December 2, 2019
    Misspending the tax claim money worse
    than previously thought
    RANTS that the misspending really was worse than we thought.

    When it was said in June that only $2.5M was in the tax claim account and
    another $2.5M of the total $5M or so taken in at county property tax sales was
    never deposited into that designated tax claim account, there was no mention
    that $600,000 was transferred in an annual 2018 budget line item.

    The annual county budget line item funding in 2018 put $600,000 in the tax claim
    account, raising the amount properly accounted for from $1,900,000, to $2.5M.

    Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr, otherwise, never acted to repay the
    county tax claim account in 2016, 2017 and nothing in 2019 until signing off on a
    $366,000 reimbursement total to school districts last month from 2011 real estate
    tax sale funds.   

    The 2018 budget line item funding a deposit into the county tax claim fund did not
    precede a distribution of funds, as one might think might happen next.

    The $1,900,000 or so primarily in there since the last mailing of checks and
    distribution in 2015 then grew to $2.5M with the $600,000 budget line funding in
    2018 and subsequent tax sale revenue, taken in during September sales.   

    So with the addition of that 2018 budget line item funding of $600,000, technically,
    the amount of money never properly deposited by 2018 or misspent was more
    like $3,100,000, not $2.5M as previously said.

    No movement was made for distributing 2011 Upset & Free Clear so in
    September-October, 2017, a former county commissioner said that she
    communicated in writing again to school districts and municipalities.

    "Lohr and Vicites said no distribution was to happen until the Controllers Office
    completed its audit. The Controllers office completed an audit for period 2010-
    2011 in August, 2018," a former commissioner wrote in a summary for the media
    a few months ago.   

    "In August, 2018, six days after the Controllers office submitted its findings, two
    commissioners signed an agreement with Zelenkofske Axelrod to do an audit for
    the year 2017. The cost to do the audit states $13,000-$17,000, and the purpose is
    to determine how much the general fund owes to the tax sale fund for year
    2017," the former commissioner wrote.  

    RANTS that Vicites and Lohr wasted two years waiting for an audit, paying such a
    high price for an audit, too.

    A sum of $1.7M was determined late last spring to have been the amount that
    needed to be repaid to the tax claim fund. That amount was discussed prior to
    the September county property tax claim sales, so the amount at this time may
    be less.

    That the two commissioners wasted the second year and nearly $18,000 getting a
    second audit to repeat what the county controller's office said is concerning. Why
    did they think the controller's audit was wrong?

    Or were they simply stalling for time -- say, after the Primary Election -- for the
    worst of the tax claim distribution information to be more publicly known?

    Vicites and Lohr owe the public an explanation as to how they exceeded their
    budgets each year in office and misspent county tax claim sale proceeds meant
    for reimbursements to meet courthouse expenses.

    They way over-spent their budgets and misspent an additional $600,000 that
    wasn't included in the June figures, masquerading as serious business men
    unaware they're losing their shirts. (2 Dec 19)  

    December 1, 2019
    County Code, state statutes don't cite for
    decade long delays
    RAVES, for the sake of Fayette County, that it does not appear to be against the law to
    keep all proceeds for a decade from county property tax sales, instead of doing county
    property title searches and getting reimbursements in a more timely period of deducted
    tax payments to school districts, municipalities, creditors or persons previously owning
    the sold property.

    While some sections of the County Code and different state task force updates on real
    estate upset sales legislation "admonishes the counties to henceforth conduct their duties
    as a trustee of any property held under this section, in a manner which complies with all
    fiduciary duties imposed upon them by law," there appears nothing in written law to
    protect the rights of those whose properties were legally forfeited for sheriff and county
    sale, to have reimbursements be held without interest, for a decade from the tax claim
    office or county.

    Normal turn around for reimbursements should be 12 to 18 months, as per county
    officials. Fay gave out one distribution in 2015, but otherwise hadn't conducted no other
    distribution except for the one in October for $366K.

    Nobody should be particularly proud of the fact that about half of the $5.5M taken in in
    county property tax sales made it to the tax claim account for reimbursements and about
    $2.5M did not get deposited.

    Regardless of the facts that Fay was entitled to keep five-percent handling fees, to
    deduct costs and timely send mandates notices to property owners along the way leading
    to evictions, forfeitures, sales, property searches and processing, nothing in the County
    Code and nothing state-issued, in the opinion supplement to the property sale law, says
    it's O.K. for county commissioners to ignore the proceeds for a decade and misuse the
    misappropriated funds as general fund monies for day-to-day courthouse operation

    State lawmakers probably never imagined county property tax claim sale monies would
    take a decade or longer for reimbursements to be deducted from proceeds and costs and
    issued in a timely manner.  

    That about $2.5M funds appear to have been spent as general fund monies and not
    available to be used for reimbursements for back-logged years should be of more
    concern to more people.

    Nobody believes the county has the funds to write all those checks tomorrow, so it would
    be humbling if county officials stopped pretending all the money is and has been free or
    available for reimbursements.

    Six months ago county commissioners and a solicitor told radio audiences that all the
    money was there and that about $1.75M of it at the time was actually due for

    If all the money -- the entire $1.75M in money owed -- had been there in June, and four
    years of distributions were "squared away" as county commissioners and a solicitor told
    us at the time, why has only $366K been distributed since 2015?

    Why did, then we must ask, Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr fail to fund
    repayment of the tax claim fund from the general fund when they reopened the 2016
    budget? When they prepared the 2017, 2019 and 2020 budgets?

    Only the 2018 budget contained a line item for transfer to the tax claim office.

    Why is it O.K. for them to move around money to misspend on other things to pad the
    general fund budget, but a formal enough cause on one sole occasion to target funds
    specifically for a 2018 budget line item?

    Why was it O.K. to withhold a 2017 audit for over a year from a former county
    commissioner and withhold certain documents a school board director requested under
    Right To Know to examine business records of the tax claim account?  

    To get reimbursements moving or the issue addressed should not have taken action from
    a former county commissioner or a current school district board member.

    It's easy for anonymous clods to criticize a former commissioner for "over exaggerating"
    and call the school board member sifting through hundreds of pages of papers a chump
    out to make a political name for himself.

    It's sickening that some snicker and insist the worst practice is O.K. because it's not
    illegal to pad the county general fund with $2.5M of money meant for county property tax
    claim reimbursements, some over due up to a decade.  

    State law doesn't require the county to move promptly or within the 12-to-18 month
    turnaround time, so county commissioners may just keep on trying to reassure their
    supporters that all the money due in reimbursements is sitting in an account ready for

    They said six months ago that four distribution years were ready to go. Only one
    distribution for the year of 2011 was since made, in October, for $366K to school districts.

    It's not illegal to withhold reimbursements like this in the county's fiduciary role of guardian
    of those funds. Maybe not, the way some laugh over this.

    But to sit on a couple million dollars that really isn't yours, and to misspend some or all of
    it, all is shamefully unethical and immoral.

    Anyone snickering should know better.

    November 29, 2019
    Raymond continues delve into
    tax claims account
    RAVES that Laurel Highlands School Board member Randy Raymond said that he will
    continue to delve into the business records of Fayette County's property sale tax claim
    proceeds, ledgers and transfers, in spite of assurance from county officials and finance
    contractor this week that school districts, creditors and municipalities will get all the
    money due them.

    Six months ago, Fayette County Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr told AM
    radio audiences that the county's backlog on issuing reimbursements from the years 2010
    was moving along slowly but well.

    Vicites, Lohr and solicitor Tim Witt said in June that reimbursements for the years 2011,
    2012 and 2013 had been "prepared and squared away."

    To date, however, only 2011's reimbursement checks totalling $366K, were mailed or
    distributed last month. Court orders which were generated recently also listed the year as
    2009 on one planned future distribution, when the year 2009 was previously thought to
    have been processed.

    Additionally, Vicites and Lohr told radio listeners five months ago that they were focusing
    next on the years 2017 and 2018, skipping years next in order, 2015 and 2016, till last.

    No explanation, of course, was given, except that the duo want to make it appear that
    they didn't sit on the nest egg during their time in office.

    For Vicites, however, the practice of tying up and using tax claim funds meant for
    reimbursements to school districts instead to pad the daily operations or general fund
    budget at the county courthouse is documented as far back as 2004 in this article in the

    Raymond, however, was unaffected by this week's contention from the county that the tax
    claim mess is under control.

    "I’ll keep going till we get our money and are all caught up with a 12 to 18 month lag time,"
    Raymond told Rants&Raves this morning.

    RAVES to him for not buying the notion that the county has enough funds on hand to
    reimburse all years.

    November 26, 2019
    Fay's fiscal guru Lynch finds +$1M... but
    RANTS that the thinking public today shook its collective head reading on heraldstandard.
    com about Randy Raymond's mind boggling mission to get to the bottom of the couple of
    millions of dollars taken in during county property tax sales and never deposited into the
    tax claim account.

    In the story, "Fayette County officials offer assurances about long overdue tax sale
    distributions," the following sentence brought some across town to the brink of spitting
    coffee choking, before the head shaking supposedly started. Please read it twice:

    "Lynch Monday (said) there was $3,860,572 in the tax claim sales fund and
    believes there will be enough in the tax claim sales fund to cover taxing
    bodies without the county having to dip into the general fund
    going forward."

    While there is a chance that the paper wrote the above quote wrong, Rants&Raves so
    doubts so.

    Lynch then must really have said there is enough tax sales fund to pay out owed
    distributions without having to dip into the general fund going forward.

    Think Lynch realized what he said wrong?

    The problem, of course, is that officials have authorized the county's general fund for at
    least 15 known years to spend millions of the tax claim account dollars to cover day to
    day, general fund county expenses.

    Why did Lynch get it backwards?  

    RAVES, indeed, if there is $3,860,572 that Lynch said was in the tax claim fund this

    Here's why that seems wrong -- or at least must appear to be wrong, based entirely on
    poorly to non-existent documentation of  "loans" that a reckless majority of county
    commissioners in private have authorized, for at least 11 of the past 15 years.

    Why must Lynch be wrong?

    For starters, Raymond said, "he's wrong," when asked what he thought of Lynch's dollar
    quote in the paper today, said to be sitting in the county's tax claim account.  

    Then there are the facts.

    The distribution last month was the first distribution since 2015, and totaled $366K in tax
    reimbursements, said to have come from 2011 property tax sales.

    Five months ago, while discussing on talk radio the 2011 tax claim distribution and saying
    another three years reimbursements were ready to go, two commissioners and solicitor
    referred to 2011 as "a big tax year."

    In June, five months ago, there was only $2.5M in the tax claim account. The rest of the
    $5.2M taken in stayed in the general fund, or at least most of it, was never deposited into
    the tax claim account from the general fund.

    The three men on the radio last June seemed to agree that the amount of money owed
    the tax claim account was about $1.75M, not the $2.5 heard earlier.

    Nonetheless, since that June radio airing, some $230K in new revenue was taken in
    during a tax sale in September, and $366K in payments last month were mailed out,
    drawn on or deducted from the tax claim fund account.

    It is unknown what revenue was taken in during a second or free and clear sale was.

    But since 2011 was described as "a big tax year" on the radio six months ago, it should
    be safe to assume the total, including the county's commission or fee earned and end of
    year sales totals, will be less for 2019's sales than it was in 2011.

    Lynch's figures don't add up, in other words, unless Fay took in a record breaking
    $3,724,572 in revenue and profit, in one single free and clear tax sale two months ago.  

    What are the chances in hell that that happened?

    RANTS because two commissioners and the million-dollar paid contracted fiscal guru
    tried so shamelessly, but miserably failed to make Raymond appear to be the chump, for
    looking into this tax claim matter. The thinking public sees through the spin.

    It's unfortunate that the solicitor, described as a professional with integrity, has to help
    explain or minimize the impact of the undocumented, backdoor practice using county tax
    claim money as general fund cash, for at least 15 years, during terms in office authorized
    by a majority with Commissioner Vince Vicites.

    No wonder they hid things from Zimmerlink, huh? (26 Nov 19)

    "Quotes Of The Day" revisiting Vicites' June, 2004
    comments on property tax claim mess, wondering what happens
    if Munchinski settlement also comes due
    "A letter from the state Department of Public Welfare dated Dec. 28, 2003,
    authorized the $600,000 loan from the domestic relations office. Zimmerlink said
    she’s found no documentation approving the $500,000 borrowed from the tax
    claim office. Vicites said state approval isn’t necessary because the tax claim
    office is a county office. Domestic relations receives a portion of its funding from
    the state. "
    Tribune Review,  "Fayette County: ‘Routine’ fund transfers concern
    Zimmerlink," which discussed how common the practice in Vicites'
    administrations has been for at least the past 15 years, to borrow from the county
    tax claim funds to cover county cash flow problems and expenses and not have
    the loans documented

    "So the two Slick Dick commissioners now say they must budget for the
    retirement account, buy the voting machines, pay for a new jail and pay for all
    operating costs. That's their job!

    "It is terrible not to believe a word officials say. From the looks of it, it shouldn't
    be too much longer till the county has to pay up for David Munchinski's civil
    judgement (prosecutorial misconduct of Gerald Solomon and Ralph Warman)
    from the general fund, too. If the county has been socking away some money for
    that, as we were led to believe they were since 2015, I wouldn't hold my breath
    that they didn't bleed it dry, too!"
    Pete's mom, at the diner this afternoon, reading for updates on the
    Munchinski civil case that leaves the county completely financially liable for
    any settlement since the county had no liability insurance in the 1980s when he
    was tried and evidence was withheld that overturned his conviction 27 years later
    and freed him from prison

    Revisiting Vicites' June, 2019 comments
    on property tax claim mess
    RANTS that Fayette County's fiscal books are such a nightmare piece of work, and that
    reimbursements for only one of three back years that Fayette County Commissioner
    Vince Vicites told radio listeners five months ago "was ready to go" has been distributed.

    Back in June, Vicites, heard at the radio link below, said that reimbursements from the
    county to school districts for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 were "prepared and squared

    Vicites also told radio listeners, when asked if the $1-3M taken in in sales not deposited
    into the tax claim account was there, that he knew "for a fact" that funds were there for
    four such rounds of reimbursements before he handed the microphone over to his

    To date, in spite of how well along the tax claim reimbursements were said to be going,
    only one distribution totalling $366K was made last month from the county property tax
    claim sales to school districts owed taxes, from what was said to be the year 2011 -- only
    court orders later issued for another reimbursement in the works stated the
    reimbursement funds would be pulled from year 2009, when that year was presumed to
    be already reimbursed.

    So much for having faith in the words of public officials, right?

    To add more confusion, Laurel Highlands School Board member Randy Raymond
    checked in today with Rants&Raves to report that a transfer in 2018 was made from the
    county general fund to the tax claim fund for "about $600,000."

    A total of only half of the $5.5M taken in at property tax claim sales was properly
    deposited into the county tax claim office's account from the county general fund. About
    $2.5M was in the account when this matter became a significant public concern last

    RAVES that someone like Raymond got Right To Know documents to try to sift through
    the mess. RANTS, however, that Raymond said that he "still has not received full
    documentation of the account" as he requested.

    That plain sucks. (24 Nov 19)

    To hear the June radio comments referenced above, please click on the following

    "Quotes Of The Day" wondering if the new commish will even sign
    a 2020 county budget that ignores, fails, perhaps even criminally, to repay and reconcile $1-
    3M debt of the county general fund in deposits owed to the property tax claim sales fund

    "No, I don't see Mr. (Fayette County Commissioner Scott) Dunn signing a 2020
    budget that shows the county might be illegally misusing or hiding $2.5 million
    Pete's wife, last evening at the diner, sipping one of two to-die-for sugar-free
    cappuccinos, smuggled in from the Rt. 119 Speedway

    "Well, if Dunn does not sign the budget because the $2.5M never deposited to tax
    claims isn't noted somewhere in there (the proposed budget), the other two still will
    approve it, people will say he's the new Zimmerlink abstaining and the other two will
    start hiding everything from him, too."
    Pete, offering his two cents

    "No, people wouldn't call him that. He's a man. He has got nothing to worry about..."
    Moi, offering my two-cents, sipping the second smuggled in vanilla caramel sugar-
    free cappuccino, still unbelievably hot 25 minutes after being poured at the Rt. 119
    Speedway, adding that if they start hiding letters and business from him, that would
    seem only to strengthen a possible criminal intent on their part, to knowingly want
    to keep the $2.5 million dollars never deposited properly as off the books interest-
    free loans to cover their expenses and their conscious choice to stop distributions
    of the tax claim funds for four years, till this first one for $366K last month

    "The proposed 2020 budget is not on the county website so I will have to go read it
    downtown, I guess."
    Pete's wife

    For background on the Fayette County property tax sale matter, please see these links:

    "Quotes Of The
    Day" worth reading twice

    "If this goes through... I will haunt you
    in your sleep!"
    Angela Zimmerlink, former county
    commissioner, as per a most
    reputable source, who reported that
    Zimmerlink, at an October budget
    planning meeting  made the
    comment to Sam Lynch, contracted
    county fiscal guru, paid about $1M
    since 2016 to prepare Fay's budgets,
    concerning a shocking $1.1M
    renovation project to the
    commissioners' office that someone,
    without Zimmerlink's knowledge,
    apparently planned and still may be

    "I am currently going through over one
    hundred pages of ledger for the tax
    claims account."
    Randy Raymond, Laurel Highlands
    school board member, telling
    Rants&Raves yesterday that he has
    "lots of questions" on the $1-3M
    missing and likely misspent funds
    never transferred from the county
    general fund after property tax claim
    sales to the proper account for
    reimbursements to school districts,
    as his district and Albert Gallatin
    school districts are poised to sue
    Fay for the remainder of funds long-
    owed them and Raymond spends a
    considerable amount of time trying
    to make sense out of the many Right
    To Know documents he received
    about the county property tax sale

    $1-3M Fayette
    County tax claim
    still MIA?
    With legal letters already sent to the
    county wanting prompt repayment of all
    monies owed to the school districts from
    decade-long waits for property tax sale
    reimbursements, the Laurel Highlands
    and Albert Gallatin districts, so far,
    remain the only two poised to sue the
    county, if needed, to receive the rest of
    the payments.

    Why don't more school districts seem to
    mind waiting for what might be Hell
    freezing over, to receive
    reimbursements from 2009 through the
    current time property tax sales, to be
    made? Brownsville, Frazier and
    Uniontown School Districts don't need
    the money?


    While over $5M was taken in during
    property tax sales over those years,
    only about half of the sum was properly
    transferred from the county general fund
    over to the tax claim account for
    reimbursements. To date, only $366K
    has been reimbursed.

    The rest of the missing funds was
    misspent on general fund expenses.
    Nobody but a few people are troubled
    by this fact? The state attorney and
    auditor generals don't seem to care, or
    at least have pretended not to care prior
    to the general election.

    For a quick overview of the situation,
    please click and read a June letter
    to the editor from a former county

    Except for $366 in reimbursements
    mailed last month, and the couple
    hundred thousand in new revenue from
    September 2019 sales after the letter
    was published, nothing else about the
    scandalous situation, pathetically, has
    changed... well, except for more
    concerning news that the 2009
    reimbursements were not made as well
    in past years. (18 Nov 19)

    AG Solicitor:
    District poised to
    sue Fay over
    owed tax claim
    RANTS that the solicitor for the Albert
    Gallatin School District wrote this letter
    of intent for the district to sue
    the County of Fayette if those long
    overdue reimbursement checks do not
    continue to come their way pronto from
    the county tax claim.

    Bigger RANTS, too, that we're hearing
    that the court documents state that a
    next round of reimbursements will come
    from funds from another earlier year,
    2009, never previously mentioned in
    past county disclosures of the property
    tax sale mess.

    To date, the two newly re-elected
    county commissioners and officials said
    the reimbursements were owed from
    2011 on to the present time. That tax
    claims refunds were owed to districts
    from 2009 never was disclosed.

    RANTS that two commissioners
    promote themselves as professional
    businessmen running a business, when,
    in a New York minute, both would be
    terminated from private sector
    employment for such a sloppy
    performance. Imagine if you misspent
    $2-3M of your boss' money during lean
    times when creditors are knocking for

    Rants&Raves readers are
    urged to check in at
    Zimmerlink's Blog to view the
    court order to allow a 2009
    reimbursement to be prepared
    and other surprises... RAVES
    that the departing commissioner
    who did not seek re-election
    still gives a rat's ass about Fay.
    (11 Nov 19)

    As $1.1M renovation, redecoration of
    commish office is planned
    About that $1-3M
    missing from
    Fayette County
    tax claims
    RAVES that someone outside of the
    county courthouse is actively pursuing
    tracking down the $1-3M of the monies
    taken in at county property tax claim
    sales, deposited over the years into the
    county general fund, apparently
    misused for general fund expenses, and
    never deposited, as the sums should
    have been, into the tax claim account for
    reimbursements to school districts and

    While we haven't heard much about the
    missing $1-3M in tax claim funds for a
    few months from incumbent
    commissioners who wanted the subject
    buried during their re-election
    campaigns and heard no noise about
    the missing $1-3M from any of the
    challengers campaigning against them,
    RAVES that Laurel Highlands School
    Board Member Randy Raymond has not
    forgotten the missing funds.

    Not only that, but Raymond this week
    on social media proposed that entities
    owed reimbursements for too many
    years receive interest on the sums and
    also questioned why bidding at property
    sales doesn't start at a higher amount to
    cover all tax monies owed, not just the
    county's tax.

    He used as example a $51K property
    with about $6K owed in county, school
    and local taxes, with a starting bid of
    $317, and sold at tax claim sale for a
    mere $1,000. Please check out his
    social media page for more information.

    RANTS that outside Raymond's district,
    a different Fay school district put the
    county on notice that it intends to sue
    the county for the long over-due
    reimbursements it is owed. Didn't know

    Please ask your local newspapers why
    not. (10 Nov 19)

    They really forgot? Or just didn't
    want commish, public there?
    Fay forgot to
    advertise 2020
    budget meetings?
    RANTS that county officials have
    been meeting in private for budget
    meetings that by law were required
    to begin 90 days before a next
    year's budget is to be implemented.
    Read More.

    "Quotes Of The
    Day" on election
    blues, Slick Dicks that
    screw duped public
    "I can't vote for Vicites and Lohr
    because they paid $17,000 for a tax
    claim financial report that they didn't
    get or got and hid from the public
    and a third commissioner."

    "So should everyone request a copy
    under Right To Know? Report it to
    the auditor general? The attorney
    general? Call Vicites and Lohr and
    ask for a copy? Call them to ask why
    they paid for a report or how many
    days after the fifth of November
    they plan on releasing it or raising
    Pete's wife, asking, then
    answering her own questions
    by saying all are good options

    "My generation called sneaky
    people like that Slick Dicks."
    Pete's mom, quickly adding it's
    not a vulgar term and that she'll
    vote for Democrat challenger,
    Kevin Jones, and will write in a
    second name

    $366K in 2011 Fay
    tax claim
    finally mailed
    RAVES of the sort of miraculous
    kind that checks for a few hundred
    thousand dollars in long-owed
    reimbursements to school districts
    were in the mail recently, from the
    county tax claim office.

    But RANTS that we do not know
    where that $366K in
    reimbursements came from, given
    that earlier this year we learned that
    exorbitant sums, up to $2-3 Million in
    dollars from property tax sales,
    were never transferred from the
    general fund to the tax claim
    account and, possibly, misspent as
    county general funds.

    RANTS, for instance, that we do not
    know if this $366K in reimbursement
    checks mailed out came, in part
    from $231,609.68 new money taken
    in during property tax sale in June
    and the second new sum that came
    in during a September property tax
    sale, or if this $366K is part of the $2-
    3 million never deposited into the
    tax claim account and too likely
    misspent in the county's general

    Almost as importantly, then, the
    more difficult question, no doubt:
    when will the next round of tax
    claim reimbursement checks be
    distributed? We hear county bookies
    have already stopped taking bets for
    the last half of October of 2020.  (22
    Oct 19)

    Monday’s tax sale:
    $231,609.68 added
    to sales fund
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note
    that $231,609.68 was taken in at a
    county property tax sale held three
    days ago.

    RANTS because, somehow, some of
    Fay's too easily impressed, naive and
    easily manipulated population will
    come to wrongly attribute this deposit
    from this week's sale -- i.e., "new"
    money -- into the county's tax sale
    office account as a sure sign of
    officials leading Fay forward.

    RANTS that some of the easily duped
    will announce the "new" money going
    to the tax claim office this week is a
    sure sign of a direct miracle, that Fay's
    pricey $1 million dollar, contracted
    fiscal gurus and the county
    commission majority, incapacitated at
    the wheel of county business, with not
    a clue and only the duo's three
    personal bankruptcies sitting up in
    front seat between them, somehow,
    brilliantly found this "new" money in
    with the old pile of $5 million, of which
    only $2.5 million was actually in the

    Wrong, it's "new" money that should
    go into the tax claim fund and be
    distributed, minus needed expense
    deductions, to the entities who have
    been first in the nine-year-deep
    waiting line. Commissioners are
    allowing distribution, instead, to more
    monies owed from the last few years.

    To keep up with the ridiculous tax
    claim situation, please click here to
    read Commissioner Angela
    Zimmerlink's latest blog, "Monday’s
    tax sale $231,609.68 added to sales

    About the tax sale proceeds
    Is Zimmerlink right?
    RANTS that it seems -- at least to the
    thinking public -- that two county
    commissioners are hoping that the public
    is actually stupid enough to believe Fay's
    general fund, right now at this moment, has
    an extra $1.5-1.7 million it doesn't need --
    or even just has that much cash on hand,
    to transfer from the general budget fund to
    the county tax claim office, to distribute to
    school districts, municipalities and
    creditors, some owed up to nine years.
    Read More.

    "Quote Of The Day"
    on a $1.7 million
    "Two commissioners do not want to
    replace these funds because doing so
    would mean allocating  the estimated $1.7
    million. which means raise taxes or reduce
    overall costs. It is a debt of the General
    Fund and if the year end audit always
    performed by Zelenkofske Axelrod fails to
    give the Finding they are not doing their

    "Quote Of The Day" on
    PR spin to make commissioners
    appear more financially savvy than
    they are
    "I listened to Vicites on the radio
    yesterday. I listened to Zimmerlink last
    week. Lohr stopped the distributions
    because he said figures were wrong. They
    paid the firm a lot to audit 2017. The firm
    last week said their audit of 2017 will be
    completed in July... but Vicites said the tax
    sales for 2017 and 2018 are squared away.

    Who are they kidding? They might have
    enough money to pay everything off only
    because the county's solution is to deduct
    an extra 5 percent for county expenses.
    That's five percent less that creditors and
    school districts get. Why? To make the
    commissioners appear more financially
    savvy than they are and get them out of a
    tax increase jam. "
    Dave, rambling this morning at the

    DoubleV: tax sale tab
    might be "far less"
    than $1.7 million
    Fayette Commissioner Vince Vicites told
    am talk radio today that the county's
    property tax sale account may actually be
    owed "far less" than the previously
    mentioned $1.7 million dollars from the
    county's general fund. That's good news.

    But, RANTS, because we still did not get
    assurance that 100% of the money for all
    the years that needs to be distributed to
    creditors, school districts and
    municipalities sits in county accounts
    ready to be transferred to tax claims for
    the distribution. (14 Jun 19)

    Growing stink in the air?
    Hot Topic: Fay 's
    Property Tax Sale revenue
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note of
    serious caution that there seems to be a
    growing stink in the air in Fay that a quick
    breeze from the north might not clear out
    any time soon. Read More.