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    Iron City Houserockers Junior's bar

    Glenn Pavone-Byrd Foster-James King with Major Handy-Gene's 9 9 1990

    Bill Toms & Hard Rain, Fisherman's Blues, live at Moondogs

    Bill Toms & Hard Rain, Together, live in Italy

    Iron City Houserockers A Fool's Advice

    Iron City Houserockers Turn It Up

    The Silencers Shiver and Shake

    If You Don't Want Me - Norman Nardini

    TESTIFY Pittsburgh's IGNITERS Frank Czuri LIVE!! AMAZING!

    SILENCERS Rock N Roll Enforcers 81 MTV Pittsburgh Complete version

    Warren King playing slide guitar behind Norman Nardini doing "Love Dog" in 1987

    The Silencers-CryTough-Frank Czuri-Byrd Foster-Warren King-10 17 1998 Buffalo Blues

    Norman Nardini & The Tigers That Girl

    The SILENCERS Cold Sweat Frank Czuri Warren King Byrd Foster DT

    The Silencers - Frank Czuri-Warren King- "Many Rivers to Cross" 10-18-1998-Buffalo Blues

    Sidewalk Romeo The Silencers Pittsburgh Rock

    Billy Price & Otis Clay, A Nickel and a Nail

    Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers/Bruce Springsteen There'll never be enough time live, Nicks's Fat City

    Billy Price Slip Away

    As kids' facility fills to max capacity in three days
    Biden, Harris silent over nightmare at the border
    RANTS that the president and vice president remain heartlessly silent about little kids falling
    from trains and migrants packed 25 deep per SUV that smother some or wreck and kill most,
    getting to the open Southern border.

    RANTS, too, that 108 adults with covid were released this week into this country because the
    president's far left handlers have no agenda other than to use the migrants to play politics to turn
    Texas blue.

    This is a humanitarian effort? My ass!  

    Nobody with a heart or conscience watching the migrants en route and the drug cartel
    "coyottes" herding otherwise unaccompanied three year olds through foreign countries to
    America should say there's anything remotely humanitarian about it.  

    The kids' facility filled up to maximum capacity in just three days.

    RANTS that mainstream media and too many Americans blindly accept the president's
    mouthpiece denial of a crisis at the border. It's a bloody nightmare! (4 Mar 21)

    "Quote Of The Day"
    "Why do some supposed geniuses support legislation without reading all of it and call
    everyone who opposes it racists?"
    Pete, asking how anyone supporting HR 1 legislation can want to throw away tens of billions of public
    dollars  to nearly match private political campaign funds given to some candidates from the deep pockets of
    Big Tech and billionaires

    Virtual benefit for Moondogs planned
    RAVES and a big smile that only God knows who exactly will be featured during a three-night
    virtual benefit to save the beloved Moondogs bar, the cozy hole in the wall blues club owned by
    Ron "Moondog" Esser.

    Whether one first came across Esser in the 1980s, when he managed and booked acts at Grafitti,
    or came to respect him for founding The Pittsburgh Blues Festival and booking top names, such
    as Leon Russell, Mavis Staple, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Koko Taylor,
    Junior Wells, Taj Mahal, Eric Burdon and the Animals, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Southside
    Johnny Lyon to perform to raise $2 million for the Pittsburgh Food Bank... or if one came to
    appreciate the fact that Moondogs has provided a few decades worth of fun nightlife with The
    Nighthawks and the burgh's sweet Glenn Pavone, Norman Nardini, Bill Toms, Billy Price, Gary
    Belloma and the Blues Bombers, Jill West and the Blues Attack, Good Brother Earl and many
    others, Esser always, most definitely always, delivered the best of the best fix to those among us
    ailing from The Pittsburgh Music Sickness.

    Though the covid virus and state imposed restrictions essentially put too many nails in the still
    shuttered music venue's coffin, the lid, well, it isn't sealed shut yet. No.

    Essentially every burgh rock and blues record featured on this website's music section, published
    originally on all those Sunday Lively Arts pages in the Herald Standard, was produced and funded
    by Moondog Records. Esser graciously contributed to nearly each story written in that series
    because his love for Pittsburgh music and keeping it going, kept it going strongly.   

    Now it's Esser's turn to sit back and let his talented musical friends raise money to keep
    Moondogs open till the crowds can return. Please bookmark the below links and mark the dates,
    March 26, 27 and 28, for the virtual fund raiser and contribute, if possible, to this very worthy
    cause. (3 Mar 21)


    What if D.C. spent wisely?
    RANTS that the feds shamefully and foolishly waste so much money on some completely
    ridiculous things that instead could help fund every single frigging thing that the country needs.

    If not for the completely stupid and foolish things that the feds fund, all uninsured Americans
    without resources could have healthcare.

    Not just that, but so could the working poor, the single parent earning around $35,000 annually
    and paying, under the ACA health store rates, $500 monthly insurance premiums, $6,000 annual
    health care deductibles and $6,000 out of pocket annual expenses.  

    If not for the completely stupid and foolish wasteful things that the feds fund, kids in pre-
    pandemic America might not have gone to bed hungry. Kids since the shut down might not have
    become even hungrier.

    If the feds weren't so ridiculously wasteful for no real purpose, more state funding could trickle
    down from the feds for costs of necessary state and community projects typically dumped too
    largely in part on the backs of the working poor to cover.

    So there's no confusion, nobody here advocates for reductions in worthwhile spending -- i.e.,
    police, education, human services, public infrastructure, etc.

    The country needs to stop the crazy notions and motions that, for example, funded these bright
    ass ideas, such as spending:
    $106 Million more than budgeted for an office building in Afghanistan
    $3 Million to compare aggression in rodents on steroids and cocaine vs sober rodents
    $1 Million to tell women not to get in a tanning bed
    $1.7 Million on holograms of dead comedians
    $600,000 for inoperable drones
    $495,000 for an exhibit about "medieval smells"
    $400,000 to study glaciers from a feminist perspective
    $225,000 for technology recommendations we already have
    $187,042 to study the quality of life in Hawaii
    $161,913 to study a foreign country's reactions to SCUD Attacks during the Gulf War
    $100,271 to see if volunteering is good for older people
    $70,029 to see if the degu, a diurnal South American rodent, can help us better understand jet

    These listed wastes of public funds are just a sliver of the grand total of asinine spending.
    Just how goofy does one have to be to vote to spend public money on studying glaciers from
    a feminist perspective?

    That question, of course, is not meant as an insult slurring feminists, glaciers or goofy people
    who do not think of feminists and glaciers in the same thought.

    D.C. politicians need to come back down to earth and defund and eliminate foolish funding to
    pay for more of what the county actually needs.  

    Both sane and goofy voters across the board have to demand it. (20 Feb 21)

    Blasey holding benefit for guitarist's family
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a serious request to all Pittsburgh music lovers to tune into a
    special live performance fundraiser next week to benefit the family of Rob James, guitarist for
    The Clarks, as his wife battles cancer.

    Rob's wife, Eileen Hertweck, has been fighting breast cancer for one year and is now
    hospitalized with acute myeloid leukemia. The couple has two young daughters.

    Last spring, Rob and his family made our pandemic days much brighter by showing up to join
    The Clarks' Scott Blasey for his weekly pandemic podcast performance. Like most of their live
    shows, the basement reunion performance, after months apart, was magical.

    So please tune in Saturday, February 27, at 9 PM, as Scott hopes to raise funds to help Rob's
    family. To access the benefit, go to Scott's facebook page. To donate now to this Go Fund Me
    account, please see the below link.

    Musicians have been among the hardest hit during the pandemic shut downs of venues and
    bars. Even if the covid threat ends tomorrow, too many of the few regional venues closed
    permanently already.

    Our burgh musicians will also be limited where they can travel to and work since mind-
    boggling, senseless rioting and trashing of businesses in areas such as lower Manhatten and
    NYC continues, although ignored by progressive and mainstream media. (21 Feb 21)   


    D.C. Dems blow it
    RANTS that D.C. Dems let voters down big time last week, getting caught red-handed
    changing, editing and falsifying text in evidence and failed to cite a single example of case
    criminal law, per se.

    They pretended to forget that 46's top federal prosecutor said no criminal behavior in 45's
    earlier speech was detected for criminal charges. That bitter pill to swallow should have been
    enough of a big red flag to tell them their's was an unattainable victory as presented. Fifty-
    seven Republicans really were not why the D.C. Dems lost the case most of the world closely

    Why did the Dems Speaker of the House bolt and allow the case suddenly to end? Why would
    she not go on record as a witness to state when she learned a threat of violence was reported
    and why more police were not on duty, when everyone but Secret Service and the White
    House seemed to be briefed a week earlier that trouble was predicted on January 6?

    RANTS that the Speaker refused to be called as a witness to allow the whole story to be told.
    America deserves to know those answers, as well as what 45 was doing from the time he
    ended his speech across town till he eventually issued his video message about the violence
    at the Capital.      

    Sadly, the change in some of the D.C. politicians is visibly apparent since some, only after the
    memorial service 13 days ago in the Capital, learned that the lost police officer, memorialized
    so patriotically and respectfully in the Capital, actually was a 45 supporter.  

    They never dreamed.

    On top of that, RANTS, too, now today, that some of those D.C. Dems have the added angst of
    minimizing damage that the PAC of the Dems new Senate majority leader donated $1.5 Million
    to the high-rolling Lincoln Project. One of its disgraced co-founders was outed for soliciting
    sex from a long, long list of males as young as 14, in exchange for political employment.

    RAVES of the righteous kind to the one writer who dug for this story.

    One would think that the disgraced one and two of his other Lincoln Project "news"
    contributor pals at MSNBC could have kept the whole shameful news story from ever getting
    out, no? The trio raised $90 Million in one year, spent in large part to fund anti-GOP election
    ads. Much of their fundraising, reportedly, came from D.C. Dems.

    Is it no wonder that the "Me, too!" movement seemed to end abruptly on a dime or be placed
    on hold, around the same time California normalized sex with adults and 14 year olds last
    year? And no wonder that slates were wiped clean and some of the shunned men and
    abusers from the "Me, too!" movement were suddenly again the adored cat's meow in good
    graces just to benefit a political campaign?

    And then there are the local Dems...
    RANTS, meanwhile, that closer to home, some local Dems also embarrass voters by bickering
    on social media over the expenses and financial status of the leadership political committee
    from the Fayette County Democratic Party, why four non-elected members were booted and if
    there's a new chairman trying to take over.    

    RANTS and a roll of the eyes that some locals within the same Fay Dem political party took to
    that bickering yesterday on social media about allegations of misappropriation of funds
    within that county political committee and controversy over how late the committee's financial
    campaign reports actually were. A citizen known to circulate candidate nominating petitions
    posted a graphic design and message questioning whether "dark money" donations might
    have been spent or misspent by the committee.

    RANTS then that someone claiming to be an "elected member of the Fayette County State
    Committee" would not answer her fellow graphic design-Dem, who asked who the Fay
    committee's treasurer is. A simple question. A committee treasurer is responsible for filing
    those campaign committee financial reports.   

    RANTS, however, that the person asking did not offer to remove his graphic design implying
    that "dark money" funds the committee or that money may have been mismanaged. RANTS
    that nobody reportedly answered his question in the past in private as he claimed to be true,
    and that nobody answered him yesterday online on his social media account or offered to
    speak in private.

    RANTS that there is so much needless drama in politics and graphics. Egos that get in the
    way of business need checked at the door. (14 Feb 21)

    "Quotes Of The Day" from the usual suspects
    "John Weaver and Steve Schmidt were so despised by my Dad he made it a point to ban them
    from his funeral. Since 2008, no McCain would have spit on them if they were on fire."
    Pete, reading aloud Meghan McCain's twitter to us, taking about the scandal with The Lincoln Project
    pillars, soliciting government or political jobs for sex with males as young as 14

    "According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer
    sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally
    struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

    "One possibility being considered by investigators is that (the officer) became ill after interacting
    with a chemical irritant like pepper spray or bear spray that was deployed in the crowd. But
    investigators reviewing video of the officer's time around the Capitol haven't been able to confirm
    that in tape that has been recovered so far, the official said."
    CNN, from "Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian
    Sicknick," reporting that official death reports have yet to be released, backed by excellent sources
    from home and work, insisting that the lost police officer had no bruises or physical injuries consistent
    with blunt force trauma;

    CNN, saying all that in the field, while its live news outlet anchors continue to incite and stir the pot in
    repetitive reports that the poor man was struck with a fire extinguisher, without informing their
    viewers that work and home sources disputed blunt force trauma caused the officer's death


    Male posing as sub removed from LH school
    RANTS that a male pretending to be a substitute school teacher managed to get inside the Laurel
    Highlands Senior High building for a bit before anyone suspected that the former student was not
    what he claimed to be.

    Charges are said to be pending against the male, age unknown, who was escorted back out of the
    school once officials realized that they were had. The incident resulted in the district modifying the
    substitute procedures for entering the building.

    As per a memo from the district superintendent to parents, "The modified procedures include
    multiple levels of security identification that will assist to ensure that individuals that are not
    supposed to be in the building will not be permitted in the school."  

    RAVES that the imposter was outed before any harm may have been done.  He really couldn't have
    just been craving school pizza that much.  (10 Feb 21)

    46-47 just lost war on opioids
    RANTS, because just as soon as first responders can, maybe, slow down a bit with the worst of
    the covid calls, we pray, to be behind us, first responders no sooner will catch their breath ---
    maybe, hopefully -- before more drug overdoses simply explode to the tragically worst numbers
    we've so far ever seen.

    As bad as it has been, it's going to break our hearts a whole lot more in the future.  

    We can't kid ourselves that we're winning with this pathetic grip of opioids. In fact, it is a sad and
    painful realization and reality that the war on opioids, most definitely, was just lost on most
    current addicts not ready or willing to try to stop using drugs. 46-47 lost the war on drugs, indeed.

    Except for a brief blurp on a Pittsburgh television station, not much has been said that 12 people
    overdosed one weekend last month. They lived in Brownsville, Connellsville and Saltlick.

    Three died.

    With the opening of the southern border and this country's insane push to allow anyone with a
    child and no identification over the border to stay, so come the drugs, as well as child sex slave

    It, once upon a time, was a bad day at the border when 1,000 arrived. Texas is said to be now
    getting 3,000-3,500 people coming in daily this week. Never mind there's a pandemic going on.
    Never mind that mouths for this country, without a real plan, so cruelly invited so many needy
    guests over, unprepared, with no supports in place for the number of immigrant individuals and
    families who will be good citizens.

    Nobody, so far, but one brave international journalist has infiltrated and got stunning documentary
    reporting on the strong, relatively new link between a communist organization manufacturing
    fentanyl and the southern drug cartels. They're well organized, confident that they, pretty easily,
    will flood the U.S., with predictably more and more of the highly lethal drug.

    Only now, the evil geniuses are mixing it, not just with heroin, but also with other drugs.

    Our already overworked first responders, just out of the thicker covid fog, will be crushed with
    emergency overdose calls once 46-47's ill-fated, naive action plan continues to roll over us.

    Hiring more drug counselors won't help much, either.     

    RAVES of hope that we're wrong, but it's impossible to think anything but that opening the
    southern border was plain stupid. The ill-fated, naive decision will bite the U.S. in the butt with a
    worsening of the opioid problem.

    Currently using addicts need to kick their opioids now. They won't survive the flood coming. (7
    Feb 21)

    Local schools deserve big hugs
    RAVES that the majority of our local schools have been open for in-school education since the
    start or near start of the school year, without any serious covid spread issues.  

    RAVES that we do not have the awful fight going on here, as parents and politicians have, for
    example, in Chicago and the state of California, where unions insist schools need to remain closed
    until everyone, including young children, receives covid vaccines.

    In some areas, unions are prolonging the reopening of schools, even on a hybrid mix of remote
    and in-school teaching, until gender policies are written and implemented. One group is said to be
    holding out until the whole New Green Deal is fully implemented. We do not jest.

    RANTS that some teachers and unions in America are using the children as pawns -- just the same
    as the drug cartels are, escorting kids without identification to our Texas border to cross with any
    adult, who can be an  actual parent or possible child sex slave owner.  

    RAVES that local children have teachers, administrators, school support staff and bus drivers,
    who returned to work last fall because it was in the kids best interest to do so. They and private
    schools operating safely prove the nonsense going on elsewhere is pure political crap, or the
    equivalent of holding kids hostage for shear putrid, political reasons.  (6 Feb 21)

    Media snubs promoting The Barstool Fund
    RAVES to The Barstool Fund for raising private donations in excess of $34 million to help
    struggling small businesses pay bills and staff for one year.

    RAVES that another business in the region got the call from the group's founder last week to
    announce the pledge of Barstool to shadow them for a year and pay bills if necessary for that
    long. The business owner selected was likely to lose the business building in foreclosure soon.

    RANTS that mainstream media has ignored Barstool's charity, as it seems to be a wonderful one.

    Please don't stand for scammers exploiting it, but please encourage anyone struggling to pay bills
    for a small business to apply to Barstool. (3 Feb 21)

    "Quote Of The Day" again, has to be from Bill Maher
    "It's easy to spray paint 'f___ you' on a federal building. It's a little harder to work inside. It's not
    the screamers and the tweeters. It's the wonks who know how to make actual progress as
    opposed to doing progressive theater in the streets."
    Bill Maher, obviously, just sick and tired of leftist rioters seeming to impede progress



    Not all went to damage, hurt politicians
    RAVES of thanks to those who sent video of people in red hats on Jan. 6 outside the Capital,
    begging police standing silently in place, to call in back ups, to stop the ridiculously shameful
    rioting and destruction of the Capital.

    Some gain of respect of some red hats is noted, seeing video that groups outside begged cops to
    stop the violent idiots and get help to stop the destruction of the Capital.

    In one case, one red hat offered a group of dozens to stand with and behind the Capital cops, if
    they wanted to push people out or back.

    "Most of them," he said, pointing to the large crowd standing away from the building, "will help
    you, too!" the outraged red hat near tears told the Capital cops, who appeared to be in a trance,
    staring ahead as though he weren't in front of them pleading for them to do something and
    offering to help.

    RANTS because some who merely were present at the first and peaceful protest that day across
    town and went home and some who walked 15 blocks from the first event over towards the Capital
    and stayed at a distance from the building in horror, are now part of cancel culture wreckage,
    losing jobs and having social media accounts canceled.

    Even though other peaceful protesters over a few seasons were never held responsible -- nor
    should they have been -- or accountable for the burning of cities and destruction of buildings in
    Minnesota, Atlanta, Seattle, Kenosha, Portland, D.C., and NYC, by anarchists who hijacked their
    peaceful protests, those who walked over to the Capital on January 6 and never entered the
    Capital unfairly went on trial in the media.

    Those who did nothing but stay far away from the Capitol and try to get the cops to stop the nuts
    inside the Capital are still drawing as much contempt from some Democrats and Big Tech as
    those who entered, trashed the place and made verbal threats to harm some inside.

    Nobody will say how many emergency calls were made to police from people standing in horror
    outside the Capital on January 6. It would be interesting to know if the number is as high as we
    think it might be.

    Many of those already inside the building causing criminal chaos were inside or nearly inside
    before the first event across town ended. Few if any inside the Capital attended the first event.
    Some who broke inside or walked inside opened doors communicated online, we're told, through
    twitter or facebook, but none arrested there had parler accounts.

    One of the groups who walked the halls of the Capital uninvited on the sixth of January,
    reportedly, held target practice last month with the number 45 on the targets. Go figure.

    It was never a good idea to have a peaceful protest on January 6 outside the Capital. Even though
    there had been no arrests ever at any of the hundreds of peaceful protests or red hat rallies, with
    large groups of tens of thousands of red hats in peaceful attendance, it still was not a good idea to
    have a peaceful protest outside the Capital.

    Neither was it ever a good idea for months to ignore minority-owned housing and businesses
    getting trashed in civil unrest and keep protesting peacefully the next day without comment in
    Minnesota, Atlanta, Seattle, Kenosha, Portland, D.C., and NYC. The organization lost respect for
    not fairly distributing money to local groups and for refusing to share financial information.

    Then, night after night, hundreds of billions of dollars of damage resulted, hundreds of cops were
    killed or beaten to a pulp, regularly, routinely, on a nightly basis, by the thugs who almost always
    hijacked those near-daily peaceful protests in the previously mentioned cities.

    Too few within the peaceful protest communities spoke out about the violence, arson, terror and
    hatred shown to those minorities inside those homes and businesses demolished by the
    anarchists. For every progressive who smirked the destruction was necessary, we had fifty to a
    few hundred low income people who suddenly had a war zone for some of its affordable
    residential sections and its grocery and business section of town.

    The end really does not justify the means. Really.

    Nobody seemed to care. That slays us in a way that will always sting. We still often wonder about
    the elderly poor woman in Atlanta who cried on television the day after George Floyd died. The
    first violent riot destroyed her section of town and she had no more stores she could walk to there.

    RANTS, since January 6, that something else is equally troubling, additionally to the mere fact that
    lost Americans verbalized threats to kill politicians and vandalized the historical Capital. This has
    nothing to do with the pitifully criminal shaman or the real life Dem from 46's state who
    supposedly supported 46 in election, but stupidly carried in a rebel flag into the Capital on
    January 6.   

    The following is a related but separate concerning issue that all fair Americans need to ask.

    That this happened and that Big Tech and the media still ignore that it happened -- i.e., by not
    asking why 45, Secret Service and White House were not informed days before January 6 that
    trouble was expected -- should concern all Americans.

    Democrats should kick themselves, you know.

    Had the feds shared that threat before January 6 and the rallies were still held, more in the Senate
    probably would have eagerly jumped on the conviction wagon. (31 Jan 21)

    BLM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
    RAVES to all of the peaceful people of all races who peacefully protested for months non-stop, for
    getting Black Lives Matter nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Little guys profit billions
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but a note that some of all political parties found rare common
    ground this week, at least for a few minutes, smiling about the little guys getting a staggering
    profit windfall in the market, in the tens of billions, buying stocks like crazy and messing with
    hedge funds of elite corporations.

    Some of all political parties agreed, finally, on one thing. Their hats were off to the group, so fed
    up with Wall Street giants having a near monopoly over some stocks.

    Some of the public left stunned even quickly tried to invest themselves.  

    Experts offer opinion that the elite deserve criminal review for shutting down buying and for
    removing public access to platforms or aps for buying or selling a few specific stocks. Wall Street
    guys lost the $70 odd billions of dollars the little guys profited and had buying and selling
    stopped. Then they cheated the little guys who couldn't sell or buy more stock.

    RANTS, because nobody's holding his breath that anyone will be charged. The new administration
    obviously approved of Big Tech's actions and seemingly now give the same pass for Wall Street to
    do as it pleases without accountability. (30 Jan 21)

    Students train to give covid shots
    RAVES to pharmacy students at Duquense University in Pittsburgh for giving up their free time to
    complete training to administer covid vaccine shots.

    Shortages of persons to give the shots is a common problem experienced when vaccine is
    distributed through state supplies to the communities and made available for residents.

    RAVES, especially when those giving the shots agree to travel to different nursing homes,
    personal care homes, workplaces, and other sites where groups are ready to receive their shots.  

    Those extra fifty or so pairs of hands, just from that one group, will go a long way. (26 Jan 21)

    Hilton outs the good covid doctor
    Neither a RANT nor a RAVE, but more of a resounding WTF reaction, hearing that the country's
    most trusted physician and virologist, Dr. Tony Fauci, was linked to lab studies "to see if a virus
    that starts out without the ability to be transmitted through the air can eventually gain that ability."

    So troubled by the dangers of the U.S.-commissioned research in the event of a lab accident, 44
    and 46 stopped the study in 2014, yet the good doctor "subcontracted" the "gain of function"
    study and the U.S. kept funding it through 2016 in a Wuhan lab.

    Could this study be the reason why the good doctor downplayed covid when he said about one
    year ago that the U.S. had only one case of covid at the time and that the virus was nothing to
    worry about?

    RAVES to Steve Hilton for getting all the documents as big brother deleted away and for asking
    the good doctor, set to appear at a CNN town hall this week, if the U.S. or he is still funding the
    studies in Wuhan.

    Hilton's questions deserve honest answers. (25 Jan 21)   


    Two toilets for 5,000 soldiers kicked from Capital
    RANTS, only RANTS, that a large army of national guard soldiers got thrown out of the Capital on
    a cold D.C. winter night yesterday. They then were forced to sleep nearby on the concrete floor of
    an unheated parking garage.

    As bad as that sounds -- and it is bad -- forcing someone to sleep with no blanket on cold
    concrete, in an unheated parking garage isn't the worst of it.

    Those 5,000 members of the national guard in the garage had access to only two toilets and one
    electrical outlet, in an area with no cell phone coverage. RANTS that none of the Einsteins in
    charge had heart enough even to bring in some portajohns.

    RAVES that social media was used with such refreshing quick response and the 5,000 national
    guard returned to the heated Capital late last night. When word got out that the guard was thrown
    out of the Capital, outrage quickly spread among legislators and celebrities. The temperature
    outside and inside the parking lot was around 35 and was expected to be colder overnight.

    Two toilets!

    Heads should roll -- especially if the order to leave the Capital to go to the parking garage with two
    toilets was the best leaders could do to censor the news, social media usage and phone usage of
    those in military uniform on breaks. (22 Jan 21)

    A day with zero covid deaths
    RAVES of the sweetest kind that there are no covid deaths reported in Fayette County today. It has
    been way too long.
    Thanks, God.  (22 Jan 21)

    "Quote Of The Day" with accompanying video fact check
    "Let's not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million. Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is,
    well, deplorable. But there's a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on
    them. At least that's what they always told me about Islamic terrorism."

    "I keep wrestling on this show with the hard question of how do Americans, all of us, learn to
    share a country with assholes you can't stand. I preach, and still do, you can hate Trump, but not
    all the people who like him. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, you can like something run by
    assholes without being one yourself."
    Bill Maher, on his HBO show, "Real Time," apparently troubled by the undeserving hate and bias of
    mainstream media, political figures and some of the public getting off fantasizing about putting little kids
    from conservative homes in cages and deprogramming them and their parents

    Maher, apparently very troubled


    "I stopped wondering if the election was fixed when Lindsey Graham said the review for the senate
    hearing showed that 60,000 underage kids did not vote in Georgia."
    Pete, this morning at the diner, still picking up take out, explaining that his mind was put at ease when he
    watched Graham's emotional exchange on television with another member of congress who didn't want to
    certify results without more investigating on the night of January 6

    Pete,  asking if he can select a "Quote Of The Week" below

    "I fear censorship. Five dorks in Silicon Valley are having more power than anybody in the entire
    world. The ACLU has come out against this. Twitter is incredibly inconsistent on this issue.”
    Meghan McCain, as quoted on "The Daily Caller," taken from "The View," reacting to the social media bans
    running rampant against the conservative community


    Fay establishes vaccine planning taskforce
    To read about the newly formed covid vaccine planning taskforce, please click here.

    To reach the county's hotline for general information about the status of when residents can
    schedule to receive their vaccine, please contact the hotline at 724-466-4142.

    PA Health Secretary offered gig with 46-47
    RANTS that 46-47's pick for assistant health secretary is one who closed businesses and locked
    down a state, but gave secret approval for up to 20,000 attendees per day, for a four-day car show,
    under the guise of a flea market.

    The secret car show, the first of two top secret large gatherings the state secretary of health and
    governor permitted,  should be a big red flag to 46-47 that they compromise integrity over their
    desire to select a trans gender person for top fed positions.

    Surely, surely, there has to be a more qualified trans gender person in health care for their
    administration than one who allowed the 20,000 per day gatherings here in PA during the
    pandemic and refused to answer to media why.  

    Plus, there's that other baggage... that she moved her mom from a covid infected nursing home to
    a hotel. (19 Jan 21)


    46-47 to migrants: "Don't come yet!"
    RANTS that 46-47 say they'll not reverse the ban on international flight travel from Europe -- even
    when some travelers wanting to fly recovered from covid a few months ago and now were
    immunized more recently --  but said nothing for months till today to stop the caravans on foot,
    with known active covid outbreaks, heading to America through Mexico.

    "Don't come yet!"  46-47 exclaimed today, as news footage showed foreign police and soldiers
    launching tear gas and pushing the migrants with their riot shields back down the highway to
    return to Honduras.

    RANTS because the message from 46-47 today not to come yet had to hurt more than the police
    beating did to the migrants on foot. They planned to arrive in America on Wednesday to welcome
    in the 46-47 Administration.  (18 Jan 21)


    "Quote Of The Day" of a 2nd favorite quote from MLK
    "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."
    Martin Luther King, from a 1964 speech in St. Louis, Missouri

    Feds walk back "kill capture teams" claim???
    RANTS that feds unforgivably misled us for nine days, worsening the country divide, by telling us
    that riots on January 6 at the Capital included plans of some rioters to capture and possibly harm
    elected officials.

    At a press conference yesterday, however, acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin did a complete 180
    on the subject of capture and assassinate by saying, "We don’t have any direct evidence of kill
    capture teams."

    He confirmed that the feds with no evidence misinformed us last week on CNN that "strong
    evidence" existed that linked at least one of the first arrested to a plot to capture a specific person
    or persons inside the Capital.

    RANTS, what's worse, is that the feds said nothing new all these days in between, that no evidence
    existed as the news outlets on auto pilot re-played in heavy rotation the quotes of the existence of
    "strong evidence."  

    Even if nobody died at the Capital ten days ago, televised video of the crowd breaking into the
    Capital and the mob physically fighting police was heartbreaking. It was bad enough thinking the
    mob battled police so violently just to get inside and yell inside at lawmakers as protesters did
    during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

    Then we were told, no, the plan also included trapping victims on January 6 for possible harm or
    worse, when there was no evidence to support the claim.  

    Twenty years ago, a plane full of really brave Americans died in a field in Shanksville to keep
    people and staff in the White House or Capital from being harmed.

    Ten years later, we first were warned that troops returning from wars were forming white
    supremacist groups in America that would become threats.  That didn't seem possible in a country
    that had  elected a black president.

    Hearing on January 7 that feds knew days before the January 6 insurrection riot that trouble was
    expected at the Capital was quite alarming. That the information was not shared with the White
    House or secret service demands an inquiry.   

    In the meantime, RAVES of hope that authorities resume being honest with the public. Authorities
    can't continue to feed the violence with untrue evidence reports that make matters worse. (16 Jan

    "Quote Of The Day" from Atifa BLM protester
    who witnessed fatal Capital shooting by police
    "For me, it’s important from the group and the people around me to see that side of things, to see
    the truth. I don’t care, like what side you’re on, you should just see it raw.

    "Protesters weren’t really, like, trying to burn anything down, they weren’t really trying to break
    anything, their main motive was to make it into the chambers. Those protesters got really angry
    and busted through those officers really quickly, and yeah, you could really freely move around,
    you could go into any room and look out the window, so it was really surreal to see.

    “There was a glass wall, and she, the woman, was the first person to actually try to get inside. All
    you see is hands come out the doorways with their guns.  You don’t see their face, nothing. And I
    literally yell at everybody else, ‘There’s a gun! There’s a gun! Don’t go in there!’ And a shot goes
    off. And she gets shot as soon as she goes through.

    John Earle Sullivan, a johnny-on-the-spot advocate for an armed revolution on social media, commenting to
    KSL-TV, recounting being near the woman who was shot dead inside the Capital

    Sullivan, who has advocated for an armed revolution on social media, was arrested in July 2020 for making
    a threat of violence and criminal mischief, and organized a protest with Black Lives Matter activists and
    members of the far-left Antifa network

    Sullivan, as per the Deseret News, damaged vehicles, urged people to block roadways and was captured on
    video threatening to beat a woman.

    Sullivan, identified from photographs not made public of people breaking in or walking into the Capital. He
    has given interviews claiming he took part in the illegal breach of the building as part of an effort to
    understand 45 supporters

    Sullivan, who was not charged Wednesday for being in the Capital, ironically made it as close to the senate
    chamber in session with the first incoming arrivals in riot

    Censorship: largest ever in kind
    campaign contribution  
    RANTS for censorship run amok with ridiculous bias for the supposed betterment of society. It's
    enough to make us sick.

    Whether it's Whoopie jumping in with mean face to shut up co-host Meghan McCain, merely
    asking a newly elected senator about court packing on "The View," or someone getting banned
    from social media for lame reasons, censorship is becoming more common.  It should not be.

    When all the hoopla dust settles, maybe some day historians researching political corruption will
    note that the largest in kind political campaign contribution not recorded on campaign expense
    reports was the huge gift of media and billionaires to a campaign, to over reach with public
    relations sweep and kill the distribution three months ago of a reputable newspaper's article about
    a laptop in possession of federal investigators.

    The mind boggling astronomical and priceless value of that unreported in kind donation to the
    political campaign, however, only rivals yet a second huge gift from the same media and
    billionaires to the campaign and party.

    We're now, as a result, knee-deep in the phase of the long arm wiping out social media outlets
    from the landscape platforms largely used by conservatives, typically leaning a little to the right,
    all the way over to those fanatics on the extreme right.

    The bottom line in the matter is that 100-200 idiots from the right and a few BLM/Antifa peaceful
    protectors on Wednesday together broke the law going into the Capital. About 70 have been

    Some broke windows, doors and glass panels to force their way into the secure building, while
    others on video are shown walking in a steady surreal line through wide open exterior doors,
    walking past a few Capital police standing in place against the indoor hallway walls, resembling
    Walmart Greeters on the inside.

    Those 100-200 idiots went in, either to do harm or walk aimlessly in idiot witness to the madness.
    All deserve full prosecution of the law. That's the very same fate this column wished on angry,
    violent, destructive protesters in Atlanta, Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, New
    York most of the summer and into the fall.

    The rest of the 10,000 or more on Wednesday who strolled 15 blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue to
    the Capitol to protest voter fraud, however, knew better. They did the right thing. They stayed
    outside, away from restricted areas of the building and property.  

    Here we say 10,000 or more. Mainstream media has guesstimated the crowd outside the Capital
    protesting the certification of election delegate votes was as much as 60,000. Those CNN and
    MSNBC high number guesstimates then only shrink the true percentage that even far less aholes,
    per capita speaking, broke into or walked into the Capital uninvited or unannounced, unapproved.

    Already since November's election, we know that a growing percentage of Democrat and
    Independent voters who voted blue now say they would not have voted blue had they known that
    the infamous laptop contained damming information that the about to be named president once
    secretly met to hire a CEO for his overseas private business while he held previous high public
    office and was banned from law from doing so.

    Some Dems, undoubtedly, still would've voted blue even if they knew, but yet remark they now are
    disappointed, upset and/or angry that the D.C. newspaper's laptop story got killed and suppressed
    from social media discussion three months ago.

    A few, we're sure, even had to go lie down when they claim they first heard only last month and
    saw proof that a federal agent last summer quietly was charged and convicted, for forging
    fraudulent documents used illegally as righteous sole evidence in 45's impeachment case. That
    opened another can or three of worms.  

    With that, enter another huge, huge in kind political contribution of public relations work gone
    unreported on campaign expense reports from media and billionaires, the fourth priceless long
    reach favor, to kill stories to keep people from knowing about the federal agent charged last
    summer and that 46 knew, sat silently, didn't speak up or indicate whatsoever, over a few years to
    think about it, that he knew forged documents were presented, as righteous sole evidence, in 45's
    impeachment trial.

    Forty-six and 44 both could have and should have stopped 45's bogus impeachment trial with the
    truth and did not.

    The heartbreaking realization brutally stings that 46 and 44 kept quiet that they knew a federal
    agent falsified a document presented by the government as strong evidence of communist
    collusion in 45's impeachment trial last year.   

    Maybe 46 and 44 might have initiated doing the right thing in 2019 and 2020 had a young man
    picked up his laptop from the computer repair shop the year before that and paid his $80 repair
    As that becomes more apparent to more who voted blue when additional information about the
    contents of the laptop is released, more Dems will feel as used as they believe the president's
    supporters have been.

    Maybe they'll realize they're really not so different from the vast majority of people outside the
    Capital who didn't go inside and did not riot.  (9 Jan 21)

    Lamb missed the boat
    RANTS that newly re-elected congressman Conner Lamb of Pittsburgh rattled in macho
    distraction and missed a wonderful opportunity Wednesday to quickly review and debunk the list
    of alleged instances of voter fraud noted in the objections of some legislators to the certification
    of Pennsylvania's electoral college votes.

    He owed the people that much.

    Had he wanted to, Lamb could have at least targeted or disproved one specific significant claim
    that 200,000 more voted in Pennsylvania in November than were registered to vote. If that really did
    not happen, why did a court challenger have official elections data to show it had?

    If nearly 200,000 more than those registered to vote ended up voting and a challenger forged
    documentation and said he got it from formal election data, Lamb owed the people the truth. (10
    Jan 21)

    "Quote Of The Day" on the most misquoted quote of the week
    "We're going to walk down -- and I'll be there with you -- We're going to walk down to the Capitol,
    and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women... and we're
    probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them..."
    45, at Wednesday's rally to protest 46-47's electoral college certification

    45, not exactly pumping up the masses to "storm" the Capital as mainstream media reported, but,
    nonetheless, misleading supporters to think he was tagging along as head cheerleader

    45, no, not even 45 could have dreamed that one of them could get past security in the usually secure
    building, or that police would end up shooting another unarmed person that afternoon, or that anyone could
    possibly get inside the building and kill a policeman

    45, who should resign, if for nothing else, for promising he was going along for the walk, a first broken
    promise to his supporters, we're told

    ICU, hospital staff, newspaper obit writers,
    funeral homes way, way too busy
    RANTS to reading the highest number of familiar names ever on one newspaper obituary page. Is anyone not
    painfully conscious these recent days of this tragic, steady flow of covid deaths in Fay?

    RAVES of hope that the fatal numbers drop soon. There's just way too much grief going around. The above-
    mentioned professionals need a well-deserved break. (7 Jan 21)

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    Thanks, Mom and Dad
    RAVES to having had parents whose friends came from all races, nationalities
    and religions and walked their straight talk that we were all the same.   

    Early on, however, I grew up to realize and rejoicingly appreciate just how
    different my parents themselves really were from one or two other parents of
    school mates and friends, who were not permitted to invite everyone over to
    hang out, swim or attend a birthday party.

    Differences at home mattered only, for instance, when one hatefully awful,
    bully teen pal of an older sibling proudly boasted in our kitchen about being
    physically aggressive to his elderly, frail grandfather. Him, yes, he quickly was
    shown the door.

    White privilege back then was unheard of and nothing that those of us from
    the working poor to middle class ever would have expected. The most benefit
    a few seemed to get might have been a courtesy call from police for parents to
    intervene for their teen for very minor offenses rather than face booking.
    Come to think of it, though, the same courtesy also was made to some non-
    white kids as well, by white and non-white police.

    In our high school graduation class of about 400 students, white kids
    outnumbered the non-white students by about 75 percent. Regardless of
    being in the minority, non-white kids were at no more disadvantage of
    receiving or earning the same opportunities as whites.

    To their impressive credit, the non-white kids, though much fewer in number
    than the rest in the same large graduating class, still produced a fairly equal
    number of lawyers, doctors, college professors, federal executives and
    college educated professionals with master or doctorate degrees.

    Non-whites actually out performed the whites in this respect.

    Likewise, anyone who did not attend college and wanted to earn enough to
    live comfortably, buy a home, save money and afford vacations, could. Whites
    and non-whites were easily hired in higher paying laborer jobs in coal mines,
    steel mills, transit authorities and jobs typically paying well above poverty
    level or minimum wage.

    We all had an equal shot of being hired and advanced, regardless of what we
    looked like.

    If it weren't for the occasional parade of the county's true morally bankrupt
    minority, the white supremacists who stood for attention in front of Mt.
    Macrina's property wall in their white sheets promoting hate on Saturday
    afternoons after the mall was built in the early 1970s, few here could imagine
    racism being much of a problem.

    Even though the supremacists paraded in costume to intimidate and scare,
    they did not seem to phase us except for the initial surreal shock that they
    were bold and stupid enough to try. We were obviously raised better than the
    adults and teens in sheets along Route 40 were, we figured. We really didn't
    care to learn who they were when their faces sometimes were visible.

    In our world, they were pathetic Nobodies.  

    Back at home, in a different type of situation, it also didn't matter who it was
    or what they looked like when someone suddenly was seriously ill or severely
    injured due to a vehicle or vocational accident. Neighbors ran to give blood,
    cook dinners, offer to babysit or pay respects and offer comfort at funeral
    homes. These were the kinds of things friends and neighbors do without
    thinking twice because it was just the right thing to do.

    Perhaps it was because our grandparents faced some ethnic discrimination
    when they first came as immigrants to America when they wanted housing,
    employment or to join a church. Or maybe it was because our parents and
    grandparents were horrified to see crosses burned on lawns to intimidate
    some neighbors.

    Something happened along the way to make them more sensitive to

    If only more people were like them.


    RAVES to the journalist with an amazing drone flying over the southern
    border whose work led to 1,800 pounds of crystal meth, crack and fentanyl
    being seized and young migrant children being rescued from the drug lords
    who bought the kids in their homelands for $10,000.

    RAVES of hope that all Americans will stop politicizing the open border and
    get angry as hell that insane policies now have allowed one-third of women
    and children coming in to have been sexually assaulted on their journey. All
    Americans need to get angry as hell that 46-47 have welcomed in non-citizens
    from 54 countries, including too many who were previously added to
    America's terrorist watch list.  

    RAVES of hope that the journalist with last week's amazing drone video made
    other journalists jealous enough to want to begin doing their jobs again.