October 25, 2019

    They really forgot? Nah!
    Fay forgot to advertise 2020
    budget meetings?

    RANTS that county officials have been meeting in private for budget meetings that by
    law were required to begin 90 days before a next year's budget is to be implemented.

    County commissioners, for instance, should have started holding advertised meetings
    open to the public with department heads no later than October 2, if they planned on
    passing a 2020 budget by December 31, 2019.

    RANTS that two commissioners continued to hold unadvertised private meetings
    starting four days ago and continued to ignore answering a third commissioner who
    questioned if and when the public notices ran in the papers.

    RANTS that nobody else connected to the illegal meetings -- i.e., solicitor, clerk --
    answered her calls or email as well to clarify whether or not a notice was advertised
    for budget talks.

    RANTS because Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr knew from past history
    that Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink would not violate the Sunshine Law by
    attending unadvertised budget planning meetings.

    As per the schedule for budget meetings,
    shown above , the county scheduled and held
    budget planning meetings that were
    unadvertised and possibly in violation of the
    Sunshine Act that requires advance public

    RANTS that the duo conveniently eliminated a third commissioner and the public from budget talks with departmental heads from HR and
    offices of the district attorney, public defender, courts, zoning, controller and about a dozen others.

    The butt covering public notice that just started today in the paper, however, does not cover thy butts, though.

    Today's first advertised public notice states " The Fayette County Board of commissioners began holding work sessions for the 2020 general
    fund budget at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, October 21, 2019 in the commissioners conference room of the Fayette County Courthouse, Uniontown
    Pa. The work sessions will continue each day as needed until adoption of the 2020 general fund budget."

    RANTS that the two Slick Dicks ain't smart enough even to run an ad correctly on their own, and that by now they haven't learned that they
    simply just are not bright enough to hide things that only backfire on them in the long run.

    RANTS that they also decided to bitch slap all the citizens who did not vote for them by ignoring the existence, intelligence and input from a
    departing commissioner.

    RANTS that we have such shameful leaders here and that none of the ballot challengers are making any noise whatsoever about the type of
    incompetence and deceit that our Slick Dicks pass out as legit government.  

    Not making noise gives the thinking public the notion that the wannabes seem too comfortably set to fit right in with the Slick Dicks, to keep the
    public in the dark since money doesn't really grow on trees. (25 Oct 19)