly, changed more than a few
    minds to vote for Dowling.

    Some of even Mahoney's staunchest supporters told Rants&Raves that Ringer crossed the
    line with the video commentary that they watched, but that Ringer took the campaign straight
    to the bottom of the gutter, too near the devil's portal to Hell, with his written notes on his
    video page one week after he posted it.

    Ringer, trying to deflect the outrage of viewers calling him out for lying about the camera
    woman being assaulted, changed the subject by writing that he knew other juicy gossip, that
    the incumbent supposedly struck a different woman on a different, earlier day. What he was
    trying to say in a safer way to avoid being sued was that he was dropping strong hints that
    Dowling is a seasoned woman beater.

    Right vs Wrong
    Some of even Mahoney's staunchest supporters with conscience who knew better, with tears
    in their eyes reading Ringer's comments, were wise enough to see things for the truth.
    Ringer's video, then Ringer's comments posted to it one week later, unforgivably crossed the
    moral line of Right vs Wrong. Politics had nothing to do with it. They felt duped and used,
    knowing that Mahoney, the kangaroo court and Ringer counted on voters being stupid or
    playing along to accept their words as truth.

    So on Election Day, when both local papers tooted headlines that Mahoney won in court and
    voters went to the polls, it seemed that the former state legislator had an advantage from the
    kangaroo court and headlines and just might have been on his way to winning back his seat
    and to oust Dowling. Dowling ended up winning by a couple thousand votes.

    Mahoney didn't lose just because Mahoney didn't receive those 748 votes in Somerset
    County or that the state Dem party didn't donate to local house legislative candidates, as
    Mahoney wrote on social media the day after the election.

    Mahoney lost by nearly 400 votes in his own Fay backyard, where Democrats outnumber
    Republicans by the score.

    He lost by a few thousand votes because some of those 2,100, who believed two well-known
    attorneys and two judges in kangaroo courts, saw the Ringer video and his week later posted
    comments, and took a stand against Right vs Wrong.

    Some who once believed the judges, the kangaroo court, the newspaper headlines and even
    Ringer's initial claims, came out to vote, in the end, for what they felt was morally right in a
    horribly wrong, morally bankrupt mudsling. Those with conscience among them, upon
    learning they were duped with fake reports and duped by corruption, changed their vote to
    help Dowling's main stay supporters get him re-elected.

    Democrat Mahoney's loss at the polls had nothing to do with national party politics or any
    thing Trump going on outside the 51st District.

    Whether or not Mahoney's mudsling attack on Dowling left a bad enough taste in enough
    mouths for some Dems to vote for GOP candidates in other races nearby the 51st District is
    unknown. Some Dems who were going to vote for Ethan Keedy or Pam Gerard for office told
    Rants&Raves that they voted GOP or left it blank, over the fight in the 51st District. Those
    people voiced disappointment that neither of those candidates appearing at rallies with
    Mahoney denounced his mudslinging, but accepted Mahoney's donations.

    Did the late hour discovery of the deceit behind the Ringer video and a web posted
    declaration, from a potential former investor attesting that kangaroo court's doc was just a
    proposed business plan, snow ball into an unexpected public relations move that not only
    changed the minds of some Mahoney supporters but also some of other Democrats sharing
    the Democrat ticket with Mahoney in other state level races?

    In other words, did Keedy and Gerard lose votes because of Mahoney, in a land where
    Democrats often have voted for GOP candidates?

    Even if they hadn't won, would more people still have voted for Keedy and Gerard if
    Democrat Mahoney and his gifted kangaroo court hadn't duped the public into mistaking a
    proposed business plan, with pretend-but-not-ever-hired employees, to be as real as the fake
    pushing, shoving and assaulting that Ringer said Dowling did on video?  

    In spite of their odds of winning against the GOP incumbents, did Keedy and Gerard lose
    votes by not denouncing the amount of corruption it took to dupe the public with a fake
    document and fake video with false claims of a woman being pushed, shoved and assaulted
    when she wasn't? Yes.

    In areas largely populated with registered Republican voters known to have helped elect
    some past Democrats into a variety of public offices, Keedy and/or Gerard could have
    received many more GOP votes, had either or both publicly denounced the horrific mud
    slinging and degree of corruption needed that cued kangaroo court to convene in the 51st
    District on behalf of someone on their own party ticket.

    Had Keedy or Gerard denounced the unforgivable fake video and false claims that a woman
    was pushed, shoved and assaulted, one or both, surely, surely, would have won more many,
    many more votes from registered Republicans, or perhaps even ousted at least one of the
    GOP incumbents by unexpected landslides.

    And dare we say... Had either or both Keedy and Gerard on Election Night Eve, in even one
    neat sentence, publicly announced the return of Mahoney's political donations, they would
    have had the potential sitting right in front of them to have garnished enough votes in more
    heavily GOP concentrated precincts and may have won -- Keedy more so than Gerard --
    even by a landslide.

    That brave act, no doubt, would have not gone unnoticed by all of the Dowling supporters
    praying for a victory and reaching out to voters everywhere with endorsements and factual
    proof of lies spread in sheer propaganda form.

    Until citizens stop going to elected or appointed officials to fix DUI charges, get contracts, get
    this or that matter snowed over or buried in court, or pull strings to get this or that person
    hired for government jobs quicker or before more qualified others are hired, or to get this one
    quickly out of jail because of political obligation and before he starts talking, and to keep
    others inside out just for the sheer kicks of being able to do so, corruption will continue to
    thrive in Fayette County, Pa.

    And as long as corruption thrives, count on there being organized efforts to discredit any
    serious threat or political opponent who stands up to corruption. Corruption can't exist as a
    norm with a non corrupt district attorney and honest courts. Corruption cannot exist with
    honest officials.

    That Mahoney lost in his own backyard by 361 votes is a shocking fact. That so many voters
    said they changed their minds and voted for Dowling or did not vote for any candidate in the
    district after Mahoney disappointed them so is also remarkable.

    That so many extra voters by Election Day Eve changed their minds to say no, too, to
    kangaroo courts, corruption, fake videos and lies is most encouraging news for Fayette
    County, Pa.

    RAVES of hope that campaign opponents and voters are never treated so shabbily again.

    10 Nov 18

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