November 1, 2019
    Vince Vicites: the reason R&R
    turned political

    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but an explanation for some newer
    readers that this Rants&Raves blog did not start out covering
    county government news or writing editorial opinion on
    government or local politics.

    This whole site, prior to Fayette County Commissioner Vince
    Vicites and a second former male commissioner laughing and
    making a horribly sexist comment in a public meeting, focused on
    nothing political.

    We were quite content anchoring a place for published fiction
    marketed across the ocean, organizing this editor's series of
    Pittsburgh rock music and entertainment articles, a few fluff articles
    published at the Trib and some other things.

    Yep, prior to Vicites and a second male commissioner making that
    horribly shocking sexist comment in a public meeting,
    Rants&Raves was content with writing about other things than
    politics. Getting the amazing toy exchange program started for non-
    verbal toddlers with Autism, assisted by the kindness of by-chance
    strangers who became friends, from Canada and 9-11 firemen
    from NYC, occupied a lot of space in our hearts and time.    


    Rants&Raves' attention quickly turned political when Vicites and
    another male commissioner shook and giggled like altar boys knee
    deep into the communion wine, and laughed their silly immature
    asses off in front of television cameras recording the public

    Barely able to get out the horrifying words through their pitiful
    laughter, they said that they met privately on the wrong side of the
    Sunshine Law for business, without notifying a female
    commissioner on a key county issue because "we were busy
    talking about sports!"

    In those days, local cable television stations recorded and
    broadcast county commission meetings. A second viewing or
    rebroadcast of Vicites' outlandish public display of sexual
    discrimination was in order. A second painful viewing confirmed
    those nasty words really did come from their mouths.

    How any woman could vote for Vicites has since been a complete
    mystery around here.

    Dave Lohr: big red flag, liability

    As for Fayette County Commissioner Dave Lohr seeking re-election
    for a second term, Rants&Raves notes that some of Vicites' long-
    time Democrat friends are reaching out to their Dem friends to vote
    next week for Lohr.

    Of the four candidates on next Tuesday's ballot for county
    commissioner, Lohr most deserves to lose.

    Voters and other candidates should have questioned Lohr's bizarre,
    recklessly foolish contact to a major drug company involved in huge
    opioid settlement negotiations with top lawyers for different

    Was Lohr trying to get Fay money sooner or trying to blow a deal
    by offering to settle for less if paid sooner? It's a safe assumption to
    make that those top settlement lawyers working on the county's
    behalf did not ask an insurance man for legal direction, clarification
    on or guidance with the matter.

    Lohr actively double-teamed with Vicites to keep an audit from the
    public and out of the hands of a third commissioner and, like
    Vicites, disregards the Sunshine Law by holding unadvertised
    county budget planning meetings to continue to exclude a female
    commissioner and the public from participating.

    For those convinced that Rants&Raves just doesn't respect or like
    Lohr because he, too, kicked a female commissioner to the curb,
    we set the record straight.

    Rants&Raves' disrespect for Lohr has absolutely nothing to do with
    politics. It has everything to do with a retarded man, about 80
    pounds wet.

    This editor's was the voice on the other end of a phone when Lohr
    years back called a human service agency to demand that a
    retarded man's phone be removed from him to stop him from calling
    someone Lohr knew.

    Lohr's friend some time earlier had expressed interest in having the
    retarded man move into her home, under a "family living" program
    similar to foster care for adults. It was perfectly fine if Lohr's friend
    changed her mind. The retarded man had other options and
    needed to have Lohr's person talk to him respectfully to say she no
    longer wished to be a family living provider and share her home
    with him.

    The agitated bully Lohr on the phone calling into the social service
    agency that day probably didn't like the answer he got.

    Lohr, however, really should have had enough common sense to
    have known that the right thing to do was not to call social services
    to demand that the rights of a disabled person be violated by
    yanking his phone.

    The right thing to do was to have treated the retarded man with the
    respect and courtesy that he deserved with a brief, honest call to
    him to lower the boom and then clearly define any restrictions
    Lohr's friend wanted -- i.e., whether the man could ever call his
    supposed friend again, and if so, exactly how often and any
    restrictions she wanted for times of day, which day(s), etc.

    How anyone can vote for Lohr has since been another mystery
    around here as well.

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