About property tax sale proceeds
    Is Zimmerlink right?

    RANTS that it seems -- at least to the thinking public -- that two county
    commissioners are hoping that the public is actually stupid enough to believe Fay's
    general fund, right now at this moment, has an extra $1.5-1.7 million it doesn't
    need -- or even just has that much cash on hand, to transfer from the general
    budget fund to the county tax claim office, to distribute to school districts,
    municipalities and creditors, some owed up to nine years.

    RANTS, since it's more likely that the two are counting on the public being stupid,
    not just hoping for it.

    Two gentlemen, who claimed they heard the radio show that one commissioner
    and a solicitor did last week to explain the tax claim problem resolution plan, told
    Rants&Raves they are proud to be supporters of the two incumbent county
    commissioners seeking re-election.

    "I can't say it was anything Vince Vicites said -- because he didn't say much,
    except he said at least 100 times he was unaware of the backlog getting those
    seven years of tax sale proceeds resolved.

    "He let that lawyer talk," one said, adding that he "got the impression" that all of
    the money that has to be transferred to tax claims from the general fund is

    "No, no, no. He said the county has enough to transfer money for three of the
    years. They just took the years out of order and Zimmerlink's concerned about
    that," his lunch buddy with a Vicites sign in his yard said.

    Did he think it was right or fair that two commissioners assigned a solicitor to
    generate out of sequence legal docs and process for reimbursements, for more
    recent years, rather than start where the last property tax sale reimbursements left
    off, from 2010?

    "Who the (expletive) cares but Zimmerlink? They're all going to get paid soon
    anyway. The $1.5-1.7 million or whatever they end up needing to transfer from the
    general fund is there. I trust Vince. I don't want to think about it," he concluded.

    "Me neither," his lunch pal confirmed.

    So was it safe to write that they both have blind faith in Vicites and Lohr? Of
    course, it was, they proudly beamed.

    RANTS, since the two incumbents, counting on many in the public being stupid,
    seem to be getting their wish. (21 Jun 19)