Why worry about the public audience?
    How will Vicites and Lohr behave in meetings?

    Tongues wagging almost everywhere, unfortunately, seem to be more than just a tad too obsessed with wondering,
    unintelligently aloud, how the new board of commissioners will interact and behave.

    Ambrosini supporters, for the most part, seem to hold the most and only significantly scary pro-mutiny predictions out
    there. They predict that incoming new commissioner Dave Lohr will not get along with Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink and
    that Lohr will do whatever incoming and former commissioner Vince Vicites will want.

    Some Ambrosini supporters -- especially the die hards who sadly almost seem to be expecting a reversal of the recent
    election results -- don't think that Lohr and Zimmerlink will be able to get along at all and that she will always be an
    island on the county board of county commissioners.

    What some Ambrosini supporters predict, perhaps unknowingly, interprets to mean that they must believe that Lohr and
    Vicites will be smart asses and plum stupid enough to continue the Ambrosini approach -- i.e., to withhold information from
    Zimmerlink and the public, to hold illegal meetings and violate codes, laws and county policies.

    That twisted logic is where we here hope that Ambrosini supporters are dead wrong.  Nobody here thinks that Vicites or Lohr
    would have anything to do with Sunshine violations, buying $1.25 million worth of land without taking bids, and violating
    county codes. In that respect, then, it's seems so unlikely any citizen crowd would take them to task as the county citizens did
    in open meetings with Ambrosini and Vicites.

    While both Zimmerlink and Lohr are registered Republicans who will now go on to comprise a majority of the board of county
    commissioners, they did not run as a team and he did not receive an endorsement from the party. However, that doesn't mean
    that the two cannot behave professionally with one another and work respectfully of one another no matter their party
    standing. The election is over, after all.

    The next board of county commissioners will behave only as cooperatively as it cares to do so. The sad predictions coming
    from the failed Ambrosini camp that Zimmerlink is in for her very worst term ever might come true. RANTS if it does, because
    this is a most serious and key time for Fayette to grow and prosper, if it ever is going to do so. Moving Fayette forward should
    be the primary focus.

    Screwing Zimmerlink over should not be any conscious thought of any official come January.

    Vicites and Lohr, hopefully, will break Ambrosini's back room choice tradition of operation. Vicites and Lohr, hopefully,
    will come to meetings prepared to do business and will have done their proper due diligence prior to presenting improper
    motions and resolutions.

    Vicites and Lohr, hopefully, will be conscious of county codes, laws, bylaws, regulations and purposes and will not bend the
    rules as Ambrosini and company did these past 4 years. Vicites and Lohr, hopefully, will not pad the county budget with new
    jobs for their campaign staff and personal pals or from their campaign contributor list.

    Vicites and Lohr, hopefully, will realize that citizens will continue to criticize county government only when county
    government fails to follow proper operations and bidding procedures and codes.

    Lohr should realize -- unlike Ambrosini, who foolishly thought he already knew it all -- that commissioners training classes are
    available for a good reason. May he take those courses to get him up to speed on how to run county government properly.
    After he has his training, may he also go into the commissioner role open minded and graciously accept any help or points in
    the right direction or even constructive criticism or guidance from Zimmerlink or Vicites.  

    In other words, how meetings are run is really up to the commissioners. Too much attention is paid to the citizens who
    complain at meetings and not enough attention to the actual complaints per se. Citizens, hopefully, will continue to complain
    when commissioners accuse one another of bid rigging and hold private talks to make public plans outside the public meeting.

    How Vicites and Lohr themselves behave in office will ultimately determine how the crowds at meetings behave, not by how
    many minutes the county limits speech to or how quickly they can get a guard in to remove 80-something loudmouths.

    If Vicites and Lohr are conducting legal business properly, seeking bids properly and
    answering questions honestly, Vicites and Lohr should not be troubled at all by contrary
    citizens demanding proper government action over government supporting outside special
    interests that some want to keep hidden.

    RAVES if  Vicites and Lohr are serious about their intent to have Fayette move forward and prosper. If they have the
    county's best interests in mind, do their due diligence within the guidelines of county codes and state regs governing
    county operations, the citizens of Fayette should have no problem with them.

    Should Vicites and Lohr hide business talks and documents from Zimmerlink or try to pull a shady Ambrosini-Zapotosky-like
    move on the people, however, they will face even larger and angrier crowds than did Ambrosini and Zapotosky.

    May the next 4 years matter in a positive way and may the sour predictions for doom and gloom be no more than sour grapes
    coming from the losing political camps and crushed egos.

    9 Nov 15
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