October 11, 2019

    No investigation hurt more than Chris
    RAVES of hope that the elderly father of the man fatally shot in Kelly French's Masontown
    home 22 months ago can now begin to make peace with his latest disturbing shock to absorb,
    that police, county detectives and county prosecutors miserably failed him, too, by not
    investigating Chris Shellhammer's statement in 2018 that he was set up for robbery or worse,
    when he agreed to meet with Kelly French for that Monday night booty call.

    RANTS that the father of the man killed never knew the filthy truth until this week's trial and
    had, all these months, an additional, unnecessary stressor of hating the man accused of
    shooting his son in the back, in what authorities, who never investigated, wrongly said was a
    cowardly premeditated crime.

    How could that deceived father not have experienced a gnawing hatred for Shellhammer when
    he picked up a newspaper and read the below lines in the Herald Standard's "Man charged
    with homicide in Masontown shooting," the day after his son died on French's living room floor?

    "Shellhammer reported to the Masontown Borough police station and told officers
    that “he was set up and attacked,” according to the affidavit filed in his case.

    “Immediately, he was very worked up,” said Masontown Police Sgt. Scott Miller. He
    said Shellhammer was “very jumpy and very edgy” initially.

    “He was trying to claim self-defense,” he said.

    He later asked for an attorney, Miller said.

    Masontown Police Chief Joe Ryan said there was evidence of a fight leading up to
    the shooting, but not a setup."


    Before that edition went on morning newsstands, but certainly before any charges were filed,
    police, county investigators and prosecutors should have investigated Shellhammer's self-
    defense claim. They did not and their lack of investigating caused a father to wake up everyday
    in the meantime, upset because he thought his son was not just dead, but had been shot in the

    The father of the man killed should have long ago been assured by police, detectives and
    county prosecutors that the man who shot his son was the nightmare's victim and had to shoot
    in self defense and desperation to save his own life.

    That heart broken father who forever lost his son deserved to know sooner -- and not in a trial
    nearly two years too later -- that the man who shot in self-defense had to shoot the gun he held
    onto for dear life, as two violently aggressive people beat him and had him cornered going
    down to the floor screaming to one another to "knock him out...get his gun."

    What the police, county investigators and county prosecutors did to the deceased man's father
    by not investigating Shellhammer's self-defense claim was horribly cruel and deserves
    addressed. Parents who lose kids from sickness or natural causes, even when their kids of any
    age die quietly in their sleep without pain, never get over the loss.

    This kind of a loss of a child is much worse, though.

    This inexcusable negligence of the investigators, who did not investigate Shellhammer's self-
    defense claim, dumped extra anguish, extra wear and tear over 631 days on the father, by
    insisting they had their thug in prison who shot intentionally the dad's unarmed son in the back,
    in an unprovoked attack.

    In addition to kissing Shellhammer's ass on Main Street to try to begin to apologize for not
    investigating his self-defense claim, the police, county investigators and prosecutors all
    personally should have to apologize to the deceased man's father for the same reason. They
    made his life so much more difficult and these last 632 days more overwhelmingly sad than the
    time probably would have been, had there been a real investigation and the father had known
    the full truth in the initial days afterwards.

    Has the caravan of cars with negligent police, county investigators and prosecutors to that
    dad's home to apologize left the courthouse yet?

    Yeah, yeah, we know... when Hell freezes over.


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