Finally ashamed to be from Fayette County

Until today, I was never ashamed to be from Fayette County or say that I am.

Today, however, I am ashamed of Fayette County's leaders who voted to spend beaucoup
dollars to build an all-new jail. Call it a hall of
whatever egos need it to be called. It's a frigging
all-new jail that doesn't need to be built because, shamelessly, alternatives were not ever even

Today, Fayette's leaders ignored multiple reasonable pleas, from flooded out businessman, a
few township supervisors, a local mayor, and more citizens than the tiny conference room,
hallway and outer commissioners' lobby could hold, even on less than a day's advance notice of
the special meeting.

I'm ashamed because the county did not seek proposals for land and two public servants see
absolutely nothing wrong in their conscious decisions to make deals in private and not share
information with the public or their commission peer. I'm embarrassed for their lack of common
courtesy for their minority peer and the public, who was made to feel like an unwanted party
guest at the grand ball. I'm ashamed because the county leaders had selective hearing and
pretended that everyone opposed to an all-new jail wants no changes, when everyone who
came out to oppose an all-new jail believes an annex out back could have and should have
been already completed, or damn near close to it, by now.

Then even the controller took a really low, cheap shot, by taking something out of context that
the minority commissioner said months ago, to attack her with today. Did he
ever blow it! Had he
played his cards right and done the right thing -- i.e.,  to persuade the guys to do something
NOW about over crowding -- he would've easily had his next election victory handed nicely to
him on a platter.

That our District Attorney made his presence known in the room, towards the end of the
meeting, by sitting and mocking the minority commissioner as she spoke and doodled and
traced over, on his legal pad, the phrase "government cannot help people" that the controller
threw at her out of context from a talk she gave months ago... was all so disheartening.

Who are
these people who we elected, who don't give a rat's ass that the land they chose 2
months ago and failed to disclose is too much of a gamble, for a poor county that could have
easily accommodated the needs out back of the current jail? Do the county leaders realize how
plain arrogant they come off and how stupidly they think that nobody heard one say he met
about a year ago with Fay Penn for land, when the county jail ad hoc committee only a few
months ago recommended that an all-new jail be built?

These guys won't be in office when the jail is completed and won't care about the mess they
created. They won't care if the neighbors have sewage problems or if their basements or toilets
back up or if the prisoners have the same mess to endure.

They won't be around when the next big bill hits the county, of what to do with the current
historic landmark jail, because they can't just tear it down.

And what about the prisoners who remain over crowded for the next how many months or years,
till the sewage, mine subsidence and other problems and hurdles are overcome?

The county leaders feel they've done their "due dilligence," but they have not even begun to
scratch the surface. It's a good thing that I did not take Commissioner Zapotosky up on his offer
to sit in his seat in the packed room so close to the commish chair.

I would've been gaveled in the head, for sure.

26 Feb 14
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