Now just where is our fair share
    of due diligence?

    RANTS that the county's fair share of "due diligence" is long overdue.

    Today, the county commission majority voted to approve the purchase of 58 acres of land for a jail for
    $1.25 million dollars. This vote follows the special meeting on February 26, when a motion was passed
    to enter into negotiations with Fay Penn for the land. RANTS that the commission majority admitted
    today that there were no negotiations since the special meeting 20 days ago. Still, the majority voted
    to approve the purchase.

    "Due diligence" has been a commonly uttered term coming from the mouth of the commish chair, but
    does he really comprehend its meaning? No.

    Of all the possible definitions, Merman-webster dictionary's points out a logical explanation for why
    there is no comprehension of the meaning. That dictionary defines due diligence as "the care that a
    reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property," and "research and
    analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.

    Other definitions, of course, include "the process of systematically researching and verifying the
    accuracy of a statement. the goal of the process is to ensure that all stake holders associated with a
    financial endeavor have the information they need to assess risk accurately. All that said, perhaps
    what's lacking here in Fayette County, is that "reasonable" person in the mix.

    Fayette County Commission Chairman Al Ambrosini clearly demonstrated twice today that he cannot
    stay focused on the issue at hand and that there's something inherently wrong there. When one
    citizen asked during public comment about a situation, when someone less qualified with political
    connections was hired over someone more qualified who had been told he had the job, Ambrosini
    clearly was somewhere out there but not clearly at the table with his cognitive abilities. He started to
    go somewhere else in his mind, totally off subject, to talk about when he and Fay Penn started
    wheeling and dealing last year for jail land. He stopped only when the minority commissioner
    redirected him back.

    His inability to stay focused is troubling. That Commissioner Vince Zapotosky doesn't seem to catch
    some of Ambrosini's mistakes is equally troubling. It's all so surreal watching it play out.

    That they won't be in office too much longer is no comfort or consolation. They don't want to terminate
    a human resource contractor for telling a qualified person he's hired, only to hire someone else less
    qualified with policital ties instead.

    They don't seem to be able to follow routine county business in a meeting, even during an initial hour
    or so of it. They don't get it. They just don't get it... and we, as a result, don't get our county's fair share
    of due diligence at all.

    18 Mar 14
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