Timmy, Lassie, in the middle of the road       

    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but note of a much needed chuckle over morning coffee, reading a commentary
    from former state house representative Tim Mahoney, confirming at least the first part of recent weeks rumor
    mill, that he kissed the Democratic Party goodbye and now is an Independent voter.

    "The ugly side of politics has taken over with winning at all costs the chief goal," Mahoney wrote, almost as
    though he were confessing to dirty politics or speaking as a mere outsider looking in, distancing himself from
    accepting his own responsibility for contributions he made during his 10 years in state office and the umpteen,
    largely negative political campaigns to the regional political climate and Fay's poor economic status.

    "We see the results: declining population, lack of real economic opportunity, high rates of crime and poverty-
    related social problems, and a drug addiction problem of epic scale," Mahoney reasoned, as though these
    issues were non-issues during his decade-long stay in office that ended only three years ago.

    Only, we, in the middle of the road with Lassie, or to the left or right, know the issues are as relevant now as
    they were in 2016, when Mahoney stunned and sickened some in the crowd at a candidate forum debate by
    negatively declaring, "We've lost this war with drugs this generation. There's just no doubt about it."

    Ironic that someone of Mahoney's specific complete work history, now in the guest editorial piece in the Daily
    Courier, titled, "Broken two-party system fuels Mahoney's switch to Independent," broke many hearts and gave
    many huge lumps in their throats three years ago when we heard him say that at Penn State.

    Oh, we understood and thought it a great idea to pump money into grade schools to educate kids about hellish
    drug addictions and to offer alternatives. But that negative comment of his stung too awfully hard for some to

    It was horrible to imagine how that negative comment had to stab the hearts of those with loved ones who
    struggle daily to stay drug free. Mahoney's negative comment was also all one heroin and opioid struggling
    professional with months clean needed to hear, from someone he so respected, to use as an excuse to use
    drugs like that again.  

    Whether the second piece of the rumor mill plays out as true is yet to come. Not wanting to promote the rumor,
    Rants&Raves won't publicly comment till if and when more names around town publicly announce their switch
    to the Independent political status.

    We, in the meantime, will note whose names, if any, are removed from the list of Democrats paying to sponsor
    their little AM radio show on Fridays. We may also see whose lengthy letters might be published in the daily
    papers, announcing their intentions to join Mahoney in the middle of the road.

    Should any more denounce their party, Rants&Raves certainly hopes that specific examples or more defined
    reasons for discontent and departure are given.

    Unlike Mahoney, who historically has beamed with pride for helping get Boeing a $1.5 million state grant, but
    today criticizes a political party for "favoring big corporations at each and every turn," each additional party
    hopper, hopefully, in his or her printed media announcements, is transparent and open about their
    contributions, if any, to the corruption and demise of the political party they're kicking to the curb.    

    30 Apr 19
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