Fay spin writers to take a spin?

    RANTS that the positive image writers the county has will have some work to do to
    undo the hit the recent grant from the Department of Agriculture to Republic Food
    Enterprise Center took in an editorial,"A public policy cluster cluck," published by
    The Allegheny Institute.

    The Republic business received the $25,000 grant for a mobile poultry processing
    vehicle “to link poultry farmers to consumers hungry for fresh chicken.”

    It's probably difficult, otherwise, to make those serious-minded people laugh at the
    Allegheny Institute.

    The positive-only-spin writers that Fay has now promoting Fay business
    development face the new challenge of overcoming the stigma of being made fun of
    in a conservative think tank editorial piece from an in-house farmer.

    Lets hope they leave it alone. (2 Dec 19)