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    Is the DA next to be sued, cops to be charged?
    Man sues state police over false arrest, year in jail

    RANTS, hearing the possibility that state police reviewed surveillance video, saw a man disarm a shooter, toss
    the gun away from the shooter, but still wrote in an affidavit of probable cause that the same man who tossed
    the shooter's gun turned towards them with a gun before police shot a couple times at him, and, very
    fortunately, missed.

    For the one year or so of his time that he spent in jail awaiting trial before his acquittal by a jury, for the loss of
    his income from his job while he was in jail and for being shot at by police, he is now suing four troopers of the
    Uniontown state police barracks for unlawful arrest.

    RANTS if this man's case is as true as his lawyer, all over television news, recently claims it is.

    It's just too horrible to imagine that state police would do such a thing!

    It's just too horrible to imagine that nobody at the district attorney's office and no judges touching the case from
    the start caught the bogus evidence claim before taxpayers paid to keep the accused for one year waiting for
    his court case to come up.

    Is it just a matter of time before the county district attorney is added to the lawsuit for continuing to hold the
    charges against the man and prosecuting the case?

    Is it just another matter of time before this matter is heard outside the civil court system that it got thrown into,
    with the filing in federal court of the man's civil lawsuit against the four state police officers?

    RANTS if this man's case is as true as his lawyer claimed, all over television news recently, that it is.

    If the surveillance video in its entirety shows no gun aimed at police before police shot at the man, RANTS that
    the county district attorney hasn't charged at least one policeman in this matter.

    9 Dec 18

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