Daniel Keen <dskeen@franklincountypa.gov>  Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 5:
    07 PM
    To: "J.D. Toye" <julie@julietoye.com>

    To answer your question, the recidivism rate has stayed the same or
    even a slight decrease.  There is several different ways that the
    recidivism rate can be recorded, either by returning to jail with a
    probation violation or with new charges.  We record both.  For the last
    several years Franklin County has been able to keep the recidivism rate
    lower than the national average.  We have consistently maintained 62%
    +/- 2, recidivism rate for the last 7 years.  This figure is for all returns
    to the jail.  We have consistently maintained a 50% +/- 2, recidivism
    rate for individuals returning with new charges.

    What everyone needs to keep in mind is that you cannot build a several
    million dollar jail and assume that it is going to reduce recidivism. This is
    why Franklin County took an aggressive stance toward the recidivism
    rate and the rehabilitation / treatment of inmates to transition back into
    society as law abiding citizens.  The leading factor for this success is
    through our Day Reporting Center. Each inmate will be assigned a
    treatment plan when they are committed to FCJ.  Depending on the
    inmates charges, behavior, success of programs etc, they will have the
    opportunity to finish their sentence at the Day Reporting Center
    (DRC).  Once at the DRC, they will continue through these programs
    along with added treatment requirements.