Growing stink in the air?
    Hot Topic: Fay 's Property Tax Sale revenue
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note of serious caution that there seems to be a
    growing stink in the air in Fay that a quick breeze from the north might not clear out
    any time soon.

    Though the actual amount of county property tax sale proceed funds in question
    may be closer to $2 million than $3 million that the county general fund owes the
    property tax claim account, Fayette County Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink, in
    discussing the issue today on AM talk radio, provided insight into the mess and said
    a few other things that sent up additional, concerning red flags today.

    While Rants&Raves asks readers to listen to the radio interview at this link, we ask
    readers to pay close attention starting around 20 minutes into the first hour.

    Zimmerlink said that she was helping to get the 2011 property tax sale proceeds
    distributed in 2017, when Commissioner Dave Lohr sent emails that the 2011 fund
    distribution needed to stop because he was told there were mistakes in calculations.

    In 2017 then, Commissioner Vince Vicites and he agreed that the county controller
    needed first to conduct an audit on those 2011 funds.

    Why we say stink...
    Currently, the county is said to be waiting nearly another year on an outside audit,
    however, done, ironically, only on funds generated through property tax sales from
    the year 2017.

    After apparently accepting the controller's audit of 2011 funds that Lohr a year
    earlier said might have contained mathematical mistakes that stopped the
    distribution in progress, Vicites and Lohr seemed to move on like Emily Lutella
    saying, "Never mind!" and focus, since 2018, waiting for the 2017 outside audit, said
    to be ready next month.

    Should the county's contracted pricey financial gurus find a pile of money stashed
    somewhere to satisfy the debts owed to the county property tax sale account, it will
    be a great day in Fay.

    Even Zimmerlink, likely, would do a happy dance, if that magical news came Fay's
    way next month.

    Should the pricey gurus, however, come back with the dreaded news that the county
    doesn't have the funds to pay the lien holders, school districts and municipalities
    their shares of the property tax sale proceeds, we'll come to see the past efforts to
    stall the distribution as conscious, shameful efforts to conduct public business in
    private and manipulate and deceive the public about the county's finances before an

    And, no, it certainly won't be pretty.

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