October 31, 2019
    Anonymous hate posts running amok among public
    servants, campaign coordinator, trial critic?

    RANTS of the worst kind to hateful, local anonymous web writers, who get their jollies being bullies, spinning often
    completely false or highly, highly exaggerated tales, or telling nasty rumors or sociopathic-like, venomous, horribly
    unkind and irrational opinion of, or representation of a situation or individual.     

    For consideration, please consider the hypocrisy and realities of these anonymous sources behind these three
    examples below.

    That said, RANTS to the anonymous
    writers and publishers of the site,
    "Masontown Renaissance," for going
    too far and not realizing it.

    Rants&Raves certainly understands
    frustration some may have
    everywhere with public servants
    stealing time, playing online, misusing
    public computers for non-work-related,
    personal matters.

    In fact, Rants&Raves on a few
    occasions, sent about a hundred
    pages of reader IP and reader traffic
    logs to county commissioners
    because county workers seemed to
    live on this site way too often.

    That much, we do understand.

    RANTS, though, to the anonymous
    minds behind Renaissance for
    publishing absolutely crazy social
    media comments from seemingly real
    town folk, mixed in with some from
    anonymous and, supposedly, fake
    social media names and accounts in
    heated, ridiculous volley debate.

    At its worst, Renaissance makes it
    difficult to have a solid leg to stand on
    debating with racists that White Trash
    is always a racially offensive term
    when heard by those who do not use

    Unless a town floozy and her spouse
    are molesting kids, seducing animals,
    raping incapacitated seniors or
    persons with limited intellectual
    abilities who can not say no or defend
    themselves, why would any sane
    person compose fake profiles to catch
    the kinky couple arranging meetings
    with what sounds to be anything that
    walks, from a public-owned computer
    on work time?  

    RANTS, at best, that the anonymous
    blogger(s) caught a public servant
    seeking online sex partners for his
    wife and himself on borough work
    time, but no quorum of council
    members cared that the public-funded
    staff or his wife used the borough
    computer to coordinate their online
    profile accounts.

    RANTS, at the very least, the wife -- if
    her claim of defense for him is correct
    that she used his police work
    computer to find sexual partners for
    him and her -- using a police computer
    may have compromised police
    evidence in some way or breached
    public privacy.

    If we call ten police forces right now,
    we would expect to hear ten
    resounding "No!" replies if we ask to
    drop by and use the government
    computer to create a sexually explicit
    profile with pictures on a meat market
    meeting site.

    One in 11, however, apparently,
    would appear to allow it.

    RANTS to the borough council for
    ignoring all that real borough business
    and for allowing this stupid, crazy
    drama to continue to divide a council
    and town.

    RANTS, since council easily could
    have had and should have had a
    computer hard drive examined to
    determine just how much or how little
    time borough public-paid employees
    spent online playing on all recreational
    reading sites.

    Then, the council needs to seriously
    consider why veteran, long-time police
    officers did not know what first-time
    viewers of any cop tv show know -- to
    check out a suspect's alibi or
    statement before declaring him guilty
    and jailing him nearly two years
    awaiting trial without bail.

    Copyright Protected
    Turning to another sometimes ranted

    RANTS that anonymous posts on faywest.
    com, since the Shellhammer acquittal
    verdict, falsely reported that jurors were
    intimidated or threatened by the
    defendant's supporters in the courtroom.

    The comments eluded to a possibility or
    probability that a verdict would be
    challenged and set aside due to jury
    intimidation or tampering.

    Meanwhile, no credible source backs this
    twisted anonymous claim.

    Rants&Raves so hopes that Judge
    Wagner, who presided over the four-day
    trial earlier this month, will insist to county
    detectives that the
    (HegUs mask) computer IP be pulled and
    the anonymous, hateful writer be found.

    No, not just found.

    The guilty poster so deserves to be
    brought nervous and sweating to
    Wagner's court, for a friendly chat about
    reality versus fiction and how concerning
    the online comments are.

    No, not just concerning, but also a mighty
    insult to the performance and integrity of
    Wagner and all of his court staff who
    monitored courtroom spectators,
    witnesses and the jury.

    RAVES of hope that the judge impresses
    upon the miserable, hateful soul writing
    hateful anonymous online buzz that
    nobody, absolutely nobody, tampered with
    his jury in his court.

    RAVES of hope that the judge gives the go
    ahead for the order to be written, to find
    the anonymous bully paying for an IP
    masking service to post his or her
    anonymous false comments meant with
    malice to hurt the integrity of Wagner's
    court and harass the former defendant and
    accused, jailed for 22 months without bail
    before the acquittal.  

    Readers here are strongly urged to copy
    this column and send to the courts to beg
    Wagner to pull the IP and talk to the
    hateful writer.
    Lastly, RANTS to those anonymous
    political sign thieves of the night and
    unidentified sources that Fayette County
    Commissioner Vince Vicites claims is
    slurring him in alleged robo calls and
    unidentified social media sites.

    RANTS because his keeping a recent
    audit under raps until after the election
    gives him reason enough to draw
    legitimate criticism from election
    challengers or just the public in general
    who pays his salary.

    Nobody should have to take cheap,
    personal jabs to try to discredit Vicites, in
    other words.

    While Rants&Raves has yet to locate a
    single voter who actually received a robo
    call slurring Vicites to learn what
    supposedly was said in the recorded
    phone messages, we'll take the word of
    Kelly Cheripko Mercier, Vicites' Campaign
    Coordinator, that unkind things are being
    written, when she said online:

    "In the last few days, I have
    witnessed some of the nastiest,
    most slanderous, untrue, malicious,
    evil comments stated about him
    both politically and personally..
    Adult bullies...how pathetic.."

    Though we're not quite sure what was
    said or written, we'll take Mercier's word
    for it when she says the unspecified
    trashings that she discussed on Vicites'
    commissioner campaign web page were
    "some of the nastiest" she had seen or

    Believe us, the recent attacks must have
    been pretty darned nasty if they were
    "some of the nastiest," that the
    commissioner's re-election campaign
    coordinator has seen, because, well, this
    is a woman, who, in anonymous
    newspaper reader comments of her own,
    proved she or someone using her
    newspaper sign in nic and
    password, knows what nasty really
    does mean, with comments from
    someone known as jim31563,
    directed directly to Commissioner Angela
    Zimmerlink, last February.

    "Tell me something, Angela, is there
    a reason you always find it
    necessary to verbally attack people
    and try to one up them with, half the
    time, inaccurate information?

    "Maybe you should take up a hobby
    or two (like cross stitching) in your
    retirement. Maybe it will take you
    out of your self-loathing, miserable
    mindset. Happy Trails!"

    That all said, RANTS that sign thieves
    have no lives and RAVES if video really
    does exist showing the theft of Vicites'
    signs from private property. We so hope
    someone is charged.

    RANTS, though, if someone anonymous
    more recently was more spiteful, more
    childish and genuinely a nastier type of
    anonymous bully, as was the one who
    wrote the above quote eight months ago
    using Vicites' Campaign Coordinator's
    newspaper subscription sign in nic.

    We thought that one took the cake.