Jail construction bid info
    Is it stupidity or bid rigging?
    That he allowed the notice required by law to have approval of 2-3 commissioners
    to be leaked for publication without proper approval and proper advertisement is
    probably the most stupid thing that Commissioner Al Ambrosini has done in

    That the county already is receiving checks from contractors without legal bids
    being sought properly reeks to high heaven.

    Why should professional contractors in Florida, Maryland, Altoona, Harrisburg,
    Arkansas and Georgia be privy to project details before the authorization to seek
    bids and legally advertise the proper way was given? Why the compulsion to rush
    the proper process?

    Commissioner Ambrosini said long ago that he knows who he wants to build the
    jail. Was he just speaking in terms of the architect and engineer, whose services
    are considered to be professional services exempt from bidding?

    Perhaps he has no specific contractor in mind and will end up doing things the
    proper way.

    Right now, however, the situation reeks of contamination from attempts to allow
    bid rigging.

    May that cloud of disgusting possibilities soon be gone, by having the
    county back paddle and seek bids the proper way. (4 Aug 14)

    4 Aug 14
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