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RAVES to the fine people of Fayette County, who really do make up for the assenine acts of a few. Amen.
(26 Feb 14)    

"Goofiest Quote Of The Day"
"I didn't notice anyone who couldn't get here."
Al Ambrosini, to KDKA TV news, on the short notice, special meeting to vote on the land deal he has sat on for 2 months and said
nothing about to the public, declaring that he's not hallucinating.

RAVES to Chuck U. Farley for providing video of the meeting from Hell today.

Editor's Note: The Referendum Group will be collecting petition signatures from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday
and Sunday, March 1-2, at the Uniontown Giant Eagle. In addition, someone will be available to collect
signatures at the Patriot Office, located at 72 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, between 12 noon and 6 PM every
day, starting today through March 10, 2014. Anyone with questions about the referendum or anyone
wanting someone to bring a petition to a group function is asked to call 724-438-8974. All petitions must
be returned to 72. E. Fayette St. by March 9, or mailed by March 6 to E. Hovanec at P.O. Box 294,
Uniontown, PA 15401. Everyone is urged to click on the blue link above from Chuck U. Farley to watch the
video from the county commissioners' special meeting this week, when plans were announced to start
the process of buying land for a new jail.
(28 Feb 14)

RAVES that reaction has been so strong to "Finally ashamed to be from Fayette County," an expanded
commentary. Just two days old, it has been viewed a few thousand times, including readership among out
of town media outlets. More locally, the piece gained some interest among supporters of county leaders,
who claim that I surely exaggerated the district attorney's mocking of the minority commissioner while
she spoke this week at the special meeting. To repeat the words that he clearly mocked her with,

These ears were not the only ears and eyes present 2 days ago who heard and saw him at his worst
public display. This column stands firmly behind what was written on this page and any other on this site...
except, for the first time ever, a commentary will soon disappear from the web, for its last election
support of some of the sitting officials is the only regret in publishing to date here. No, "Finally ashamed
to be from Fayette County," will not disappear, no matter how some may imply it should be deleted or
edited. In fact, additional words were added in the last 2 days. The piece stands as is, no matter how
badly the truth may tick some off today.
(28 Feb 14)

RAVES to the registered voters who went to Giant Eagle today specifically to sign the Referendum
Group's petitions, or to shoppers who saw the signs and stopped by the table to sign.
Next time you
shop, please remember that ShopnSave and Pechins refused to allow the Referendum Group to set up a
table in their stores. Remember to take your Pechin ads to Walmart where the sale prices are honored.
RAVES, also, to those knocking doors this beautiful 50-degree day for signatures. With one more week to
go for signatures, the required number is almost already acquired. Only fools would stick to their plan to
use $1.25 million of TRAN money to buy mined out, sink hole-ridden land when a cheaper, more effective
alternative already with sewage is right there behind the current jail. The group will return tomorrow
again to Giant Eagle.
(1 Mar 14)
Now where's that geo-technical survey, Mr. Ambrosini???
Once again, the question must be asked: Is the county commish chair a habitual liar, or is he just plain
stupid? Or is the possibility that the answer is a mix of the two?

For instance, four days ago, a citizen asked at a packed public meeting about the geological study for the
latest proposed jail site. Ambrosini promised the citizen that he would make it available to him by the end
of the week.

In follow up to that meeting, citizen John Cofchin was asked whether he received that pre-construction
geological site analysis study as Ambrosini promised he would. What Cofchin received, he said is "a
report on the National Oil Well Services site on Technology Drive." Cofshin said today that the report, self
described as preliminary, is not valid as a study of the proposed jail site.

It's like "comparing your back yard to mine," Cofchin said of the report that Ambrosini provided him with
since Wednesday's special meeting.

Cofchin explained that a valid study "would require an overlay of the proposed building footprint onto
the actual site, then core boring for soil samples within those parameters."

So much for honesty, integrity, competence and due dilligence from the county commission chairman
once again!

To view the video of Cofchin asking about this specific type of pre-construction land study, please see
the blue link to Chuck U. Farley's meeting video at the top of this page. The exchange between Ambrosini
and Cofchin begins at about 10 minutes into the recording.  
(2 Mar 14)
A RTK request was sent to see if the wrong type of report for the wrong piece of land makes it here as

Editor's Note: Again, even Obstructionists deserve a safe place where their words can be expressed and
not be subject to rude editing from Big Brother. This one is so strongly reality based, it's a painful stretch
to call it satire. We wish it weren't so true, in other words. Nonetheless, this site is happy to host
"The Adventures of Alfred and Vincent Part 9." (3 Mar 14)

RAVES to the lawyers who smiled and said, "It has a chance!" They were, of course, referring to the
revised premise or law, on which the Referendum Group bases its position in requesting that a binding
ballot referendum be placed on the county's spring election ballot. RAVES that this story is getting
attention across the state and country.
RAVES that the county commission's short notice meeting to
squash public input and announce the pending $1.25 Million purchase of mined-out, sink-hole ridden
wetlands for an all-new $60 Million dollar county jail only boosted interest from afar.

Starting today through Friday, anyone who has not signed a petition yet or wants to drop off signed and
notarized petitions can still do so at the Patriot Office, 72 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, from 1PM - 7 PM.   On
Saturday, March 8, the Referendum Group will also receive signed and notarized petitions at the Patriot
Office from 10 AM - 7 PM  and have petitions available for signature as well.  

The last day available to turn in petitions is Sunday, March 9, from 1 PM - 5 PM at the Patriot Office.

Anyone mailing in signed and notarized petitions is asked to mail by Thursday, March 6, to Dr. Evelyn
Hovanec at P.O. Box 294, Uniontown, PA 15401.
(4 Mar 14)

RAAAAVES to the Uniontown Giant Eagle. Management there has welcomed back the
Referendum Group to set up the table again out front for 3 more additional days of getting petition
signatures. Someone will be there from
8:30 AM - 6 PM starting tomorrow, through Friday.  (4 Mar

RAVES to Thomas Britt of Uniontown who cared enough to write a letter to the editor about his county. No
offense to Mr. Britt, but I don't know him, never heard of him before, but am so grateful that someone,
who is not a member of the Referendum Group or the choir of regular county critics, has penned a
common sense opinion on the questionable way things are run here in Fayette and the nameless
individuals touting a website raving about wanting the county to be in the cage rental for profit business.
RAVES to Mr. Britt for caring and having the courage to tag his opinion with his name
. (5 Mar 14)   

Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but out of respect for the county jail ad hoc work group's architectural leader
and his recent heated, public request for people to "talk facts," please read,
"In Jim Killinger's own
words." It's just the facts, m'aam. (5 Mar 14)

RANTS to politics at its worst. RANTS to a candidate or his sponsor paying someone a nice chunk of
money to get nominating petition signatures. Never mind that the person going door to door isn't the
person whose name is the petition circulator. Never mind that the man going door to door for a female
circulator tells anyone willing to listen or sign that he's being paid to do this and doesn't care whether he
gets signatures from Democrats or Republicans for the Democratic candidate... RANTS because it's all
true, despicable and an outright shame that it's happening on Fayette streets in 2014.
(5 Mar 14)  

     "Quote Of The Day"
"I'm starting to believe Garth's theory that Jimmy Hoffa is buried somewhere in this county and someone
wants him moved."
Pete, today at the diner, trying to reason why there have been so many proposed sites for a new county jail, and why the worst of
the worst possible sites was selected

"Well, if he is buried here, we can be sure he's not buried out back of the courthouse!"
Dave, in response, watching the episode of "The Sopranos" when the guys couldn't remember where they disposed of someone
decades earlier  
RAVES but RANTS, too, to the Trib newsboys for putting the county's prison land deal on its editorial page
"watch list." While it's great that 200,000+ more people will read about the insane selection of $1.25
million dollar land selected by the commission majority, the newsboys need spanked for adding the
comment, "many of the site's critics oppose building a new prison anywhere." RANTS that even the
editorial newsboys overlook the single fact that none of the so called critics propose doing nothing to
ease over crowding. RANTS that the media in general has failed so miserably to acknowledge that fact
that its own editorial board believes it. As citizen Terry Kriss so passionately pointed out to the
commission majority, before their foolish vote 8 days ago to buy the $1.25 million dollar wasteland, the
Dem commissioners need to agree to build out back of the current jail. They need to explore the options
again of building out back that people, such as the minority commissioner and members of the
Referendum Group compiled. Options to building all new have been given, but the media essentially
ignored those options... and still does. RANTS that the media continues to promote the BS that the
majority commission spins.
(6 Mar 14)   

Editor's Note: In today's letter to the editor in the Herald Standard, the minority commissioner says after
the 2-1 vote 8 days ago to buy land, she "received a copy of a December 2013 letter Fay-Penn wrote to
the Fayette County Commissioner Al Ambrosini with the stated offer. I now know that the true reason for
last week's resolution was to publicly authorize by vote an action my fellow commissioners had privately
been discussing two months earlier. Now you know what has been withheld..."
Given that the guys voted to advertise for private land while the deal had already been made and never
did run the ad, isn't it time that the FBI looks at this matter, if the Attorney General doesn't?  
(7 Mar 14)

RAVES that RTK exists. Since the county commission majority said at the 2-26-14 special meeting that they
were in the dark about the paid ad that the citizens for a better county spent a small fortune to run in the
Herald Standard, a RTK request has been sent to learn who from the county shared the website address
with the group for publication. That web address for the previously until then unannounced new jail
website was not released to the public and was not common knowledge before the ad ran. While the
paper might not be required to release the name(s) of those who paid for the ad, the county is under
legal obligation to provide this information under RTK.
(7 Mar 14)

While this website has never accepted paid ads, it does sometimes give free space to worthy causes and
budding businesses when we see fit. Not that this is one of those times, because it isn't. However, it's
more of consumer alert on how NOT to select an engineer or architect. Thus,
this free space for
Sledgehammer Engineering is graciously provided. If it weren't actually true, it might be funny!  

Cousin vs cousin: First, there was the county commish chairman's cousin, Dr. Evelyn Hovanec, taking him
on with her Referendum Group petition. Now, a former public defender is suing his cousin, Fayette
County Commissioner Vince Zapotosky, the commish chair and county HR director, over what he said was
a violation of his civil rights when he was fired last year. These events should make for some
interesting family reunions next summer, no?
(7 Mar 14)

Editor's Note: A few days after the 2-26-14 special meeting of the county commissiners, it was confirmed
again with the county that no building or sewage permits had been issued to the county jail's engineering
firm for its new office building going up on Eberly Drive. That office building, financed with a low-interest
development loan through Fay-Penn, will also be shared with the county jail's architect firm. If and when
building and sewage permits are issued, this column definitely will share that infomation and will
continue to update the already ongoing and premature construction process with photos.  

RAAAAAAAVES! With many petitions still out and not counted, earlier this afternoon the Referendum
Group reached the minimal 1,800 signature count it needs to present in 3 days to the Election Bureau.
More on that later! Thank you, Fayette County citizens for wanting your voice to be heard! And RANTS to
the two shameful goons, who tried to bully two citizens in their late 80s peacefully getting signatures at
Giant Eagle yesterday. Who in God's name raised them?
(8 Mar 14)  

Editor's Note: In 2 days the county under RTK should be providing the pre-constuction geological survey
for the pricey land on which 2 commissioners want to place a jail. This is the report that Al Ambrosini said
he would give a citizen, but substituted a preliminary study for a different tract of land... Vince Zapotosky
said at the last meeting that he saw the geo survey in Ambrosini's office -- which likely means he didn't
realize it was the wrong study, or that the citizen got the wrong study inadvertently. RTK should clarify
what's up, right? Does
anyone think I'll actually get the right RTK answer?  (8 Mar 14)