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    June 14, 2019

    Proposed legislation ticks off Fay administrators

    RAVES to Senator Pat Stefano for pushing again to humanize people, by reintroducing legislation to decrease
    travel time standard from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, for out-patient methadone treatment for both urban and
    rural areas.

    Currently, Fay County profits from large state payments to transport county residents through FACT, in this
    rural qualifying area, up to 60 minutes into Carmichaels, Greene County, for their methadone.

    If passed, Stefano's legislation should force the county to stop transporting some of Fay's residents to Greene
    County for their medication management and therapies. Whether this legislation, even if passed, will,
    somehow, allow New Seasons, a North Union Township clinic on Route 51, to become a county Medicaid
    insurance network provider, is unknown.

    However, Stefano's revised bill being proposed, seems to be rattling some county administrators opposed to
    allowing New Season to bill Medicaid for county residents battling opioid addiction.

    Rather than gather up their board chair to pen off another letter to area law makers today announcing the
    county behavioral health office's strong opposition to Stefano's original and revised new legislation, the county
    administrators should be more concerned that transporting some county residents into Greene County for
    methadone will become a longer, less pleasant task when Route 21 starts to undergo major construction.   

    In other words, what's their plan B when that highway construction happens?

    RANTS that Fay administration has no desire to do better than minimal state requirements in this area.

    But RAVES of hope that Stefano's reintroduced revised legislation to end the pitiful 60 minute standard is
    passed and, indirectly, forces the Fay administration to sit down for a grown up talk about what they as
    administrators perceive to be methadone clinic problems or issues with New Season.

    Fay behavioral health and commissioners, opposed to allowing a third methadone clinic to receive Fay's
    Medicaid dollars, should provide such documentation that at least one commissioner said in public he has --
    but no documentation existed for a Right To Know request.

    He and they, rightfully so, should put up or shut up and approve New Season to be a Medicaid provider in
    Uniontown. (14 Jun 19)