Election in the air

    A hell-bent Ambrosini supporter -- some 6 inches taller and probably a
    good 80 pounds of chiseled muscle heavier -- with what instantly became
    obvious as Intermittent Explosive Disorder, having semi-intense poor
    impulse control issues, thought nothing of intruding during an important cell
    phone call outside a local business to discuss politics in a drizzle rain

    He strongly disagreed with something I had written -- opinion commentary
    that the biggest mistake that Al Ambrosini and Vince Zapotosky made was
    that they did not work with Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink.  

    Strong Arm in the parking lot disagreed with me. I had said that Ambrosini
    and Zapotosky could have easily been assured a 2016 term had they
    simply shared documents and conducted business in the open.

    Stong Arm in the parking lot, however, disagreed. Only when hell froze
    over, he said that he would change his mind.

    Opinion here remains the same, in spite of Strong Arm in the parking lot:
    Ambrosini would not be sweating re-election and Zapotosky could have
    been handed an easy additional term on a sweet plater... That is, had they
    only got along with Zimmerlink and had even half her work ethic.

    No matter whether the Dunbar Township jail project was advanced and
    right now knee-deep into per-construction pyrite ground management and
    earth or ground subsurface conditioning, had there been proper land bids
    and open public discussion, had there been a process above board all
    along, Ambrosini's jail probably would have been built. That jail issue
    should not be such an election issue.

    To discuss politics -- what Strong Arm in the parking lot said he wanted to
    do -- is putting it nicely, though. The driver and another occupant of the
    vehicle in which I was a passenger were so rattled by the intrusion, the
    man's tone and invasion of my personal space, that one recorded the
    exchange. One stepped out of the vehicle to urge me to abandon the stop
    at the store, leave or call the police.

    With Election Day being only 2 days away, some are more desperate than
    ever to try to distort the facts to influence votes at the polls. Strong Arm in
    the parking lot, however, didn't know all the facts, had a half-ass concept
    of what happened in court that stopped a jail project, said he was unaware
    that Zapotosky accused Ambrosini of bid rigging before Ambrosini
    accused Zapotosky of the same charge and said he initiated an
    investigation of Zapotosky.

    Sure, Fayette County leaders need to conduct meetings professionally and
    not play games with one another behind the scenes. That's a given in any
    government office.

    But we don't need a trio of smiling people in charge singing Kumbaya, with
    2 who will require a year or more to get up to speed, led by a delusional
    man who spouts misinformation most of the time.

It wasn't long into Ambrosini's 2012 term as commissioner that he began
to break promises that he made to his supporters. Ask any long-time
follower of Fayette politics if any other candidate turned office holder's
most gung ho, strongest supporters -- both financial campaign
contributers or political campaign field workers -- ever quickly turned on
their guy, as did some of Ambrosini's once biggest supporters.

This late in 2015, after everything that has happened, it's really mind
boggling to recall in 2012, some of the citizens, who comprised the
Referendum Group and a different group that came later that
successfully appealed the zoning of Ambrosini's once proposed jail,
were some of the same people -- Jerri Mazza, her late husband Ralph,
Ambrosini's cousin, Dr. Evelyn Hovanec, John Cofchin, Bev Beal  -- who
believed so strongly in Ambrosini that they were some of his 2012
campaign contributors or campaign field workers. No kidding.

Ambrosini broke his word to voters right off the bat by raising taxes and
not being professional. He almost immediately expanded the size of
government by creating a few jobs for a few of his friends. He almost
immediately broke another promise to many -- that he would work with

He broke that promise big time.

In addition to breaking promises to those of us who supported him,
Ambrosini's second biggest mistake was not going to commissioner's
training after winning office. He still has no clue what he's doing. The
training might have helped him understand that public funded entities
have regulations, policies, codes, and mandated rules, deadlines,
responsibilities, etc. Training might have helped him develop a respect
for proper protocol. Almost every month for the past 4 years, he has
relied on Zimmerlink, almost exclusively, to intervene at a meeting and
say after seeing a document or other withheld information for the first
time 4 minutes earlier that she spotted one to a zillion mistakes in
whatever contract, resolution, issue or final copy ready for a vote.

At no time in the last 4 years did Ambrosini once stop a motion or vote
because due diligence was not done and get the other 2 to agree to
table, continue or take some kind of county action other than vote on the
matter as ill prepared. Nobody ever once said, hey, wait, yes, Al's right.
Never happened.  

In summary, Ambrosini needs to lose. He has hurt this county's image
tremendously by releasing without approval -- and, inexcusably, without
knowledge of a former controller whose signature he put in the ad --
construction bids to the Pittsburgh Building Trades. All of his Sunshine
Law breaches with the jail meetings and the accusation at a county
meeting from a second commissioner, Zapotosky, that Zapotosky was
told long ago who would get the contracts. Publicly, Zapotosky accused
Ambrosini of bid rigging. Then Ambrosini accused Zapotosky of doing
the same. Fayette County's image needs to improve by getting rid of the
back room deals. Ambrosini zoomed so quickly on getting a new jail
early in his term. Who made all those back room plans and why?

Just the same. Zapotosky and Ambrosini have rarely been to work in
recent weeks. Should Ambrosini win, they are said to have all their
ducks in a row on what to do in public meetings. Should Ambrosini lose,
it is also rumored that this and that will happen in the county. Where are
all those decisions being made?

The thought of Ambrosini being the lead commissioner on a panel of 3
with 2 new commissioners who haven't bothered yet even to read any
jail study is a scary thought for the thinking public. God help Fayette
County should that happen.

Ambrosini is incapable of training other new commissioners, because he
disregards laws, regulations, bylaws, codes or rules. He can't follow and
keep up in a meeting. He in 2014 first declared personal loans from
2010-2011 of $34,000 to his political campaign committee. He lies
considerably more than any other public official of recent decades. He
said he created 100 jobs on Route 201, but this is undocumented at the
power company.

Ambrosini, in a nutshell, has embarrassed Fayette County more than we
ever deserved by taking us back 20-30-40 years corruption speaking.
Anyone who believes Ambrosini has done a good job doesn't follow
politics close enough.  

Only the combination of Zimmerlink-Vicites-Cavanagh makes sense in
Fayette County now.

Of the candidates, they could move this county forward if they all work
as hard as Zimmerlink has worked and are honest with the public. Any
two of them likely would also work well with a write in candidate, Jon

1 Nov 15